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Snappy Gifts Ideas | Inexpensive Corporate Gifts that Wow

Snappy Gifts Ideas | Inexpensive Corporate Gifts that Wow

Snappy Gift Examples: Ideas that Wow

When it comes to the holiday season, birthdays, or just because, people look for the perfect gift to give to their loved ones. But what about when you need to find a gift for a corporate event or client? It can be tough to find something snappy and affordable that will make an impact. 

 That's where we come in! In this article, we'll provide you with 30 snappy gift ideas that will wow your clients and colleagues. Plus, we'll provide tips on how to make your gifts even more memorable. So read on and get inspired!

The Benefits of Giving (Good) Corporate Gifts

Before we jump into the snappy gift ideas, let's talk about why you should take an interest in corporate gifting. What are the benefits that warrant the time and expense? 

 When you give a gift to someone, it shows that you care about them. It's a recognition of their value and helps to strengthen the relationship. The interaction adds value beyond the investment you make.

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A business owner shaking hands with his customer.

Show Appreciation for the Client

Giving snappy gifts shows that you appreciate your client's work. This is especially important before or after a project has ended. If they do excellent work, then let them know that you've noticed! For example, give designer tote bags to everyone who helped with your marketing strategy.

Look Like a Hero in Front of Employees and Superiors

Do you want to show that you're the type of manager who cares about others? Then snappy gifts are for you! Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and give away snappy gifts during the holiday season or a special event.

Increase Productivity and Morale

Before a big pitch or presentation, snappy gifts are a great way to bring the team together and improve group cohesion. Not only can a well-timed corporate gift improve your chances of winning the pitch, but they'll also help everyone feel more enthusiastic about their work, and happy employees are productive employees.

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A woman wearing VR goggles.

Different Types of Corporate Gifts

There are many snappy gift ideas out there depending on your budget and what type of gift you're looking for. Here are some of the most popular types of corporate gifts: 

 1. Promotional items - anything that can be used around the house or office is often appreciated, but branded products always leave a lasting impression. Imagine giving someone snappy personalized stationery or an engraved pen that they will use on a daily basis. 

 2. Gift baskets - an appreciated gift idea for your client is a gift basket filled with goodies that they will enjoy. Stock up on their favorite treats or beverages and pair them with snappy little knick-knacks for a memorable gift. Personalized gifts are common in this category.

 3. Experience gifts - although some clients might not be too keen on spending money on themselves, snappy gifts that give a new experience are usually welcomed. For example, people you know might enjoy a day of golf or cooking lessons. Let's drill into each of these categories and find some great buys in each.

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Snappy Gift Ideas That Keep You On Budget

You don't need to spend a fortune to surprise your clients with a thoughtful gift or thank employees for their service. Here are powerful gift ideas that fit a limited budget. 

 1. Give them the gift of music with a Spotify Premium account. Everyone loves listening to their favorite songs, so why not give your clients or employees something they'll love even more: access to over 30 million songs. For a small monthly fee, you'll give them access to almost any album they might imagine. 

 2. Give a Starbucks gift card. Everyone is always in a rush to get their coffee fix. If you know one of the clients or employees drinks nothing but Starbucks, then they'll appreciate this gift! They can grab a cup of joe whenever the mood strikes them, which, if they're like most Starbucks aficionados, is every single morning. 

 3. Give your clients gourmet implements for the grill. If you know someone who loves to cook, then this is the perfect gift. These tools are sharp, well-balanced, and designed for cutting meat in just one swipe - nothing says snappy like that! They'll be king or queen of their next barbecue. 

 4. Personalize something for them. Why not give your clients an engraved bottle opener? Or maybe a custom mug with their name on it? Personalizing a gift is simple, and it's another great way to show your clients that you truly appreciate their business. The item doesn't have to be flashy or expensive. It's the personalization that makes it special.

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A bluetooth speaker in front of a smartphone.

Snappy Gift Ideas That Make the Office Smile

At some point, there will be an office celebration or perhaps a small gift exchange before or after a holiday party. Promotional items are always popular choices. If you're stuck, here are some snappy gift ideas that will win over the hearts of your employees. 

 5. Custom lanyards - If your business uses fobs and security cards for everything, why not make it easier and more stylish to carry them with a personalized lanyard? They'll love being able to avoid digging for their keycards when they need them most. 

 6. A Bluetooth speaker - Employees love to sing along to their favorite songs in the morning before settling into the day's work. Get them a snappy speaker that they can connect to via Bluetooth and blast tunes without disturbing everyone around them. It'll make the office more fun for everyone. You'll get two self-identified allies, the person you're gifting, and all of their coworkers.

 7. A cool coffee mug - If your employees don't bring coffee mugs from home, they might appreciate having one that actually keeps their beverage hot or cold. These snappy promotional items are useful and easy to personalize with a logo or name for free! It doesn't take a senior product marketing manager to know that's a great opportunity.

 8. An attractive day planner - Employees live and die by their calendars so why not make it more interesting? Give them something they'll be proud to display and use! You'll get extra points if you take the time to learn what they like and then purchase a planner or calendar themed around that item.

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An ad for a smart water bottle.

Office Gift Ideas That Everyone Can Appreciate

Looking for something that everyone will appreciate? Try these client gifts on for size.  

 10. A pocket knife - Whether you're shopping for someone who loves to hunt, hike, craft, or just open boxes when the situation arises, a pocket knife is an awesome gift. It's versatile, useful, and customizable with your logo or name for free! They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and lengths, so look for one appropriate for your audience. 

11. USB thumb drives - Many employees are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data they have to store on their computers. If you know someone in this boat, why not give them storage they can trust? Even high-volume thumb drives are inexpensive now, which means you can grab one for everyone on your list.

12. A smart water bottle - Whether they spend their working day outdoors or inside a stuffy office, employees will appreciate a water bottle that keeps their beverage ice-cold wherever they go. Help your clients or employees hit their water targets by making it easy and convenient to have water with them always. 

 13. A mini first-aid kit - This gift is great for those who work in dangerous jobs or those whose jobs require them to be on their feet all day. For just a few dollars, you can give your employees peace of mind by arming them with a first-aid kit customized to the type of work they do. They can keep it in the car for easy access. Thoughtful gifts that get you noticed are what corporate gifting is all about.

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Close up of someone holding a smart watch.

Inexpensive Electronics for the Tech Obsessed

Tech is often expensive but always popular. These next few snappy gift ideas will let you spread technological joy without breaking the bank. 

 14. Portable chargers - Employees are always on the go with their mobile devices, so why not surprise them with a snappy portable charger they can use to recharge anything? They're inexpensive and can be easily personalized! 

 15. A smartwatch - Employees who love tech will appreciate being able to see important alerts on their wrists whenever they rely on their phones for communication. These helpful gifts are also great for those with introvert tendencies who need to control their interactions at all times. 

 16. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse - People who frequently use their computers will love this exciting tech gift! They won't have annoying cords taking up room on their desk anymore, which helps make their lives easier and their offices tidier. This is a gift people don't realize they want until it appears. 

 17. An Amazon Echo Dot - Everyone loves this snappy tool! It's a hands-free speaker that works with Amazon Alexa to play music, control other smart devices, and answer questions. You can even use it to set reminders or appointments. This is another gift people don't realize they want until they have one - but everyone will love the convenience once they see how helpful it is! 

 18. A wireless charging pad - Charging cords are a hassle. Avoid them with this snappy gift idea! Wireless charging pads are easy to use and make life simpler. They're also a great way to show your appreciation for team members who are hard at work generating business results for you.

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Gifts for Those That Love The Great Outdoors

Need snappy gift ideas for people that love to get out into nature? The next few entries are perfect! 

 19. A paracord bracelet - If you have outdoorsy employees or work outdoors yourself, this is a great gift for them! These bracelets can be unraveled quickly in an emergency if someone gets stuck in the dark. They're cheap, customizable, and helpful! 

 20. A multi-tool - This gift is perfect for those who spend their days out in the elements. Whether they need to tighten something or open a bottle with ease, this tool will always be useful. It's also great for camping trips! Like a swiss army knife, it has a bunch of useful tools combined into a small, portable package. 

 21. A solar-powered lantern - For those who work during hours when others are asleep, this is a great gift idea! This lantern never needs batteries and can be hung up to charge. It provides soft light throughout the night so that your recipients won't need to wake up others or fumble around in the dark.

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Gifts for Foodies

For the culinary-inclined, you can find a host of gift baskets and specialty food services to make their day. Minority-owned businesses sometimes use gifts like these to celebrate their culture.

22. A hot beverage gift basket - Foodies love to have their coffee or tea on hand at all times. Surprise them with a delicious selection of caffeinated goodies that come in a decorative basket they can display in their kitchen or office. Specialty hot chocolate collections is another great option. 

 23. A make-your-own cocktail kit - Be a home mixologist! Foodies can mix up their own delicious (and personalized) cocktails in just minutes. Best of all, the kit includes everything they'll need. All they'll need to supply is the alcohol (and you could give them that, too.) It's a gift so snappy, you're be snappy's vice president!

 24. A box of gourmet cookies - Everyone loves a sweet treat, and foodies often go out of their way to find the most delicious local bakeries and treats. Surprise them with this memorable gift and their office will smell like heaven for weeks. And there bellies will stay nicely full!

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A couple working on a puzzle in an escape room.

Fun Experiences for Everyone

Instead of objects, you can give memories! Your recipients will love the change of pace that any of the following experiences offer. 

 25. An escape room - These unique experiences are a huge trend right now. They're themed puzzles that have to be solved in order to escape a locked room. It's a fun and addicting activity, and it makes people work together as a team. Give a pass as a gift or as a fantastic team-building exercise. These are also environmentally friendly gifts because they're just experiences! You can find other low footprint gifts using a sustainable gift guide.

 26. A cooking class - Everyone can benefit from learning some new techniques in the kitchen! Plus, you'll be able to share in the delicious results. Cooking classes are a fun way for individuals or couples to learn together. Teach them how to make their favorite foods or try something new and adventurous! 

 27. A pottery painting class - These artistic experiences are great gifts because they're so flexible! Your recipients can choose what kind of experience they want, and they can even invite friends along to join them. Pottery painting classes are a fun way for friends to bond over something creative while sipping some wine or catching up.

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Complement These Snappy Gift Ideas with a Handwritten Card

No gift is complete without a heartfelt message penned by hand into an attractive card. You can do the work yourself or let Simply Noted help. We've automated handwritten notes with the most powerful handwriting machines available. 

 You can order one or 10,000 cards and have each personalized with real ink pens and our smart "Infinity" fonts that recreate the subtle nuances of real handwriting. Show your clients and employees how much you appreciate them with a note from Simply Noted.

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