Handwritten Direct Mail Samples You Can Use Today

Handwritten Direct Mail Samples You Can Use Today

Direct Mail Handwritten Letter Templates You Can Use Today


The reports of direct mail’s death are greatly exaggerated. Well-designed mailers still get noticed, and the return on investment can be substantial. But one category of direct mail outperforms all others by a wide margin. Handwritten mail — postcards or letters rendered with real ballpoint pens — averages a 99% open rate. Not only does this eclipse other direct mail samples, it surpasses almost every other type of marketing available. You simply can't get the same effect elsewhere. Get more leads faster.

This article will discuss why handwritten notes are so effective and provide some direct mail samples that you can use to kickstart your handwritten marketing efforts. Make sure you read to the end to learn how Simply Noted can automate the process for you. And mailing letters is extremely easy.

Speak As If You’re Writing to Each Customer Individually

People are used to getting junk mail that’s written to appeal to a mass audience, and when they see this, they shut down. To get a sense for why, imagine these two scenarios. 

 First, you send out thank you notes after your wedding, printing them on your laser printer using the same text for every person. The message is generic — it doesn’t mention your recipients’ gift, what it meant to you, or even their names. In essence, you photocopied the same card for every person. Do you think your recipients will be touched by your sentiment? It’s the equivalent of mass-market direct mail. 

 Contrast that against proper thank you cards individualized for each recipient. You address each person by name and include references specific to them. These cards make it clear to the reader that you took the time to consider what their gift meant to you with the same care they used to select it. This second scenario will impact your recipient in the same way that individualized, handwritten direct mail pieces do. 

 Customization is the key. With Simply Noted, you can specify customizable fields that are automatically filled with individualized information. You could have each letter address the recipient by name and include other personalized details that create the illusion that you’re writing specifically for them. Over a year or so, you'll see dramatic growth.

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Speak As If You’re Writing to Each Customer Individually

Try These Direct Mail Samples

Handwritten mail is less expensive to produce than standard direct mail because it doesn’t require images, page layout, and expensive designers. And its 99% open rate means that nearly every card you send will wind up in front of your prospects instead of in the garbage. 

 Below you’ll find a few direct mail samples demonstrating how a personalized, handwritten postcard or letter can open a world of opportunities.

Handwritten Icebreaker

Handwritten mail is a great way to start a conversation with potential customers. People are accustomed to getting letters from friends that request a response, so the entire experience feels organic. Real estate investors often make use of this tactic to create a warm introduction to potential home sellers. You might try something like this (text in red personalizes for each recipient.)

Dear Leslie

 Hi! It’s nice to get a chance to connect with you. My name is Dan Howard, a customer relations representative for Bigalow Mechanical. We do a lot of work around the Huntsdowne area, so I thought I would send you a short letter introducing myself. 

 As we head into winter, it’s a good idea to have your furnace checked to make certain it’s in proper working order, ready to keep your family cozy and warm. As a courtesy to you, I’d be happy to send a technician out to perform a signature seven-point diagnostic free of charge. It’s our way of welcoming you into the Bigalow family. 

If you’re interested or need any other work completed, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. My number is 555-555-5555. You can also visit bigalowmechanical.com to learn more about our award-winning service.  

Thanks, and I hope to talk to you soon! 


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Follow Up Letter

Handwritten direct mail is perfect for the opposite end of the conversation as well. When a prospect reaches out to you or visits your website and leaves contact information, a handwritten follow-up letter is an inviting way to keep them interested. Here’s one possible approach.

Dear Steven

This is Candice from Davis Lighting. Nice to meet you! I saw that you left us your contact information through our website, and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce us formally. 

 We’re the region’s leading lighting design specialists. We design interior and exterior lighting schemes for residential and commercial customers in Greenville and surrounding areas. Our technicians can tackle any project on any budget. 

 I’ll be giving you a call in a day or two to follow up, but please feel free to reach out in the meantime. I’m excited to discuss what we can do for you. Talk to you soon! 

 Your future favorite lighting person, 


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Writing a follow up letter

Real Estate Prospecting

While the first two direct mail samples are useful for any business, this example is specific to real estate professionals. Real estate is relationship-driven, so it's an excellent fit for handwritten letters. The medium gives you the chance to connect one on one with potential clients. Make sure you're using high-quality leads! You might send something like this.

Dear Denise

 Hi there! I won’t take up too much of your time. My name is Linda, an agent with ReMin Real Estate. I don’t know if you’re aware, but the Glassburg market is really heating up lately. If you’ve been considering listing your house, now is an excellent time. It’s a seller’s market, and bidding wars are commonplace. 

 Give me a call if you’d like a free consultation. My card is attached. I’ve been an agent for over 15 years and know how to get the most for my clients. I can help you find the home of your dreams too! 

 Today could be the first step in your next adventure! 


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Fundraising is another vertical that’s tailormade for handwritten direct mail. People donate to causes that touch them emotionally, and there’s no better way to deliver an emotional appeal than handwriting. A handwritten card has an immediacy that typewritten or printed mailers can't match. If you're a non-profit looking to raise money, you might consider sending something similar to the direct mail sample below.

Dear Bill

 In the time it takes you to read this postcard, five children will go hungry. But they don’t have to. I represent Feed the World’s Children, and we provide nourishing meals for just a dollar per child. That means your donation of $5 can feel five children. The more you give, the more lives you’ll touch.  

 Please consider donating. $5 is a cup of coffee. Skip it one day and feed five children in need. Just go to feedtheworldschildren.com. 

 I hope you can join us in our mission. Do good and feel good! 

 Peace and love, 

 Dennis Johnson

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Handwritten letter for fundraising


We use sophisticated handwriting machines outfitted with real pens, real ink, and our own stationery cards to mass-produce handwritten direct mail that looks and feels authentic. Whether you need 10,000, 100,000, or a million mailers sent, we can handle it. We grant your communications a handwriting style without peer. 

 Businesses worldwide are using Simply Noted to reach their customers and prospects, and we think you should, too. Give us a call to find out more about what handwritten direct mail can do for you.