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5 Sample Thank You Cards for Business

what to write in a business thank you card

Rick Elmore  Athlete  Corporate Sales  Entrepreneur 

There are many occasions when it’s appropriate to send business thank you messages.

You might thank a new client for their business or send out heartfelt gratitude to a long-time customer. Employees that put in extra effort deserve a thank you, as do vendors that go above and beyond.

The difficulty doesn’t lie in finding an occasion, but deciding what to write in a business thank you card.

To help get your creative juices flowing we’ve provided some sample thank you cards below. Feel free to use these as they are or adapt them to your purposes.

If nothing else, these samples should give you a good sense of the sorts of sentiments you can include in your business thank you messages. 

Writing a Thank You Message For a New Customer

business thank you messages

It’s always a good idea to send a thank you note when you land a new account. It shows the client that you value their business and sets the tone for the start of your relationship. You might say something like this:

Dear Leslie,

We’re so very excited to have you as a customer and wanted to thank you from the bottom of our heart for choosing us. Our mission is to deliver our clients the very best experience we can, so please know that we value your feedback. We know you’ll be happy with your decision and can’t wait to get started on your project. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Have a wonderful day! 

Cordially yours, 


Acme Company

Showing Appreciation For An Existing Client

thank you to client for business

It’s a good idea to say thank you to clients for business they’ve given you in the past. Not only does this convey genuine gratitude, but it’s also a good way to nurture the relationship in preparation for future work.

The last example was fairly universal, but for existing clients, it’s better to send a personalized message. You could word your message something like this: 

Dear Robert,

We wanted to take an opportunity to express how thankful we are that you’ve been such a loyal customer. It’s hard to believe we’ve been working with you for over five years! It’s clients like you that make our business possible. We recognize that there are other choices in the market, so we wanted to make sure you knew just how much we appreciate your continued patronage. Here’s to many more years together. Thanks again, and have an excellent day! 

Warmly yours, 


Acme Company

Sending Thanks For Fast Payment

what to write in a business thank you card for payments

Cash flow is critical for every business. When you find a customer that pays you on-time, or early, it’s smart to acknowledge them. Saying, “Thank you for your business invoice payment” when it’s taken care of quickly is a great way to encourage this behavior to continue.

By sending a thank you note you’ll formalize the payment as a benchmark that they’ll likely try to live up to in the future. A good example:

Dear Linda,

This is just a quick note to thank you for your recent payment. We appreciate your business and wanted to acknowledge you for your professionalism in getting it to us early. It’s not required or expected, which makes it doubly impressive that you choose to run your business that way. We’re very lucky to have you as a customer and we look forward to serving you in the future. Thanks for being a dependable customer! 

Yours in gratitude, 


Acme Company

Writing a Thank You Letter For a Business Partnership

thank you letter for business partnership

It’s good to cement a new partnership with a sincere expression of gratitude. Trust is a critical element for any new venture.

Sending a thank you card demonstrates your willingness to open your heart and your business to your new partners. You say something like:

Dear Felipe,

A single note isn’t adequate to express how thrilling it is to be joining forces with you, but we wanted to make certain you knew how thankful we are that you’re now a part of our business family. Please pass on our thanks to everyone that worked to make this venture possible. Good things are coming in the future and we look forward to forging a path forward together. Thanks again to you and your whole team! 



Acme Company

Saying Thank You For an Employee’s Extra Effort

what to write in a business card

When business is good and work is hectic, it’s easy to forget to say thank you to your people on the front lines, working extra hard to make sure your customers are satisfied.

Sending a quick thank you note goes a long way to buoying their spirits, and they’ll be more likely to put in extra effort that next time it’s required, too.

Dear Jaimie,

I wanted to make sure you knew how much the company appreciates that you stepped up and put in the extra effort when we needed it. It shows just how valuable you are to our operation and demonstrates your commitment to our customers. We certainly try to limit extra hours when we can, but it’s gratifying to know that we can depend on you when it’s needed. Thanks to you and your family! 



Acme Company

Saying Thank You Isn’t as Hard as You Think

thank you to client for business with Simply Noted

Having finished this article, you hopefully have a better idea of what to write in a business thank you card. Now you need to decide how to send them.

Thank you cards always benefit from the warmth and personal touch that handwriting provides. Unfortunately, most business owners and managers don’t have the time time to hand-write cards themselves, particularly when several hundred or more are involved. 

That’s when you turn to Simply Noted. We automate the creation of handwritten notes and cards using state of the art handwriting machines that use real ballpoint pens to simulate as closely as possible the look and feel of an authentic, handwritten message. 

Simply upload your messages and your addresses.  We’ll make sure that each recipient receives your warm thank you the way it was intended. We make it easy to care for your customers, partners, and employees the way they deserve to be treated.