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Wondering How to Sign a Birthday Card? Here Are 5 Best Practices.

How to sign a birthday card

Wondering How to Sign a Birthday Card? Here Are 5 Best Practices.

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If you’re looking for ways to express birthday sentiments, shouting “Happy Birthday!” at the top of your lungs is always welcome. But figuring out what to write in a birthday card can sometimes be more difficult. Here are five great ways to craft perfect birthday card messages.

Make It Funny

Funny birthday messages are an excellent option for less formal relationships — acquaintances, friends, and close family members. But this probably isn’t the best choice for relationships where expressions of emotion are more appropriate, like a spouse or significant other.

You could express a funny memory that relates to their birthday or quote an inside joke. You could make a joke about how old they are, and give them a good-natured ribbing for being so ancient. Humor is a good way to express positive emotions when you have a hard time sharing them directly. Possible signatures include:

● Happy birthday, old-timer!

● To another trip around the sun!

● Happy 29th birthday...again!

● Remember that I’ll always be younger than you!

what to write in a birthday card

Make It Heartfelt

For a spouse, grandparent, older child, or other deeply-connected relationship, heartfelt birthday card messages are usually the best option. If you have a difficult time expressing your emotions in this way, try picturing the person and then imagine what you’d say to them if they were in front of you. Don’t edit yourself. Just start writing it down.  

It’s often best to jot your thoughts on a separate piece of paper first, without regard to structure. Then you can pick and choose the pieces that like the most and add them to the birthday card.  Also, make sure to send your business thank you cards with Simply Noted as well.

When signing a heartfelt card, simple is always better. 

● All my love 
● Hugs and kisses 
● Wishing you a wonderful birthday 
● Wishing love on your special day 

Make It Sincere

You don’t need to pour out your heart in order to write an authentic happy birthday message. Just let the other person know that you hope they have a happy birthday. Keep it short and sweet. You’re not writing a thank you card, or some other communication that requires a long message. Simply let the person know that you’re thinking of them on their birthday and that you’re wishing them a wonderful day.

Appropriate signatures include:

● Wishing you the best

● Wishing you a happy birthday

● All the best

● Happy Birthday!

Make It Complementary

What do people like more than getting a birthday message? Getting one that tells them what a great person they are! Sometimes the easiest way to express how you feel about someone is to tell them why you appreciate them. Ask yourself what it is about the person that makes them so special to you, and then write the answer on their birthday card. 

Appropriate signatures include:

● Happy that you’re my friend

● Wishing you the wonderful birthday you deserve

● Warm wishes on your birthday

● Happy birthday, my friend

Make It Someone Else’s Words

If you’re really having a hard time finding the right message, you can let someone else speak for you. Find a particularly meaningful quote from a notable person and include it as your birthday card message. You’ll get extra points if you can choose someone that’s dear to both you and your recipient. You may not have a way with words, but thankfully lots of other people do! You can close with:

Thinking of you

Have a wonderful birthday

Best wishes on your birthday

Warm thoughts on your special day

Sometimes you know how to sign a birthday card, but you don’t have the time. If you have a lot of birthday cards to send, and you want the personal feel that a handwritten card delivers, but can’t fit them into your schedule, let Simply Noted take care of it for you. Our ballpoint pen handwriting machines can take your uploaded message and turn it into a special, handwritten card that we’ll mail to your recipient. And all you do is send us your message!

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Never forget sending a Birthday card again with Simply Noteds Birthday Automation tool. Set it and forget it and wait for your friends, family and colleagues to thank you!

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