How Nonprofits Can Boost Donations and Delight Volunteers

How Nonprofits Can Leverage Handwritten Notes to Boost Donations and Delight Volunteers


Nonprofits live and die by the donations they receive. Not only do these organizations depend on volunteered time and money to carry out their missions, they need both just to keep the doors open. Any edge they can get to help keep their patrons and volunteers happy is a welcome addition to their fundraising efforts. 

 Thank you notes have always been a critical component. Those that support a nonprofit’s mission appreciate the feedback. They want to know that their donation, whether of time or money, was valued. They want to see the difference they’re making and understand how it fits into the organization’s grand strategy. 

 Volunteers and patrons don’t help out for the thanks, but it’s nice to receive them. And if you withhold thanks for too long, some people can begin to feel taken advantage of. Thank you notes provide a way for nonprofits to keep their supporters focused on what matters. 

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 That said, as useful as thank you notes are, handwritten notes for nonprofits elevate the practice to an art form. There’s simply nothing more personal than a handwritten letter. If you take the same content and format it as both a typewritten and handwritten letter, the handwritten note will win every time. They get opened, and they get read. 

 Handwritten notes feel more personal because they are. The sender puts a little of themself on the paper when they pull the pen around. It’s a tool that reaches out across distances to give the recipient a warm, inked hug, from your hand to their heart. When you’re trying to convey how important your volunteers are to you, the handwritten letter has no peer.


Who Should RECEIVE a Handwritten Thank You?

Those that support your organization with their time and financial contributions certainly deserve thanks, but there are several other worthy recipients as well. It’s important to recognize everyone that helps your mission, even those that don’t offer their services for free.


Vendors and Sponsors

Nonprofits can’t do everything themselves. Just like for-profit businesses, they frequently enlist the aid of other companies to meet their objectives. These outside vendors and partners may choose to discount their services to help nonprofits stretch their limited funds. But even if they don’t, they ought to be recognized for the contribution they make, and a handwritten note is the best way to do that.


Journalists and Bloggers

For nonprofits trying to bring their message to the masses, the press is a valuable ally. Journalists and bloggers can offer free exposure. Sending a warm thank-you message helps to nurture these critical relationships.   

 Be sure to offer expert help with future articles. If you can make your organization a resource they can turn to, they’ll happily reward you with positive press, increasing your influence.


Those That RSVP to Your Events

People that agree to attend your fundraising events could also use a thank-you. Their agreement demonstrates a commitment to your cause and represents an implicit promise for further help. You can foster that nascent support by thanking each person effusively. They’ll feel good about their decision. As an added bonus, the thank you note can double as a reminder.   

 With all the talk about gratitude, it’s important to mention that handwritten notes aren’t just for thank-yous. There are numerous ways nonprofits can harness their power.


Other Ways Handwritten Notes for Nonprofits Can Help

There is power in handwritten notes. They make a direct connection between nonprofits and those that support them. You can leverage this at every point along the relationship.



The next time you send out fundraising requests or you’re prospecting for volunteers, try including a handwritten note. This can be an introduction to your organization, a personalized request for support, or a letter from the founder.   

 Successful fundraising requires you to get prospects emotionally-involved with your cause. Handwritten notes for nonprofits are a powerful way to create that connection.



Imagine how galvanizing it would be to send all of your volunteers and patrons an enthusiastic, handwritten letter each time you hit an important milestone. Maybe you’ve reached a specific fundraising goal. Or perhaps an important initiative you’ve sponsored is making headway. 

Sending out handwritten notes during these celebrations will help to invigorate the very people responsible for your success.


Nurturing Relationships

Handwritten cards can help nurture important volunteer relationships. Make a point to collect your patron’s birthdays and then send them an earnest, handwritten birthday card on their special day.   

 The same goes for anniversaries, graduations, and other momentous occasions. Sending out handwritten cards shows your critical volunteer that you’re involved in their lives beyond the commitment they’ve made. It can go a long way to cementing the relationship.


Handwritten Cards Don’t Need to Be Handwritten

Let’s be honest. Handwriting thank you cards, prospecting letters, and mission updates is probably out of most nonprofits’ reach. Your volunteers are already doing critical work. It’s unrealistic to think you could spare the manpower to handwrite hundreds or thousands of cards.   

 With Simply Noted, you don’t need to. You can have authentic-feeling handwritten cards created quickly and mailed directly to your volunteers and prospects. We’ve developed state-of-the-art handwriting machines that use real ballpoint pens to generate notes that feel like they were penned by hand. We can even recreate your staff members’ handwriting for a truly personalized effect.   

 With Simply Noted, you get the advantages of handwritten notes for nonprofits without the burden associated with creating them. We can generate single cards and batches by the thousands. Our machines will even handwrite the envelopes for a truly personal touch.   

 If you want to connect with your prospects in unprecedented ways, you need to try handwritten cards from Simply Noted. They have an astounding 99% open rate. There’s simply no better way to share your message and prospect for support. Give us a call to find out more about how our service can help yours shine.