10 Small Business Thank You Messages For Customers

10 Small Business Thank You Messages For Customers

Small Business Thank You Message Ideas


When was the last time you thanked a valued customer? We don’t mean offhandedly tossing out a “thanks!” toward their back as they walk out the door. We mean an intentional, thoughtful thank you message sent for the express purpose of showing your loyal customers how much they mean to you.  

 If it’s been a while, you may want to pick up the slack. Consider that recent data from the U.S. Small Business Administration reveals that 68% of customers polled responded that they left a business because they didn’t feel appreciated. That’s compared to only 14% that quote product or service dissatisfaction as the deal-breaking factor. Appreciative customer service can be the difference between unmanageable churn and a solid, growing customer base.  Customer retention is extremely important, so you need to build customer loyalty. New and returning customers are equally important for healthy growth.

  How can you write better business messages and say thank you meaningfully? Read on.

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Customer thank-yous don't need to be longwinded. A few choice sentences are all it takes to cement long-term customer relationships. To help turn each person into a loyal customer, try these on for size.

For a Recent Purchase

Dear Mr. Johnson, 

 Thank you for your recent purchase! 

We're tickled that you chose our product out of our pool of competitors. We work hard to offer the finest products available, and it's always enlivening when a new customer visits our online store and recognizes the value we provide. We're so happy you made your first purchase!

It's a unique pleasure to have the chance to service your account and we look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship. If there's anything else we can do, let us know. Thanks for supporting my small business.

 With gratitude, 

 [Your name]

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A brewery owner smiling at customers.

For a Longtime Customer

Dear Linda, 

We like to periodically thank our longtime customers for all the value they bring to our business, and this year we noticed that you're coming up on your ten-year anniversary! How thrilling to know that we've kept you as a satisfied customer for that long. It's business loyalty — consistent customers like you that allow us to keep doing what we do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such valued customers. Looking forward to ten more years!

 With humble gratitude, 

 [Your name]

For a Gracious Referral

Dear Charles, 

 Thanks so much for the recent referral! It means a lot that you trust us enough to pass our name on to your contacts. Rest assured we’re endeavoring to provide them the same stellar service that provoked your referral in the first place.  

 It’s moments like this when everything we’re doing feels worth it, and that we’re making a positive impact. Thanks again for helping us get the word out! 

 Your friends at [company name], 

 [Your name]

For a Particularly Large Purchase

Dear Ms. Conners, 

 Your purchase order arrived yesterday, and imagine our surprise when we looked at the details; it’s a significantly larger order than you usually make. We wanted to extend our deepest appreciation, not only for your continued business but also for this vote of confidence in our abilities. We're actively building business loyalty, so we promise we won't let you down. 

 Thanks again! 

 [Your name]

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A coffeeshop owner talking to her customer.

For a Glowing Review

Dear Bill, 

It's customers like you that make it all worth it. We saw the glowing review you left us on our Google Business listing, and it really touched our hearts. Thanks not only for taking the time to jot down your thoughts but also for being so generous with your praise. It feels great when a customer reports a generally positive experience. We work fastidiously to try and live up to the benchmark you feel we've set. We love customer appreciation, so thanks for helping us out! 

 Keeping up the hard work, 

 [Your name]

For a Forgiving Customer

Dear Mrs. Michaelson, 

To ere is human, sure, but we made a big mistake. I know our sales rep has already patched things up with you, but I wanted to send a quick message as well, expressing our solemn thanks for giving us a second chance. Customer loyalty is important to us, and we've always appreciated your business, so it's pleasing that we'll get the chance to continue working with you. Thanks for being so understanding! 

 Earning your trust back every day, 

 [Your name]

For a Patient Customer

Dear Sam, 

I understand we finally got you squared away! Thanks for being so patient with our recent supply chain problems. It's been such a tumultuous year. We've built a system with multiple redundancies, but sometimes even that's not enough to keep the pipeline open. I'm glad our delays didn't cause you any major problems. We're working to permanently patch the holes we discovered so that we can prevent similar issues in the future. 

 Thanks for sticking with us! 

 [Your name]

For a Helpful Customer

Dear Ms. Murphy, 

 This letter sends our deepest gratitude for the assistance you gave us with the Davidson pitch. The depth of information you provided, and your willingness to share sensitive business details allowed us to craft a powerful case study. It’s certain that your help was critical in landing the business, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

 With fondest appreciation! 

 [Your name]

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A flower shop owner smiling happily at her flowers.

For Being Understanding

Dear Mr. Lamont, 

 I wanted to send you a message as quickly as possible to thank you for being so understanding about our recent accounts shake-up. We had a number of new account supervisors that didn’t yet understand our systems. As a result, accounts like yours slipped through the cracks. We’ve already rectified the situation and credited your account for the missed shipment. We wouldn’t have blamed you for getting extremely upset, but you didn’t, and we thank you. 

 Moving forward! 

 [Your name]

For Coming Back After and Absence

Dear Shirley, 

 It was so great to hear from you again! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to give us another try. I know you were interested in seeing what our competitors might be able to do for you, so it’s lovely to see you back. I assume that means you found that they weren’t the replacements you thought they might be. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed by your decision. 

 Thanks for coming back! 

 [Your name]

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