How to Write a Customer Appreciation Letter

Your customer’s package has finally arrived. She tears open the cardboard flaps, eager to pull out her new purchase. To her surprise, there's an envelope sitting on top of the packing material. 

You slide a note out of the envelope and read it. With delight, she realizes it’s a thank you note! Immediately, she’s filled with warmth and reassurance that her purchase was well worth it. 

This is what every business owner hopes for when they send a customer appreciation letter. Even a small note of thanks can go a long way. But what should you write in one and how can it help your business? At Simply Noted, the handwriting service for scalable written notes, we know the answer.


What is a Customer Appreciation Letter? 

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Simply put, appreciation letters to customers are notes expressing your gratitude. It doesn't have to be a longform, hand-written piece. It can be as simple as a small, handwritten thank you note of thanks. 

The main goal of writing appreciation letters to clients is to maintain a long-term relationship with them. It may not seem like a big gesture, but sending a thank-you note to a customer can alter their shopping experience in a really positive way. And if they have a positive experience with your shop or services, they are more likely to return. 

Sometimes these letters can include a discount code or the chance to receive a free item. Usually, this is conditional. If they visit your shop again, they can use the code or receive the item.

But remember, sometimes it's helpful to say thank you a way to say thank youwithout conditions. You don't have to hint that you'd like something from them in return. A no-strings-attached note is a great way to connect with your customers. And you may become one of their favorite places to shop!

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Sample Letter

It's really up to you to determine how to write a thank you letter to a customer, since it depends on your brand voice. These notes can be can be short or long, funny or friendly - but keep in mind that handwritten notes create a more personal feel than typed notes. You can send them in an email or include them in the package that you mail. 

To see an example, read through this short sample letter of appreciation to customers from a beauty shop.

Hi Sarah, 

Thank you so much for your recent order. We're so glad you came back to shop at Happy and Homey! We loved putting together your package with our Feel Fresh bath bombs and our Fresh Daisy skin cream. We hope these items will help you unwind after a long day and feel refreshed.

We also wanted to let you know that we have a sale going on for our holiday bath bombs, which are now 50% off. As a way to say thank you, we also want to give you a 10% discount code for your next visit to our shop. 

The code is DISCOUNT10. 

Thanks again for your purchase. Until we meet again, stay happy and homey!


Caroline & Team

As you can see, a customer acknowledgment letter doesn't have to be long. This is a short, fairly straightforward example that could be appropriate for a first-time customer. However, if you have a customer who has returned to your shop, you could write them a longer note. Make sure to express your thanks for their repeat business. 

Make sure to make your letter as personalized as possible. This is especially important if you know the customer or if they have been shopping at your business for a while now.  



When to Use an Appreciation Letter 

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Anytime you want! A lot of shops send thank-you emails or notifications right after a customer makes a purchase. Sometimes, these are one-size-fits-all. That's fine, though they usually come across like stock footage on a website: impersonal and unoriginal. 

Sending a letter with a package takes appreciation to the next level. It shows your customer that you're willing to invest a little extra time in them. It also communicates that you care about them and their business. 

Writing the same or a similar message to all your customers is okay, but try to make them a bit more personal. Mention the customer's name or include the product they bought. Even if your note isn't long, these additional touches will make it feel hand-crafted for your client (which it is!)

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How Appreciation Letters Help Your Business 

The main way that appreciation letters help your business is by opening up lines of communication with your customers. It tells them that they are more than just a number or a buyer. They're a person that you'd like to see back to your store, whether it’s a physical location or online marketplace. 

It also makes you feel more like a person and less like just another faceless business. Once you reach out to them, they will also feel more comfortable reaching out to you. You may be surprised at the responses you get to your letters or even the business that comes in because of them. 

And that brings me to the second benefit. Appreciation letters encourage more business. Why? Because your customers know you care about them. They are more likely to feel positively toward your shop because they know you went to the effort of saying thank-you in a unique way.  

Additionally, writing thank-you letters makes you pause. It helps you appreciate every customer who provides you with business. Gratitude is a great practice, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing positive feelings.

Actually taking the time to write out a thank-you letter gives you the chance to reflect on your business thank you cards. It helps you remember all the good things it has brought to your life. 


How to Write Your Letter 

To write the perfect letter, make sure you start off by addressing your customer by name. Make sure that you're really paying attention to the details. If they customized an item in your shop, let them know that you enjoyed making it. If they purchased an item you really love, tell them! 

Be sure to hand-write as many notes as you can. This gives a really personal feel to the piece. If your shop or business gets a lot of traffic, you may not have time to write individual letters. This is completely okay! You can either or use a letter-writing service that can help you customize your thank-yous. Simply Noted is a great resource for sending unique thank-you cards that your customers will love. Simply Noted can help you scale by using innovative technology to handwrite notes. We’ll even include the name of each recipient.

Another tip for crafting your letter is to make sure it's clear and well-written. Type out what you're going to say before you write it down on paper. Run it through a spell-checking app and correct any mistakes in grammar and spelling. 

This letter is a representation of you and your business, so you want to make sure it conveys politeness and professionalism. Don't be too eager when you invite them back to your shop (if you choose to do so). Always be kind and reiterate how you hope they enjoy their purchase.



When to Send Customer Appreciation Letters 

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You can send your appreciation letters at a few different times. It's really up to you and depends on what's the most manageable for your business. 

During shipping

The second time to send a thank-you letter is when you ship their item. If your store is online, this makes a lot of sense and gives you a bit more time to perfect your letter. This is also helpful if you are hand-writing your letter or using a service that will mail the letter for you. It's also a great surprise for the customer when he or she opens up their package. It makes it feel less like mail and more like a gift. 

When a Sales or Subscription Cycle Ends

If you have devoted customers who subscribe to a service or have made frequent purchases, you can send them a thank you card by itself or along with a goodie bag. This encourages loyalty to your brand and lets your customers know you want to give back.


Now Back to Writing

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A customer appreciation letter is a helpful tool for any business that wants to establish connections with their clients. They can extend a warm sentiment of gratitude. And they can encourage repeat business. Whether sent through mail or online, even the smallest letters can make a big difference. 

Consider incorporating thank-you letters into your marketing and communications plans. Letting your customers know that you value their business can encourage them to return to your shop. Take the time to hand-write long-form letters to repeat clients or develop a well-written template letter that you send to all of your clients. 

For more on letter-writing or to order some custom cards, visit our pricing page or get in touch. We can't wait to help you get started!