You Type.

We Write.

Simply Noted puts a personal touch back into your business.

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Leave lasting impressions.

Break through the digital noise and engage your clients in memorable and impactful way. Handwritten addressed notes have up-to 99% open rates. Be more effective and efficient in your business development with Simply Noted!

Simply write to all your
contacts at once

Using variables, like “First Name”, “Last Name” or “Business”, we can customize your message for each of your recipients. You can get as creative as you would like with “Custom” variables to create your own unique merge fields, like a client’s last purchase or a unique promo code.

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No Time? No Problem.
Simply Noted is automated too.

Connect Simply Noted directly to your business processes. We can connect our software directly to your CRM, Email, Calendar etc. and automate your follow-up to be more productive.

It only takes minutes to get started.


Our team of handwriting robots help you engage with vast audiences. Sending a letter to 1 customer. Or 100,000 customers. We got you covered!

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White glove services.

We can send gifts along with your note cards. Our dedicated account consultants give you the attention to detail you deserve.

Custom orders


List development

Professional design services

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