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15 Ways To Say, "Thank You For Your Hospitality"

15 Ways To Say, "Thank You For Your Hospitality"

We all have our regular routines, patterns of behavior that we repeat day after day. When someone stays with us, those routines are interrupted. Suddenly there’s another person (or people) vying for the bathroom, shower, and other resources. Maybe the guest room doubles as a home office, creating difficulties for everyone involved. We take many daily activities for granted that become more challenging when we have house guests

 What’s our point? When someone offers their home to you, it’s not a gesture to be taken lightly. They aren’t just giving you a bed — they’re opening up their lives to you, juggling everything they take for granted in order to make you a space. So don’t give them a cursory thank you and then forget about it. Take some time to compose a heartfelt message and then send them a handwritten card. 

 Below you’ll find 15 ways to say, “Thank you for your hospitality.” Use them as-is or take them as a jumping-off point for a unique message that’s all you.

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  • Thank you so much for opening your home to us. It was lovely spending a few days with you. I know what an imposition it is to have people staying in your home, so I appreciate the grace and generosity you showed during our stay.
  • The family and I all enjoyed your home. You’ve crafted a lovely life for yourself, and it was great to be a part of it for a few days. I hope you enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed being there!
  • What a wonderful reception we received in your home! You all treated us with the utmost kindness, patience, and understanding. You welcomed us in without a thought — we asked, and you said “yes” immediately. We can’t thank you enough for that amazing generosity.
  • You all have such a lovely home! We had such a good time with you last week. You made us feel completely at home, even as we turned your world upside-down. We know it wasn’t easy accommodating the four of us, so we thank you from the bottom of our heart.
  • Our hosts were kindhearted. The room was supremely comfortable. The accommodations were immaculate. The food was top-notch. If this was a Yelp review, one might assume I was talking about a recent stay at an upscale hotel or resort. But, no — it was your home! Thank you for creating such a wonderful stay when we need it.
  • Among friends, it’s common courtesy to offer a guest room when someone needs it. You elevated common courtesy to uncommon levels. You really made us feel welcome, as if we’d always lived in the house. We felt like we were members of the family. Thanks so much!
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  • What a generous host you are! You didn’t think twice about providing whatever we needed to be comfortable, even to your detriment. Not that we wanted to put you out, but it was incredibly kind that you were willing to let us.
  • We couldn’t have asked for better hosts! Your warmth and kindness were apparent throughout our visit. You never once made us feel as if we were a burden, even though we almost certainly were. If you’re ever in our area and need a place to stay, our doors are open. Thanks again!
  • Dinner was marvelous last night! It was a pleasure to be included in such a wonderful evening. You showed peerless hospitality, and we’d be delighted to attend any future dinner parties you throw. Our compliments to the chef…you!
  • It was lovely spending the day with you guys. It was delightful company and a beautiful view. We particularly appreciated lunch on the back porch, watching the waves crash into the sand. Your home is truly stunning, and we’re so thankful you allowed us to share it with you.
  • I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed being your guest these last few days. We appreciate the sacrifices you made to afford us a room. We can’t wait for the opportunity to return the favor because spending time with you is a gift!
  • It’s one thing to give someone a room for a few days. It’s another to include their entire family. And it’s on another level completely to make room for the family pets, too! We can’t thank you enough for making space for all of us during our home renovation. It was a home away from home while we fixed ourselves a new home!
  • What a party! We had a blast at your place yesterday. The music was booming, the room was glowing, and the people were jumping. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. Thanks so much for your hospitality. The old adage is true. ”There ain’t no party like a Jenkins house party ‘cause a Jenkins house party don’t stop!”
  • You have my undying gratitude. You helped my family out when no one else could. I don’t know how we would have made it through the last month without your generous hospitality. You made us feel welcome from the moment we walked through your door until the last day of our stay. With everything we have, we say “thank you!”
  • As you know, I travel a lot for work, and I’ve had the opportunity to stay in some of the finest hotels in the world. And yet, I’ve never experienced the kind of hospitality I encountered in your home. You truly made me feel like I was your guest in every sense of the word. If I could, I’d give you five stars! Thanks for making my layover a blast!
A thank you note that reads, "Thank you for the hospitality, and OMG the food!"


Don’t cheapen your gratitude by flippantly sending it in a text message or quickly jotting it down in an email. Send a handwritten card instead. Your gratitude will receive a warmer reception and your sentiment will convey far more effectively. 

 If you don’t have time to handwrite a card yourself, consider having Simply Noted do the work. Upload your message and our advanced handwriting robots will translate your thoughts into authentic-feeling, pen-written text. In seconds you can have warm, handwritten thank-yous winging their way through the mail, headed for your recipient’s mailbox. There’s simply no better way to say, “Thank you for your hospitality!”

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