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10 Thank You Card Designs and Tips on What to Write

10 Thank You Card Designs and Tips on What to Write

Thank You Card Ideas and Messages You Can Use


At Simply Noted, we have the perfect thank you card for every occasion. From straightforward to whimsical, heartfelt to happy, you'll find the perfect design and card templates. But choosing the right card is only half the battle. Filling it with the perfect, personal message is the next hurdle to expressing gratitude.    

 Thankfully we can help with that, too. Below you’ll find descriptions of our ten favorite card designs as well as thank you message ideas. Use them as a starting point for your own unique messages.  

 If you like what you see, click the links below the cards. Our automated handwriting machines will scribe your chosen message with a real ballpoint pen and wing your cards off to their intended recipients. They’ll be the fast, easy, and most personal thank you cards you’ve ever sent that you didn’t have to handwrite yourself.


Thank you card in tan and blue

Our first selection exhibits classic styling. The tan calligraphy on dark blue is perfect for corporate thank you messages to clients, partners, and employees. Its simple sophistication is appropriate anytime you want to send a thank you with distinction. When your recipient is the best, and we assume they always are, you want to let them know, so we added a little shout-out to that effect at the bottom.


Thank you card with cactuses

Are you stuck on a favor someone did for you? Do you want to make a point of thanking them? Then send these succulent succulents! Our cactus design mixes the beauty of a desert landscape with the warmth of a minimalist watercolor design. It’s bright, colorful, and sure to grace your recipient’s mantle.


Thank you card with colorful dots

With its relaxed font and fun splashes of color, our Thank You Dots are appropriate for any occasion. The design is simple enough for casual corporate thank yous as well as personal messages of gratitude. It’s also a great choice for thank you cards following a party or business event. It has just enough festivity baked into the design to bring back fond memories of parties past.


Thank you card with purple and red flowers

This lovely design conjures bouquets of colorful flowers overflowing with affectionate appreciation. It’s sure to bring a smile to whoever receives it. It’s a great choice for baby and wedding shower thank yous, as well as anytime you want to send someone a cheerful reminder of what they mean to you.


Thank you card with donuts holding hands

This thank you card is a bit of a departure from our standard form, but we think you’ll agree that the whimsical message couldn’t be better. If you “donut” know what you’d do without the important people in your life, tell them how much you appreciate them with this charming design. The quirky mix of fonts paired with vintage appeal will glaze your recipient’s heart with fondness...and sprinkles.


Thank you card with colorful plaid pattern

This fanciful play on classic plaid is perfect for any casual thank yous. Its color palette and art style fit all occasions. This thank you card is the perfect accompaniment for post-birthday thanks, “we couldn’t have done it without you” sentiments, and “you really did us a solid” messages. 


Thank you card with whimsical hand-drawn imagery

This picture leaps straight from the heart. Your recipient might easily imagine that you doodled the playful shapes that grace the chunky, hand-lettered thank you at the design’s center. It’s quirky and fun, perfect for baby showers, birthdays, doctor and dental offices, and other customer-centric businesses.


Thank you card covered in thank yous

What’s better than one thank you? Eight thank yous! This fanciful design splashes wacky thanks across the page, tickling your recipient’s heart and funny bone. The hand-drawn appeal is perfect for friends and family. If thank you message ideas are escaping you, you can’t go wrong with a design stuffed full of them.


Thank you card with a simple thank you

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of embellishment, particularly when a bold, graphic “thank you” speaks volumes. This design strikes the perfect balance of sophistication and whimsey, making it appropriate for any occasion and any purpose. Businesses can send their gratitude to long-time customers and individuals can send their thanks to dear old friends. No matter who you’re thanking or why, this design has you covered.


Thank you card with a cactus design

We call this a cactus design, but it's more than that (and it's certainly not the same card from earlier.) It gives the impression of close-up cactus, but with a loose art style that feels organic in execution and almost paisley on the paper. What’s certain is that it makes us happy, and we think your recipients will feel the same way. 


You’ve got your card, now what should you say? Creating handwritten thank-you cards comes easy for some people, while others struggle to find the right words. It’s not that they don’t know how they feel. They just have a hard time putting those emotions into words. 

 The first piece of advice we’d give is to just write from the heart. Don’t worry about saying “the right thing.” If you’re speaking your truth, anything you say is the right thing. Just let your recipient know just what their generous gift meant to you. Don’t worry about being witty or trying to capture the perfect sentiment. Just say what’s in your heart in whatever way it presents itself. Your recipients will respond to the honesty of your message no matter what it says. 

If you're still a bit unsure how to structure your thank you card, use this simple format. These card wording ideas and their structure apply to any thank you, whether you're sending baby shower, wedding, professional, birthday, or just general thanks. Just fill in your details!

Start With a Greeting

Just like any letter, open with a simple greeting. “Dear Bob”, “To My Oldest Friend”, or “Hi, Aunt Leslie!” are all perfect examples. For business thank yous, favor more formal greetings.

Relate Your Thanks

This is a thank you card, so jump right into your thank yous. Examples might be: 

  • Thanks so much for the thought…
  • I’m so grateful for what you did for me…
  • My heart was beaming when I saw your thoughtful gift…

Give details

Make sure to mention specifics. This means detailing the specific gift you received. This personalizes your thank you card. You might say things like:

  • I’ve been needing a new coat for a while now, and this one is so warm!
  • You’ve dedicated five years of service to the company and we want you to know how much your effort is appreciated.
  • We know you have a choice of vendors and we’re grateful to have your business.
  • The new baby blanket is perfect! So beautiful, and your design choices were perfect!

Look to the Future

Your card is speaking for you, so it’s nice to mention some future occasion where you’ll see your recipient in person. Something like:

  • I’ll be sure to show you how well it fits the next time we see each other.
  • We look forward to a continued long and fruitful relationship.
  • Next time we’re in the area, we’ll be sure to ring you up!

Restate Your Thanks and Close

It’s good form to close a thank you card with a final thank you. Then, just like any other card or letter, close with something appropriate like:

  • All my love 
  • Warm wishes
  •  With deepest gratitude 
  •  Your friend forever


Do you send hundreds or thousands of thank you cards at a time? With Simply Noted you can mix the ease of automated card creation with the warmth of a handwritten note. It's a new gift for you and your customers, and it's the best way to say thank you to large groups of people while still maintaining a personal touch. Give us a call to learn more!

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