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Ways to Thank Someone For Offering Help


Giving up our time in service to others is one of the noblest pursuits we can aspire to. It’s a pure expression of selflessness. When someone does this for you, you want to find the perfect way to express your gratitude. But how do you thank someone for offering help?

 It’s not complicated. Simply open your heart and speak what needs to be said. But if you’re not sure what needs to be said, read on. We’ve assembled some of our favorite thank-yous to help inspire you. Scroll through the list until something speaks to you. Use that phrase as the starting point for your thank you message and you’re sure to touch your recipient’s heart in the same way they touched yours.


Saying Thank You For a Good Deed

If you’re looking for a general thank-you to express your gratitude for someone else’s kind actions, any of these make a fine launchpad.

  • “I can’t thank you enough for stepping in when I needed you most.”
  • “You didn’t have to offer to help, but you did, which says so much about you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”
  • “Words can barely express how thankful I am that you’re in my life.”
  • “You are a true friend, and I want you to know just how much I appreciate what you did for me.”
  • “Your kind gesture made me feel so cared for. I’m so lucky to have you. Thanks a million!”
  • “I thought I was out of luck until you volunteered. Your kindness is appreciated more than you know.”
  • “Thanks for pitching in when no one else was able to. You’re a true friend. Thank you.”

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Saying Thank You For Helpful Advice

Sometimes help comes in the form of guidance and instruction instead of actions. This might require less effort, but it can be just as valuable. As the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Here are some starter thoughts on how you can thank someone for good advice. 

  • “Thanks for agreeing to meet with me. Being able to bounce ideas off of you was immensely valuable.”
  • “I really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge with me. It’s sure to pay dividends in the future.”
  • “I was completely confused before you offered to help. Now I understand, and it’s made all the difference!”
  • “I can’t imagine having to navigate this situation without your expert advice. Thanks so much!”
  • “I’m so grateful for your insights. I finally see what I need to do.”
  • “I’ve been stuck for so long! Your advice finally opened the door I needed to move forward.”

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Saying Thank You For On the Job Support

We all face challenges in our professional lives. Sometimes all it takes is fortitude and resolve, but occasionally we have to reach out for help. When that happens, an appropriate thank-you is in order. Here are a few thoughts on how you might start. 

  • “I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to help me with my report. Your Excel knowledge is impressive!”
  • “Thanks for providing a second perspective. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Your advice opened my eyes.”
  • “Thank you for offering me your second laptop while mine was with IT for repairs. I would have been sunk otherwise.”
  • “You really do know your stuff! Thanks for helping my team out on this project.”
  • “The term ‘team player’ was invented for you. Thanks for being there for us all!”
  • “I was so lost in that meeting. Thanks for explaining things to me afterward.”

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Saying Thank You For Financial Support 

Money challenges can be frightening. Sometimes we just need a bit of help to get us through hard times until we can get back on our feet. Friends and family that stick their necks out for us deserve all the thanks we can heap on them. You might say thank you in one of these ways.

  • “Thank you for offering me the money I needed. I’ll pay you back as soon as I possibly can!”
  • “Your generosity amazes me. I can’t thank you enough for offering to help.”
  • “You lent me money when I needed it without knowing if you’d ever get it back. I can’t thank you enough.”
  • “I would have been in a real bind without your help. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”
  • “I knew if anyone would help, it would probably be you. You are so generous and so kind! Thank you.”
  • “It’s hard to ask for help financially, but you didn’t make me feel bad about it. I’m so grateful for your friendship.”


Saying Thank You For Temporary Lodging

If you’ve ever needed a couch to crash on, you know how much of an imposition it can feel like. And yet people step up to help. Thank them effusively for their act of generosity with something like these. 

  • “Thanks so much for opening your home to me and my family. You helped us out of a real bind. If you ever need a place to stay, our doors are open!”
  • “I needed a place to crash and you offered it. I’m forever in your debt.”
  • “I know it’s difficult to share your space with others, so I really appreciate you letting me stay with you.”
  • “I really enjoyed staying with you last week. You made me feel so welcome. Thanks!”
  • “You were so gracious while we were staying with you that I never felt like we were taking advantage. Thanks so much for that!”

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Make Your Message Personal

Now you know what to say. But that only answers half the question of how do you thank someone for offering help. You also need to decide how to send your thanks. Emails and text messages are easy but impersonal.

 If you really want to show someone you’re grateful for their help you should consider a handwritten message. If you don’t have time to write one, we can help! All you need to do is upload your message to Simply Noted and our automated handwriting machines will fill out your card and envelope using a real ballpoint pen. It’s the next best thing to writing a thank you card yourself! Try it today.

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