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10 Inexpensive But Creative Client Gifts

Rick Elmore  Athlete  Corporate Sales  Entrepreneur 

10 Inexpensive But Creative Client Gifts

When sending a business gift, you want it to be memorable. After all, you’re looking to make an impression. The days when coffee mugs and fancy pens imprinted with your logo were sufficient gifts are long gone.

In order for your gesture to stand out, you want to find a unique corporate gift that your clients or business associates will appreciate. This article will explore ten fun gifts that will please both your recipients and your checking account.

Bliss Gardens Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Affordable and creative client gifts

Decorative elements are welcome additions to any office, but it’s often difficult to find something that will fit everyone’s tastes. Plants satisfy this requirement, fitting into virtually any decor.

These terrarium kits are the perfect plants to send to clients. They’re attractive, they ship easily, and require very little maintenance. Just a bit of water added once a week is all it takes to keep this cluster of plants and assorted other elements looking great. And every time your recipient waters their terrarium or just gazes at it happily, they’ll think of you. 

Touchscreen-Friendly Winter Gloves

fun gifts that clients can actually use

Winter is a fact of life for much of the world, so cold-weather gloves are always needed. Knit gloves with special fingers that work on touchscreens are something that everyone can use but people often don’t buy for themselves.

These are personal gifts because they’re something immensely useful that show you care for your client’s wellbeing. Plus you can get good quality gloves for less than $10, which is extremely budget-friendly. 

The days when coffee mugs and fancy pens imprinted with your logo were sufficient gifts are long gone!

Tea Variety Collection

unique corporate gift and creative client gifts are tea packages

Tea collections make excellent gifts for just about everyone. They’ll find favorite flavors as well as new varieties to excite their tastebuds. Assorted tea sets have something for every occasion — black teas when you need a pick-me-up, green tea for its healthful benefits, and herbal teas to delight the tongue and awaken the senses.

You can find tea collections in a number of price ranges, but many are less than $25. If you have a large gift list, go for something sub-$15. For fewer recipients, consider upscaling to something a little nicer. 

Novelty Socks

novelty socks are a great personal gifts and creative client gifts

Socks with outrageous, ornate, or comical patterns have become extremely popular in recent years. Businesses looking for small gift ideas can’t go wrong with this crowd-pleaser. They’re compact and lightweight, which makes them inexpensive to ship, and they show your clients a bit of personality.

Consider choosing matching men’s and women’s socks with a pattern that has some connection to your business. That way when your recipients wear their new colorful, fun gifts, they’ll make the connection to you instantly. 

Customized Wine Bottles

unique corporate gift

Customized wine bottles are creative client gifts that everyone on your list will love. Companies like Speak Wines let you choose from a wide variety of label messages that match any occasion, or you can send them a custom design.

You choose your wine and choose your message, and your clients get to enjoy them both. After they finish the wine, they’ll have a keepsake that they can place on a shelf to keep your message closeby. This is a gift that warms the heart in more than one way, and it’s sure to be a hit.

Personalized Caramels

creative client gifts and unique corporate gift

Good Karmal is a company that creates delectable flavored caramels and lets buyers customize the candies’ labels. Businesses can take advantage of this to add personalized business messages on the candy box as well as each piece inside. You could include your logo as well as a customized message for all of the clients on your list.

A Candy Collection Your Client Gets to Choose!

small gift ideas

What’s better than getting free candy in the mail? Getting to choose the candy you want. With Sugarwish, you choose the candy box size, and then send your recipients an email with a link to choose the candy they’d like to fill it with.

The company will ship the candy box directly to your clients after they’ve made their selections, and there’s a lot to choose from. Your clients will find nearly 100 different candy choices, as well as flavored popcorn selections. You can also create a custom box and send exactly the candy you want if you’d rather handle your git that way.

Wireless Bamboo Computer Mouse

creative gifts and fun gifts

You can almost guarantee that few if any of your clients will have ever seen this unique corporate gift, which means they’ll be excited to receive it. The shell of this mouse is carved from bamboo to create the loveliest computer mouse they’ve ever had the pleasure of using. It will be a conversation starter for certain, and when your client is asked where they got it, they’ll float your name.

Charitable Giving Lotto Tickets

fun gift ideas for clients like lottery tickets

If you’re the sort of person that likes their gifts to make an impact on the world, LottoLove scratch-off tickets could be a perfect choice.

The concept is simple. You send your clients their LottoLove scratch-off ticket. They play the scratch-off game to find out what they won for their charitable organization. The donation is made at the time of purchase, so the charity will get their donation even if your recipient never opens their card, but if you include the tickets in a lovely handwritten card from Simply Noted they’re almost certain to find your thoughtful gift. 

Mini Waffle Maker

send a waffle maker as a creative client gift

Who wouldn’t be tickled pink to find a mini waffle maker in their mailbox? These creative client gifts will put a smile on every one of your client’s faces. Not only are they cute and imminently useful, but they’re also surprisingly inexpensive.

Give your clients the chance to make mini waffles, hash browns, and paninis. For a quick breakfast or a zippy lunch, this little gift will keep on giving. 

send handwritten notes along with your client gifts

Accompany Your Gift With a Handwritten Card

Nothing accompanies a heartfelt gift quite as well as a handwritten card. However, if you’re busy like most executives, the thought of hand writing dozens of cards doesn’t particularly appeal to you.

Simply Noted is the better choice. Our automated handwriting machines use real ballpoint pens to recreate the warmth and tactile nature of a handwritten card. We can even recreate your handwriting! All you need to do is upload your messages and addresses and we’ll take care of the rest! Give Simply Noted a try today. 

Never forget sending a Birthday card again with Simply Noteds Birthday Automation tool. Set it and forget it and wait for your friends, family and colleagues to thank you!

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