Send real penwritten notes, at scale. Starting at $3.25

Real Pen. Real Ink.

Real Impressions.
SimplyNoted Typed
Personalize each card with each recipient's name
Realistic handwriting with real ink, without the work
Add your own signature and customizations
Boring, impersonal typed note
Send one or send thousands

Simply Noteds platform makes sending 1,000s of real penwritten notes as quick and easy as sending just 1. It has never been easier to scale your personal touch and leave lasting impressions!

Unlimited card options

Use our cards, send us yours or design your own! Simply Noted offers a wide array of cards to choose from and a powerful custom create a card tool. Over 95% of our clients are businesses and use their own custom stationery.

Gift cards & inserts

Simply Noted makes it easy to send gift cards from your favorite stores with each order. From $5 Starbucks cards to $100 Visas, there's a gift card to match any budget.

Integrate and automate
Integrate and automate

Leveraging our RESTful API or Zapier app Simply Noted can integrate to your favorite software and automate your handwritten outreach.