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automatic handwriting machine writing up a letter on white paper

Here's what we focus on.

an exmaple of simply noted hand written note witten in blue inc

Realistic Pen Pressure

Our technology is designed to constantly vary so that the human element can be fully characterized.

Sizing Matters

Handwriting is made up of three types of font zones - or cases - middle, upper and lower. We make sure that each font fully encompasses these characteristics to give you the broadest range of flexibility to produce exactly what your unique style is.

a ruler next to blue inc writing demonstrating how straight the writing is
a magnifying glass looking at blue writing on a white paper

Personalized Slant, Spacing & Strokes

We go as far as to design the type of slant, spacing and stroke variability that goes into a unique personalized font. We can control everything from the slant of the lettering, tight spacing, loose spacing and much more depending on what your unique style is.

Unique Writing Characteristics

We even understand that there must be connected letters that each of us likely do from time to time to show an even more human element!

blue hand written writing