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The Art Of Handwritten Notes "How To Expand Your Business with Handwritten Notes in 2021"


When was the last time you read an email and said to yourself, “That was an incredibly personal, emotional experience”? Possibly never. Have you ever gotten a text message that felt like a tangible piece of the sender was sent along? Probably not. 

 If you’re like most people, email, text messages, and even type-written letters feel cold and impersonal. They favor efficiency and speed over warmth and presence. They’re tailor-made for today’s busy world, where instant communication allows businesses to operate at the speed of light. 

 Smart companies, however, are discovering tremendous value by slowing things down. Imagine you want to wish a client a happy birthday. What’s going to touch their heart better and convey how valuable they are to you, a quick email or a handwritten birthday card? Similarly, let’s say one of your employees goes above and beyond. Will they respond more favorably to a text message or a thoughtful, handwritten thank you note

 These are rhetorical questions, of course, because the answers are self-evident. Handwritten cards have warmth and gravity that no other form of communication can match. They take time to craft, lovingly, one by one. Each card is different — a unique creation born by your own hand. You can’t rush the process, and as a result, they feel highly personal. 

 And because they’re so rare these days, receiving a handwritten card feels like a gift. You know you’re valued when someone takes the time to write you a letter by hand, particularly when there are so many faster ways to communicate. Handwritten cards pack a large emotional punch into a small package. 

 Businesses can take advantage of these qualities to build value and expand their businesses. This article will explain how.


The Power of Generosity

In his book, Giftology noted entrepreneur and corporate-gifting consultant John Ruhlin talks about what he calls “radical generosity.” In short, Ruhlin demonstrates how gifts, cards, and other personalized items that are given without expectations can effectively build valuable long term relationships. And because business is built through fruitful, amiable relationships, giving generously has a positive ROI. 

 One point that Ruhlin stresses repeatedly echoes a saying we’re all familiar with. It’s the thought that counts. Ruhlin points out that costly gifts aren’t nearly as effective as thoughtful, personal ones. Anyone can buy expensive watches and have them shipped to their clients. It takes almost no thought. And that’s the problem. They feel perfunctory and generic, as if you were just trying to tick off a box on your holiday to-do list as quickly as possible. 

 Less expensive gifts that show you put some thought into the process and that you know something personal about your recipients build business value far more effectively. That’s why handwritten cards and notes are such a good investment. They cost very little but convey a tremendous amount of personal worth.


Handwritten Thank you notes

People like to feel appreciated. It’s human nature. And nothing says “thank you” better than a handwritten thank you card.  

 When you send a thank you note, it shows that you noticed the other person’s gesture. When the note is handwritten, it tells the recipient that you appreciated their contribution enough to sit down and put pen to paper. They’re thank yous on steroids. And this can have a dramatic effect on your business relationship. 

 As Ruhlin puts it in his book, “...people take notice. They’ll begin to feel appreciated, and in turn, they’ll want to pay it forward. It’s a natural inclination for us to want givers to succeed because we can appreciate the generosity that was shown to us.” 

 Thank you cards create a positive feedback loop that breeds new opportunities for thanks and healthier relationships.

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Handwritten Holiday cards

Corporate holiday cards have become something of an expectation. Often clients won’t notice or care if you send a holiday card, but they certainly will if you don’t. 

 That’s because holiday cards aren’t personal in the way they used to be. Rarely does the CEO sit down and hand-address each of his or her valued customers. Today, generic, emotionless, mass-produced holiday cards are a dime a dozen. They’ve become little more than a holiday afterthought. 

 This is precisely why handwritten holiday cards are so effective. They’re unique, and they demonstrate that your company genuinely cares about its customers and employees. If you’re going to send holiday cards, make them impactful. Otherwise, there’s almost no reason to send them. They’ll wind up dropped in the recycling bin.

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Handwritten Birthday Cards

People are used to receiving business holiday cards. Business birthday cards are far less common, and therefore can be significantly more meaningful. Plus they have the benefit of celebrating a very special, personal day in your customers’ or employees’ lives. 

 When you get a new customer or contact person, gather their birthday as part of your onboarding process. Then you can automate a handwritten, heartfelt birthday card each year on their birthday. Automate? Yes. More on that later.

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Handwritten Direct Mail

The last three entries were about building relationships. Handwritten direct mail is great for cold outreach. Using handwritten envelopes along with a pen-written card increases open rates dramatically — up to 99%! 

Consider what happens when you bring your mail in. You leaf through the pile looking for important letters, throwing away the advertisements without opening or even looking at them. But if you came upon a hand addressed envelope, would you chuck it? Unlikely. You would assume it was some sort of personal correspondence and open it. If nothing else, your curiosity would get the better of you. 

 Handwritten direct mail gets opened and read. If you pair their 99% open rate with effective messaging, your business can blossom!

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Let Simply Noted Do the Work For You

Earlier, we said that the process of handwriting a card can’t be rushed. That’s not entirely accurate. While it’s true that you can’t speed things along if you’re writing it by hand, the fact is that you don’t need to do that anymore. Simply Noted’s automated handwriting technology uses real ballpoint pens to craft authentic-feeling handwritten notes in a fraction of the time. 

 Whether you want one card or thousands, we can create and mail them quickly and cost-effectively. We offer dozens of handwriting styles as well as the option to recreate your own. You get the emotional value of a handwritten card without the time investment. Simply Noted is an excellent way to build long-term relationships with your valued partners and build your business.



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