30 Best Engagement Card Ideas and Message Templates

Best Engagement Card Ideas and Message Templates

Birthdays come around once a year, and we honor them with a birthday card. The same goes for the holidays. Once a year, one card a year. Engagements are far rarer. Most people get engaged once, maybe twice in their lives. So how much more should we commemorate these special moments? 

 If someone you know has gotten engaged, consider letting them know you're excited with them with a heartfelt, handwritten card filled with warm engagement wishes.  The best engagement card ideas are thoughtful, personalized messages that come from the heart. So many people send the same generic message when they hear about an engagement or they're invited to an engagement party: "We wish you both love and happiness in your future together." That's lovely, but there are so many ways to say it better. 

 Your card doesn't have to carry the load on its own. There are a number of creative ways to let your friends and family know how happy you are for them. This article will help you with what to say and provide you with a few unique ways to touch their hearts.

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A card featuring two cats holding hands, that reads "You're getting neow-ied."

How To Come Up With Your Own Engagement Card Message

Your engagement card messages don't need to be complicated or long. And you don't really have to worry about what to write in an engagement card. What's important is that they come from the heart. A simply card message could be: 

 "I'm so excited for you two! When Jake told me he had asked you to marry him, I was over the moon. Just like I know you'll be happy together every day of your life." 

 How sweet is that? What other words would capture your happiness in such a short phrase? 

 One of the best ways to create a personalized message for an engagement card is to write something about the couple. How did they meet? What do you like about them together? What makes this person such a great partner for your friend or family member? 

  Ask yourself these questions allows you to say something that wouldn't apply to any other couple. This personalization makes it clear that you're wishing your recipients genuine happiness and not recycling old wishes. These are all things that people appreciate hearing, especially when it comes from someone outside the relationship. Writing engagement wishes personalized to your recipient is the best choice.

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Scrabble letters in a couples hands that spell "Always and Forever".

30 Heartwarming Engagement Message Ideas

Need a little more inspiration? Here are 30 compelling messages you can use in your cards. Feel free to use them as is or change them to suit your purposes.   And don't be afraid to be funny. Funny engagement wishes are always welcome. Funny engagement messages can instantly put your reader at ease. 

 1. "We're so excited for you! We know you'll be happy together every day of your life." 

 2. "We're over the moon that you've decided to spend the rest of your life with each other!" 

3. "I'm so excited to be able to call you my sister/brother-in-law soon! Let me know if I can help with the wedding planning!" 

 4. "Just like I know you'll be happy together every day of your life, I know that Jake is the perfect person for you." 

 5. "I'm glad I was able to be a part of this momentous occasion and wish you both all the happiness in the world." 

 6. "Your relationship is an inspiration to all who know you, and we can't wait for you to be married. Wishing you a long and happy life together!"  

 7. "You guys are getting married! That's amazing! I knew the moment I first say you two together that you were destined for marriage. I'm so glad I was right! I wish you all the happiness you can gather for yourselves." 

8. "I know you'll be as happy as can be every day of your life now. I can't wait to hear your wedding plans!" 

 9. "When Jake told me he had asked you to marry him, I was so excited. Just like I know you two will be happy together every day." 

 10. "You both deserve happiness and we're thrilled that you're going to spend your lives together!" 

 11. "Congratulations on your engagement! We hope you'll be as happy as can be for a long, long time." 

 12. "Your happiness is all I've ever wanted for you. It's an honor to be a part of this moment." 

 13. "We're wishing you as much happiness as you can possibly find. You two are going to have the most beautiful life together!"  

 14. "I'm so happy that Jake could find such a wonderful girl like you! I'm so glad we'll get to call you family soon." 

 15. "We couldn't be happier for you and we hope your marriage is filled with joy!" 

 16. "I'm so excited for you guys! I can't think of a couple more suited to spending the rest of their lives together. You both give me hope that all of us have a soulmate out there, waiting for us to find them. Happy engagement!" 

 17. "Hey, it's the newly engaged couple! I know that you will both be as happy as can be, every day of your life." 

 18. "Jake couldn't have found a better woman than you and we're so thrilled to welcome you into the family!" 

19. "You two were meant for each other, and it's beautiful to watch your family beginning. I wish you all the happiness in the world. You both deserve all that and more." 

 20. "I don't know anyone who deserves happiness more than you. Congratulations!

 21. "How wonderful is it that two people like you can find each other? We're thrilled to welcome Jake into the family!" 

 22. "So many times, I've seen you both light up when you're together, and I couldn't be happier for you." 

23. "Your happiness is the best gift I could ever hope for, and we're thrilled you found each other!"

 24. "I'm so happy right now! Not only because we get to welcome Jake into our family, but because you two are going to be so deliriously happy together." 

25. "I'm so happy for you, Linda. Now you don't have to become the crazy cat lady that lives alone! You guys are going to have a zillion happy days ahead of you!"

 26. "I'm so excited for you! Just like I know Jake is the perfect man for you, I know you're going to be as happy as can be with him." 

 27. "There's no one else in the world that deserves happiness more than the two of you. I'm so glad that you're going to spend your lives together!" 

 28. "We couldn't be happier about the two of you getting married! Congratulations, Jake!" 

 29. "I wish all the happiness in the world for both of you - Jake is a lucky man, and so are you." 

 30. "You were meant to be together, I can tell. We're so happy you found one another."

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A couple kissing while sitting on a rock.

Include Quotes to Give Your Message Authority

Sometimes you can find words that communicate exactly how you feel about their news better than your own words could. Here are some of my favorite quotes for engagement cards: 

 "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." -Friedrich Nietzsche 

 "You two are so unbelievably happy together it makes everyone around you want to be as happy as you." -Unknown 

"I love her, and that's the beginning and end of everything." –F. Scott Fitzgerald  

 "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." -Mignon McLaughlin 

 "The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly." -Peter De Vries 

 "A good marriage is one where each partner appoints the other to be the guardian of his solitude." -Rainer Maria Rilke 

 "Love is a friendship set to music." -Joseph Campbell 

 "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." -Audrey Hepburn 

 "Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband." -Unknown 

 "A happy marriage is a long conversation." -Voltaire 

 Please note: You don't have to use famous quotes for engagement cards, especially if you're worried about them not being attributed correctly. Sometimes you can snag a really beautiful sentiment from an author on Pinterest "pinned" by someone else.

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A card that reads "Good luck on your new adventure".

Creative Ideas You Can Send Along With Your Engagement Card

A standard greeting card never goes out of style, but you can also get creative.

Paper Bag Cards

An alternative to traditional, store bought cards are paper bag engagement cards. This idea has recently become popular for engagements and can be used as a card or as a keepsake box. 

 Paper bag cards are made from...you guessed it, a paper bag. You can stamp the outside and attach other decorations. Then you cut a slit to insert your message on a separate piece of folded paper, which is removed to read. Inside you can place all sorts of other bits of memorabilia. They're lovely and unique.

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Choose a Fancy Envelope

The next idea is to use decorative envelopes for your cards instead of traditional white ones. There's no reason why your envelope can't be just as lovely as the card contained inside. Choose a design that compliments your card and heightens the emotional appeal of your message. These can be found online at sites like Etsy.

An origami flower.

Origami Designs

Imagine sending a note folded to look like a dove, flower, heart, or wedding dress. You can find instructions online for making these and many other origami creations. To create a memorable engagement note, choose a fine piece of stationery, write your message as nicely as possible, and then fold the paper into your chosen design. Your recipients' faces will light up when they see your creation. 

 One note. Remember that whatever shape you choose, it needs to fit inside of an envelope.

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Send a Mug or a Shirt

It's unlikely that your friends will buy themselves a gift to commemorate their engagement so you can do it for them! You could wish your friends a happy engagement by creating a lovely t-shirt, mug, or another collectible gift. Using a service like CafePress makes creating these objects easy.

Create In 3D!

There's no need to hem yourself into a normal two-dimensional card. You could create a 3D card with a moving element, like a spinning wheel or a flipbook. Maybe your card unfolds to reveal a photo of the happy couple. The possibilities are endless!

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Include a Recipe

Include your favorite recipe that the happy couple can make together. You might say something like, "You two have already figured out the recipe for a long and happy marriage. Here's another one to keep your bellies full as you while the years away together." 

 You could also attach a little jar of jam or some other small snack to whet their appetite.

Create an Album or a Scrapbook

Brag about how wonderful your friends are and use the opportunity to share advice, practical jokes, and funny anecdotes. Include their engagement story along with snippets of advice for marriage. You may also want to include some favorite photos over the years. Maybe you could also make them a scrapbook!

Create Something New

You could paint a watercolor or draw an illustration. You can download pictures online, print them out in poster size, and paste them to large blocks of wood. You might want to try screen printing on fabric or creating decals for window panes. 

 These are more complicated ideas than some of the previous items, but if you have the skills, use them! A personalized gift made with love will become a centerpiece in the couple's new life together. 

 These are just a few ideas for cards. You can scan sites like Pinterest for other ideas. Whatever talents you have, use them to create something amazing. But if you want to make your engagement cards fast, easy, and beautiful, consider Simply Noted.

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A card that reads "You're engaged!" next to a bottle of champagne.

Simply Noted Makes Engagement Cards Easy

Besides a personalized, heartfelt message, there's one other critical element for an engagement card. It should be handwritten. An email is cold and impersonal, and a text message feels like a cheap afterthought. 

 Don't skimp on such a rare and important occasion. Send a handwritten card brimming with happy sentiments. Just don't handwrite it yourself. 

 Sorry, what? Don't handwrite a handwritten card? Yes, we mean what we said. You can use Simply Noted's advanced handwriting machines to create handwritten cards automatically! We've developed cutting-edge, ballpoint-pen-wielding robots that use our proprietary "Infinity" fonts to replicate all of the subtle variations and details that distinguish real handwriting from standard handwriting fonts. The results are truly stunning.  

 You can send a handwritten card, along with a gift card if you desire, by simply typing your message and your recipient's address into our easy-to-use online interface. In minutes you'll have a warm engagement message in the mail and on its way to your loved ones. It doesn't get any easier than that! Send your friends and family a truly personalized engagement wish with Simply Noted.

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