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10 Thankful Ways to Say “Happy Work Anniversary"

Send handwritten Happy Work Anniversary cards

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10 Thankful Ways to Say “Happy Work Anniversary!”

When your employee is celebrating another year with the company, it’s a big deal. The time when people would stay for many years in one place is long over.

Today, workers tend to move from job to job in search of more money, greater responsibility, and a better title.

So when employees choose to stay with you year after year, it’s something that should be celebrated. Here are ten ways you can let them know that their loyal service is appreciated.

Send a Meaningful Thank You Card

Celebrate your employee work anniversary!  Send them a nice card.

Nothing says thank you quite like a handwritten message. It affords you the opportunity to formulate your thoughts and put down on paper precisely what you want to say.

Anniversary cards commemorating another year of successful employment let your employees know what they mean to you and your organization.

Simply Noted offers options for busy executives that don’t have time to handwrite “happy work anniversary” cards. Simply type out and send us the text you’d like included in your card and we’ll have our automated handwriting machines generate an authentic “handwritten” card and mail it for delivery at the appointed time. 

Nothing says thank you quite like a handwritten message. It affords you the opportunity to formulate your thoughts and put down on paper precisely what you want to say.

Have a Small Celebration During Business Hours

If you’re a small company you could throw a quick party to celebrate your employee’s longevity. One classic way to celebrate is to get a cake. Just make sure it’s large enough to feed the whole office. 
You could also get out into the fresh air and have a company picnic. If budget is an issue you could ask everyone to bring a bagged lunch and set up some tables. You could supply drinks and dessert. 
Or if the company’s in good financial shape consider buying everyone lunch. It’s a fairly inexpensive way of building morale and saying thank you to your loyal employee. 

Give a Gift Card

Everyone loves a gift certificate, so they make great thank yous for a job well done. Restaurant gift certificates are very popular, as are cards for Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. What better way for a devoted employee to get their morning Joe than with a free gift card. And of course, Amazon cards are always a great choice.

And while you’re at it, put that gift certificate into a handwritten card. 

Surprise Your Employee With a Decorated Desk

This is a fun way to include the whole office in the festivities. Wait until your employee goes to lunch — or even better pick up the cost of their lunch and send them on their way. While they’re gone, go crazy with desk decorations.

Hang banners and throw streamers. Put up handmade congratulations signs. Maybe spray a healthy dose of silly string. Do whatever it takes to render their desk an explosion of thank yous. Then wait for the fun when the employee returns. 

Make sure to offer your clean up services. Don’t stick them with the job. 

Send a Congratulatory Message

Maybe a heartfelt, sentimental card isn’t your style. That’s okay. Everyone expresses themselves differently. A personalized, handwritten card full of hearty congratulations is a perfectly acceptable expression of gratitude. It lets your employee know that you recognize their achievement and you commend them for a job well done.

Mention the Anniversary on the Company Website

This is the digital equivalent of the old “employee of the month” plaque that used to be ubiquitous in offices around the world. If your website has a section for news, add a headline announcing the employee’s special day with a short blurb about their time at the company. Then wrap it up with a heartfelt thank you. Your employee will feel special, and all of your customers and prospects will know that you’re the kind of company that cares about its customers.

Buy Breakfast

Imagine what a nice start to the day a free breakfast would be to an employee celebrating a work anniversary. To keep things easy you could have your office manager or some other employee offer a few different choices. Then they could pick up the employee’s selection on the way into work the next morning.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not make it the most thankful meal of the day as well? 

Have Coworkers Write Individual Messages

You could have your other employees write funny work anniversary quotes or a favorite work memory on slips of paper and then place them all inside a handwritten card from the owner. This can be a touching memento that everyone at the company will enjoy — those taking the time to send a message, and the employee that gets to read through them.

At Simply Noted, we allow additional materials to be included inside of our automated handwritten cards. It costs a bit more to send multiple inserts, but the gesture is worth it. 

Let Your Employee Leave a Few Hours Early

They’ve put in a year’s worth of loyal service. Surely they deserve a little time to themselves. Consider letting employees leave a few hours early on their anniversary days. Or, if they aren’t morning people, let them come in a few hours late.

Giving a bit of paid time off doesn’t cost the company very much and it’s a gesture that the employee will very much appreciate. Who doesn’t like to punch out early while everyone else is still on the clock? They’ll get to beat traffic and spend a few more hours with their family. That’s a happy work anniversary in anyone’s book. 

Have Each Coworker Send Their Own Card

What’s better than one happy work anniversary card? 10, 20, or 30 anniversary cards! If you have the budget, what could be better than a handwritten congratulations card from every one of your employee’s coworkers?

Simply Noted can help make that a reality without the trouble of buying 30 different cards and getting all of your employees to fill them out. Simply have them type up their messages and email them to you. Then you can upload them to us and we’ll take care of the rest. Your deserving staff member will get a flurry of handwritten congratulations and thank yous in their mailbox. 

Give Simply Noted a call to find out more about how our real ballpoint pen handwriting machines can revolutionize your corporate card-sending practices. Contact us today! 

Never forget sending a Birthday card again with Simply Noteds Birthday Automation tool. Set it and forget it and wait for your friends, family and colleagues to thank you!

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