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21 Thank You Note Messages For Your Boss

21 Thank You Note Messages For Your Boss


A job is a job, sure. But a good job is so much more. It’s a chance to build your career, interact with interesting people, and create a nest egg for your family. You also get the chance to learn from more experienced people. If you’re lucky enough to have a supportive boss that’s interested in helping you get the most from your employment experience, all the better! 

 When you find a boss that works to better their staff, fights for them when needed, and offers the acknowledgment they deserve, you should take the time to let them know what their efforts mean to you. 

 But what should you say? Is a simple “thank you” enough, or should you try a bit harder? Read on for some starter messages. They will help guide your thoughts to create your own sentiments. Thank you note messages for your boss don’t need to be complicated. You just need a strong beginning.

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A thank you card that says, "A truly great boss is hard to find and impossible to forget."


1) Thanks very much for allowing me the opportunity to work on the Davidson account. It means a lot that you believe in me enough to assign me such an important project. I promise I’ll do my best to earn the trust you’ve shown me. 

 2) I appreciate all of the extra time you’ve given me in recent months. I’d been struggling to understand [problem here], and you really helped me wrap my head around the solution. 

 3) Thanks so much for stepping in while I was out sick. I was nervous my responsibilities would be missed, but you made sure that the rest of the team was up to speed and ready to take over.  

 4) Thanks for being so understanding about my absences lately. I’ve been working hard to resolve the root problem and will soon be able to resume my regular work schedule. Thanks for being there when I needed you! 

 5) It’s great working for a boss that understands the need for work/life balance. With my kids engaged in distance learning, it’s helpful to be able to work from home three days a week, and you made that happen. Thanks! 

 6) Thank you for being so willing to share your skills and insights with the rest of the team and me. It’s quite a privilege to work for such an accomplished person, and doubly so since you’re willing to share! 

 7) I wanted to acknowledge the impact you’ve made on my career. You’ve been a wonderful friend, colleague, and mentor, and I’ve learned more working under you than at any other time in my career. 

 8) I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting my recent promotion. I’ve been working hard over the last few years to prove I was worthy, and it feels great to be recognized for that by you and the rest of management. Thanks! 

 9) Thanks for helping me get clarity of where I needed to concentrate my efforts for career advancement. Before our conversation, I felt a bit aimless, but now I know what I need to do to move up. Cheers! 

 10) I appreciate your kind words earlier. I was nervous about putting in my notice, but your understanding made it considerably easier. I love that you just want your employees to be happy, even if that means leaving for other opportunities. 

 11) I was saddened to learn you were leaving the company. Your insightful leadership has been instrumental in my professional development, and your constant encouragement will be missed. Your new company is going to be lucky to have you. 

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 12) After a string of bosses that didn’t concern themselves with their employee’s development, you’ve been a breath of fresh air. You work each day to help us improve, and we’re all the better for it. Thanks for being you! 

 13) Thank you for remembering my 10th anniversary. This is the longest and best job I’ve ever had, and the fact that you remembered demonstrates your leadership strengths. 

 14) I wanted to thank you for sponsoring me last week at the [industry event]. I can’t tell you how much I learned and how many new contacts I made. I think we’ll all be enjoying the fruits of your decision for a long time. 

 15) Thanks so much for introducing me to your extended network. I know you’re selective with who you allow into your inner circle, and it means a lot to be selected. I’m excited to make you proud. 

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 16) Let’s be honest. Our jobs are a bit dull. But with you at the helm, work itself never is! You pour yourself into building your people up and getting them excited to come to work. The fact that we’re all so happy to be here is a testament to your leadership abilities. Thank you! 

 17) Thank you for boosting our department during the recent company meeting. The work we do often goes unappreciated, so it meant a lot to have you champion our cause in front of upper management. You’re the best! 

 18) I’ve worked for people that motivated their staff using punishment and fear — not a fun or efficient work environment. You’re the complete opposite. I appreciate how you use encouragement and friendly competition to drive stellar results from our team. 

 19) I read your comments on my promotion application and I wanted to say I really appreciated how you built me up without overselling me. Your words were kind, authentic, and most importantly, positive! Thanks for your help. 

 20) I’m not sure you’re told this often enough, but you’re a wonderful boss! I truly appreciate how you support your staff and encourage our development, even if that means hearing some hard truths. 

 21) I really appreciate how you never ask your staff to do anything you aren’t willing to do yourself. It demonstrates real leadership and a peerless commitment to the betterment of your team and the company. Thank you for being you!

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