How to Say Thank You in a Funny Way - 10 Funny One-Liners Included

How to Say Thank You in a Funny Way - 10 Funny One-Liners Included

Funny Ways to Say Thank You

 Gratitude is an earnest emotion, but that doesn’t mean its expression has to be heavy or serious. You can say thank you with a joke, just as meaningfully as you can with a sentimental message. But there are a few pitfalls you should look out for. For one, sympathy cards might not be the right place for comedy.  

 They say that laughter is the best medicine, but no pill treats every condition. Humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and it isn’t always appropriate. To use it well, you need to pay attention to details and understand humor’s limitations.


Humor isn’t universal. What one person finds funny, another person might take exception with. That’s the only danger when you employ comedy for serious purposes; jokes are more likely to be misinterpreted than a simple, sentimental message.  

 That said, if you’re considering humor as a way to thank someone, you’re likely in a friendly relationship with the recipient, so you’re likely to know what they find funny. It’s still something you should consider when trying to say thank you in a funny way. The following are other items to watch out for.

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How Serious is the Thank You?

Before employing comedy, make sure it’s warranted and that it will be taken well. Look at the situation behind your thank you and rate how serious it is. Thanking a friend for helping fix your bike is very different than thanking someone for being a pallbearer at a funeral. Consider whether the average person would appreciate the humor in this context. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you normally associate humor with the situation? 
  •  Would an average person find a joke about this topic funny? 
  •  Might your recipient find humor off-putting in this situation? 
  •  Could your recipient feel uncomfortable if thanked with humor in this situation? 
  •  In this thank-you, are you using humor to express your emotions or deflect them?

Depending on your answers, and whether you’re using humor to avoid sending a heartfelt expression of gratitude, decide whether humor is appropriate.

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Know Your Audience

Consider your target. Are they someone that enjoys your brand of humor? Do they joke around frequently or are they more sedate? Are they emotionally invested in the thing you’re thanking them for? Is this a personal connection or a business contact? 

 This information gives critical context for your decision. A joke that works well with your friends might fail miserably with your department manager. One coworker might take your humor in the way it was intended, while it might fly over the head of another. Know your audience before you craft your thank you message so that you don’t miss the mark.

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Is Humor the Best Option?

Remember that your “thank you” isn’t for you — it’s for the recipient. Just because you find the joke funny doesn’t mean they will. Even if they appreciate humor, they might appreciate a sentimental thank you more.  

 There are lots of other ways to say thanks. Consider whether there might be a more significant (to your recipient) way to express your gratitude before settling on saying thank you in a funny way.

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Not everyone’s a comedian. If you’re somewhat humor-challenged, you could have difficulty writing material for your cards. Feel free to use these ten funny one-liners. They’ll spice up your next thank you card.

 - We wanted to thank you for the huge favor you did us recently. We owe you big. If you don’t remember what we’re talking about, it was that minor favor you did that probably didn’t bear mentioning and definitely doesn’t require payback.  

I’m so thankful for all of your help that I started a fan club in your name! At our first meeting, I nominated myself president, approved the vote, and then renamed the fan club for me. Next time, show up to the meeting!   

You must have people telling you how awesome you are all the time. Because there’s no way that quality is flying under the radar. You’re a towering beacon of helpfulness, and you shine all the time.  

- If you could see my face, you’d know immediately how grateful I am, but since you can’t, allow me to describe it. Strong jaw set in chiseled, handsome features. A smile that beams for days. Uncanny good looks that baffle the imagination. A friendly, amiable smile formed around the words, “thank you so, so much!”  

- If I gave you a quarter for every bit of gratitude I feel right now, well, you would bankrupt me. Your kindness would cost me everything. Thanks a lot!  

The next time someone says to you, “I don’t know how to thank you” remind them that Hamilton, Grant, and Benjamin Franklin are all available to help. No one says “thank you” better. Just wait until after this thank you card. Thanks again! 

Roses are red. Violets are blue. But you don’t need to know that. I’m just saying “thank you.”  

- You, a rabbi, and I walk into a bar. I sit you down, buy you a beer, slap you on the back, and offer you a hearty “thank you!”. The rabbi sits down at his own table and enjoys a crossword puzzle. And that’s it. Like your willingness to help anyone in need, this message is no joke.  

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate what you did for us. Your generosity knows no bounds…or does it? Next time we’re going to ask for $100,000 cash, the keys to your lakehouse, and both of your kidneys. Then we’ll see just how generous you really are…  

- Sorry this letter is arriving late. I wanted to send out my thanks earlier, but I was afraid of what might happen. I’d say, “thank you” and then you’d feel obligated to thank me for my consideration. I’d have to say thanks again in response, starting an infinite progression of “thank yous” that never ends. So belated thanks…no need to respond.


When you're feeling endless gratitude for someone, ten fun ways to say thanks may not be enough. Generosity makes us want to return it in kind, so if you're grateful to someone for something (insert thing here) you can express gratitude with any of these additional creative ways to show your appreciation

 - You can't see it, but I'm doing my happy dance right now. It's good. Very good. Like, a million dollars good. And it's all because of your help. Many thanks to you for what you did. This dance is in your honor, and if you could see it you would feel more honored than you ever have before. Or, at least I think so. 

 - The very moment you helped me out, the universe shifted, and though many would claim I barely speak English, I'm moved to let you know that you have my deepest gratitude. I hope these silly words I'm muttering are good enough to capture the difference you made in my life. Grassy ass, my friend. 

 - This card is sending birthday wishes, albeit early...very early. It's also wishing you a happy Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Arbor Day, and really every other holiday you can think of. That's because I owe you so much for your help I want to make sure I never forget to wish you all the happiness for every reason! 

 - My arena media brands and their respective content providers, and all other primary and secondary brands wish you huge thanks for the help you gave our company. I know that's a lot of people thanking you, but you helped a LOT of people! I'd throw in more company names if I could think of some just for good measure because you deserve all the gratitude we can throw at you. 

 - To show you how much I appreciate your help I'd do a happy dance at the edge of a volcano. I'd climb inside the tiger's teeth. I'd learn other languages and use them all to say "thanks!" I'd climb up on an arena platform and give into a tiny vat of water, with sparklers attached to my toes while reciting the Star-Spangled Banner. Yes, there's nothing I wouldn't do!