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13 Brands With The Best Personalized Marketing Strategies

 13 Brands With The Best Personalized Marketing Strategies

13 Brands With The Best Personalized Marketing Strategies

Name a brand that does personalized marketing really well and why? 

 To help you identify brands that do personalized marketing really well, we asked experienced marketing and social media managers this question for their best choices. From Netflix to Warby Parker to Apple, there are several brands that top the list as the best in their personalized marketing strategies. 

 Here are 13 brands with the best marketing strategies:

  • Netflix 
  •  Tiffany & Co 
  •  Simply Noted 
  •  Priceline  
  •  Cadbury 
  •  Amazon 
  •  Coca Cola 
  •  Warby Parker 
  •  Spotify 
  •  Wendy's  
  •  Nutella 
  •  Meta (Facebook) 
  •  Apple
A collage of Netflix programming.


This brand has swapped traditional market segmentation techniques for innovative approaches that anticipate consumer behavior. Instead of just basing it on demographics, Netflix analyzes what consumers watch, when they watch, and how they watch. Each user's experience is unique: video suggestions, organization of videos into rows and pages, and even the type of artwork displayed. Netflix uses A/B testing to evaluate multiple versions of the same object to determine which version performs best with consumers. 

 Ilija Sekulov, Mailbutler

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. provides high-end personalization at every touchpoint of the customer experience. For example, the customer support is described on the brand's website as 'Tiffany at your service' – with multiple ways to contact an agent – phone call, real-time chat, WhatsApp, email, or book an appointment. The brand markets its products (many of them customizable) and concierge-like support for multiple ways to connect and shop, depending on consumer preferences. The convenience of the buyer journey prioritizes the unique needs of each consumer. 

 Cesar Cruz, Sebastian Cruz Couture

Simply Noted

Simply Noted has developed a groundbreaking method for turning the hyper-personalization only possible with handwritten notes into an automated marketing powerhouse. We use the most advanced handwriting robots and AI-powered “Infinity” fonts to create convincing handwritten notes at scale. With automation, you can create complex handwritten direct mail campaigns that match the authenticity of a handwritten note with the flexibility of a digital campaign. They take the digital age and couch it comfortably in a hand-addressed envelope mailed right to your prospects’ front door. 

 Rick Elmore, Simply Noted

An ad featuring Shatner as the Priceline negotiator.


One brand that comes to mind immediately is Priceline. I say this because they have just gathered so much information about me over the 7+ years of my customer journey! They now seem to know precisely when to market, what I like most from different trips, hotels, and rental cars, and which offers I find most compelling to use and make a purchase. They've also been able to leverage FOMO within their marketing tactics to get me to grow my LTV and become a "VIP" member, which provides me with the "best" offers so I don't go anywhere else to purchase for my upcoming trip too. 

 Nick Cotter, Growann


Cadbury is one of the brands that does personalized marketing really well. Through their use of personalization, Cadbury is able to create a memorable experience out of a product category (chocolate) that seems to have been a commodity over the years. Cadbury actively engages their customers by working with agencies that are able to create personalized content. Through their “100 Moments of Joy” campaign, which is an online contest where consumers can upload one of the 100 moments of joy captured by them, they are able to engage with an array of consumers in an equally-personalized approach. 

 Neille Bonner, NEC


No other brand can quite compare to the efficiency of Amazon's personalized marketing strategies. Every corner of the online storefront features unique purchase suggestions for each visitor. For example, product suggestions based on Amazon search and order history in the 'explore more items' or 'inspired by your shopping trends' are prime examples of personalized marketing. Regardless of your opinion of the marketplace giant, the strategy is efficient. 

 Amrita Saigal, Kudos

A row of personalized coke bottles featuring different names.

Coca Cola

One of the best personalized marketing brands out there is Coca-Cola. A perfect example of this is their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. During the personalized marketing campaign, Coca-Cola printed popular names on their bottles and encouraged people to share them with friends of the same names. Sales sharply increased after a long slump because people appreciated the personal touch.  

 Sasha Ramani, MPOWER Financing

Warby Parker 

Warby Parker uses personalization marketing to send the right message to the right audience. They collect data right when someone visits their website by making the visitor go through a quiz. The quiz is designed to collect information related to gender, eye shape, preferences, location, etc. This information helps them send targeted messages and go beyond using just their first name to personalize the email content. 

 Trevor Hatfield, SendX


Spotify is a master at personalized marketing. Every single person’s Spotify home page is different and curated just for them. When I pull up my Spotify homepage, I see the “Daily Mixes” made just for me, along with the famous “Discover Weekly” playlist of songs that have been pulled per my interests. This is a playlist of songs Spotify thinks I might like, built from an algorithm that has considered my listening history and presented me with these new songs and artists to consider. Sometimes they’re a hit, sometimes they’re a miss, but the effort to personalize the listening experience every week makes Spotify stand out from the crowd in marketing. 

 Tony Staehelin, Benable

A Wendy's restaurant sign.


Few brands are better at engaging its audience and amplifying their unique voice than Wendy’s. The global fast-food chain, with their instantly recognizable red-haired logo, has always stood out. Their social media presence is the quintessential example of this, with their lighthearted approach and eccentric humor. Wendy’s unique brand voice and tone has helped differentiate themselves from the rest of the fast-food industry with personalized marketing that puts smiles on people’s faces. 

 Ray Leon, Pet Insurance Review


Nutella is one of the brands that does personalized marketing very well. Its famous personalized packaging campaign in Europe was a huge success and went wild among consumers. People could personalize labels with their names and personal messages. They had to buy a promotional Nutella jar, register online, and have their unique label delivered to their front door. Nutella used this personalized marketing strategy to connect with its consumers and increase their engagement with the brand. Without realizing it, consumers spent time on Nutella’s campaign page and contributed to an increase in website traffic. This interaction with the brand made the campaign even more popular with the public and Google.  

 Why was Nutella’s marketing initiative so successful? Because it resonated with the needs of its target audience. As it primarily targeted Millennials that prefer customized products to mainstream brand offerings, personalized labels appealed to their tastes and personalities. 

 Dorota Lysienia, MyPerfectResume

Meta (Facebook)

Meta is the master of personalized marketing in the digital age. By leveraging the vast amounts of data on each user on any of their platforms, Meta can customize marketing to fit your particular needs hence presenting an offer you are likely to convert on. Meta banks on people's data on its sites and tracking cookies that follow you to other third-party sites. Within 24 hours of searching a product online, Meta will show you an ad related to it. 

 Gisera Matanda, WeLoans

A hip, trendy Apple store.


Apple does personalized marketing very well because they create a unique customer experience for each person who interacts with the company. From the moment you walk into an Apple Store, you're treated like a special individual. Salespeople are friendly and helpful, and they take the time to learn about your needs and find the right product for you. 

 Apple also uses personal data to create targeted marketing messages that appeal to your specific interests. For example, if you've been looking at MacBooks on the Apple website, you might start seeing ads for MacBooks in your Facebook feed. This kind of targeted marketing is extremely effective because it feels like Apple is speaking directly to you as an individual. 

 Asako Ito,   Divine Lashes 

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