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Best Ways to End a Greeting Card

How to end a card

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Best Ways to End a Greeting Card

For some people, written communications come naturally. Others sometimes find there’s a disconnect between the feelings in their hearts and their ability to express them with the written word. And frequently, the most difficult hurdle is the closing thought. This post should help those that aren’t quite sure how to end a card, or struggle with finding the perfect closing sentiment, whether from yourself, or from the whole team.

How to end a card

When In Doubt, Keep Things Formal

If the social etiquette surrounding the letter you’re writing isn’t clear, it’s always best to employ a more formal closing. Maybe you’re writing to someone you know, but not well. Maybe you're writing a wedding thank you card. Or you’re sending a congratulations card to a business associate that you’re friendly with. Maybe you're thanking a contact for their hospitality. In these situations, where it’s not clear whether the person will respond positively to a more casual ending, a formal closing is best.

Formal letter endings are appropriate for any sort of communication, so they make great hedges against saying the wrong thing. Closings like, “Best regards”, “Sincerely”, “Respectfully”, or “Kindly Yours” work well in business settings as well as more friendly missives.  These formal endings are also very important when leaving a job

They can come off as a bit cold when used in an otherwise warm letter to a close friend or family member, but never to the point of raising offense. On the other hand, sending an informal closing to an otherwise buttoned-up letter can be poorly received.  

  Of course all formal cards and letters, like business, legal, and other non-casual communications should always close formally. 

Formal letter endings are appropriate for any sort of communication, so they make great hedges against saying the wrong thing

Personal Letter Endings Offer More Flexibility

Formal closings, like those in the last section, are fairly restrictive. Personal signoffs admit a much wider range of sentiments. The reason is simple. Friends, family, and other casual relationships aren’t concerned with formality and are simply happy to hear from you.

If you share a very close bond with your card’s recipient, you should feel free to express your heart. Closings like, “Love”, “All my love”, “Hugs and Kisses”, and “XOXOXO” are all perfectly appropriate.

If statements of love feel a bit too familiar, it’s best to close with something friendly but not overstated. Someone you know well might appreciate, “Your friend”, “Warm wishes”, “Fondly”, or, “Warmly”. These express warm sentiments without being overly aggressive.

Acquaintances that you aren’t close with, but still approach in a friendly manner, like your child’s teacher or coach, a work colleague, or a neighbor you chat with on occasion, will appreciate casual closings such as, “All the best”, “Best wishes”, “Cheers!”, “Sincerely yours”, and “Best regards”. 


Certain situations call for very specific sentiments. We discussed formal letters earlier. Other examples might be sympathy cards or thank you notes. Otherwise, the most important thing is to be yourself. Few people today take offense to “inappropriate” letter endings in a relaxed setting. If you're wondering how to sign a birthday card, don't worry too much. Birthdays are fun celebrations, so no one will fault warm wishes in a greeting card with an informal feel. So feel free to close your letter in whatever way you see fit. There are thousands of ways to end a letter. Try a new one each time!

Once you’ve taken care of how to end a card, the next question is how to send the card. 


For many people, sending handwritten cards is something they want to do, but don’t have the time. Businesses frequently need to send large volumes of handwritten cards. Simply Noted can create handwritten cards automatically using our handwriting machines. They’re outfitted with real ballpoint pens to accurately recreate the experience of sending an authentic, personal card. It’s the next best thing to sending it yourself! 


Whether you're sending a birthday card, a thank you note, professional sign offs, or a personal message, you can use these closing wishes. Ending greeting cards doesn't have to be difficult. Just speak from the heart and use these suggestions.

How to Sign a Birthday Card

As we said, birthday cards are most often informal, with the possible exception of employee or client/customer birthday cards. These examples might require a bit more formality. Otherwise, a fun sign-off is fine. Here are a few closings that are good for most purposes.

  • Birthday hugs to you! 
  •  Happy birthday cheers! 
  •  Happy birthday to you! 
  •  Have a great birthday! 
  •  Hope your birthday is a blast!

Closing a Sympathy Card

Sympathy cards are generally more formal than other greeting cards. Remember that you're approaching your recipient during a time of grieving, so funny or lighthearted closings might feel disingenuous. Even a close friend requires a light touch in their greeting card. Try these sign-offs on for size.

  • Best regards in your time of sorrow 
  •  Sending love, hugs and kisses 
  •  With you in spirit 
  •  Warm regards to your family members and you 
  •  Warmest wishes for healing 
  •  Remember, you are loved

Closing a Christmas Card

Christmas cards celebrate a joyous occasion, so feel free to express your truest emotions to both family members, a best friend, or a client. Even casual affection is fine during the happiest of holidays. There is more than one word you can use, even in a business-appropriate manner. Try a personal message like one of these.

  • Merry Christmas! 
  •  Happy wishes this holiday season! 
  •  Wishing you a Merry Christmas! 
  •  Happy holidays! Have a sweet one. 
  •  Warm yuletide wishes 
  •  Best wishes for Christmas

Sign Off from a Father's Day Card

Dad deserves a warm Father's Day card. You don't have to write a long message. Just let him know that his favorite child (you, of course) loves him very much. The right words are whatever's in your heart.

  • You're a great dad! 
  •  Happy Father's Day! 
  •  You're the best, Dad! 
  •  So glad you're my dad!

Closing a Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day cards are equally emotional. Try these sample messages the next time you want to sign off and touch your mother's heart with a warm greeting card.

  • I love you, Mom!
  • I'm so glad we're close friends 
  •  Warm regards this Mother's Day 
  •  You're greatly appreciated, Mom 
  •  Kind regards for the best mom ever

Closing a Valentine's Day Card

Express your love as you sign off from your Valentine's Day cards. Warm closings are the order of the day on this holiday of the heart.

  • My love, I fare thee well 
  •  All my love 
  •  With devotion 
  •  With affection 
  •  Kind regards with all my love 
  •  For all eternity

Closing Sign-Offs for Thank You Cards

When you sign off from a thank you card you want to leave your reader feeling good. Friends and associates alike will appreciate you signing off with any of these closing messages.

  • With sincere gratitude 
  •  With gratitude, gratefully yours 
  •  Gratefully yours 
  •  With all appreciation 
  •  I appreciate everything you do 
  • Thank you! 

Closing a Letter to a Friend

Closing a friendly letter to someone you care about usually allows for virtually any close. Rarely are formal ways required when writing an amicable letter to a friend with good intent. You can avoid negative attention by keeping things light with almost any letter you write. 

  • Your friend 
  •  Best friends forever 
  •  With all my love 
  •  Your devoted pal 
  • Devotedly yours


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