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Words of Encouragement Cards and Messages That They Will Remember

Words of Encouragement Cards and Messages That They Will Remember


Sometimes, we all need a helping hand — words of encouragement help buoy our spirits and build up our resolve to tackle life’s challenges. Our tanks run empty, and a few choice words from someone that cares is often all it takes to find reserves you weren’t aware of. 

 When you’re aware that someone close to you is running up against their limits, you should consider mailing them a shot of confidence in the form of a handwritten words of encouragement card. 

 With Simply Noted, sending the card is easy. Our advanced handwriting machines do all the work. On the other hand, knowing what to say is a different matter. Finding the right words to give someone’s spirits a lift can be challenging. Thankfully, we can help here, too. Below you’ll find encouraging words you can use as a starting point for your own handwritten restorative.

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The short answer is, “yes.” Words are capable of changing our lives. A few choice words at the right time can dramatically change the stories we tell ourselves, and those stories determine who we are, who we become, and how we react to others around us. Encouraging words can help us break entrenched negative thought patterns, providing critical validation during emotionally-fraught periods in our lives. 

 Of course, nothing’s guaranteed. It’s likely we’ve all had an experience where someone’s kind, uplifting words weren’t quite enough to lift us out of a bad experience. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful. Words of encouragement are cumulative. Hear something you need to, but only hear it once, and it may not penetrate. Hear it from multiple sources, and it finally sinks in. 

 That’s why it’s important to make your encouraging words heard. Yours may be only that arrive, or they could be the critical straw that helps bring about a breakthrough.

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A funny handwritten encouragement card. "I'm here for you always. Just try and get rid of me."


Think of a time you were feeling glum or doubting yourself. Would you have preferred to receive a quick text message from a friend trying to cheer you up or a personalized, handwritten note from that same person? If you’re like most people, you’d choose the handwritten card.   Be it a funny message or something to buoy their spirit, it's a welcome gesture.

 There’s something emotionally gratifying about tearing open a hand-addressed envelope and pulling out the hand-penned message inside — each loop and letter laid down by hand with you in mind. Pairing the distance-bridging magic of handwriting with positive words of encouragement can touch your recipient’s heart in a way that text messages and email fall far short of. 

 Best of all, you can capture this magic without the time investment customarily required. With Simply Noted, you can have one or one thousand words of encouragement cards pen-written by our state-of-the-art handwriting machines and dropped right in the mail. Our advanced AI-powered smart fonts reproduce the subtle variations indicative of real handwriting. We can even recreate yours, guaranteeing that your recipients will never know you didn’t write the cards yourself.


As long as you’re positive and encouraging, it’s hard to say the wrong thing. What’s important is authenticity. The more it sounds like your words of encouragement are coming from your heart, the more they resonate with your recipient. Take these seeds as inspiration.

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Close up of two women clasping hands.

Short and Sweet

Remember what we said earlier — it only takes a few words to change someone’s life.  Sometimes short and sweet is all you need. Sprinkle these phrases in your words of encouragement card.

  • “I know you can do it!” 
  •  “You’ve got this!” 
  •  “You have everything you need to get it done!” 
  •  “You’re stronger than you think.” 
  •  “If anyone can do this, it’s you.” 
  •  “I believe in you!” 
  •  “Be brave and make it happen!” 
  •  “You’re worthy of everything you want.” 
  •  “There’s no one quite like you. Do it your way!” 
  •  “Don’t give up! Your win could be right around the corner.” 
  •  “Hang in there. We’re thinking of you!”

Encouraging Job Searchers

If someone you know recently lost a job and is on the prowl for another, a little encouragement can go a long way.

  • “You last job didn’t know what they had. Keep at it and you’re sure to find an even better fit.” 
  •  “You bound for big things. Just keep your head in the game!” 
  •  “Any employer would be lucky to have you. If they can’t see that, make them!” 
  •  “You’re one of the smartest, most capable people I know. You’re going to land on your feet.” 
  •  “If I owned a business, I’d hire you in a second — and I know I’m not alone.” 
  •  “I’ve always been envious of your abilities. Your next best thing is just over the horizon.”
A nurse reassuring a patient.

Healthful Wishes

If your recipient is suffering from an illness or some other physical limitation, a card full of positive affirmations can help speed the healing process.

  • “Don’t let your illness get you down. I know you’ll be feeling better soon.” 
  •  “You’ve always been a strong person. You’ve surmounted every challenge that’s come your way, and your illness will be no different.” 
  •  “Have you met yourself? You’re as healthy as a horse! This is just a temporary blip. You’ll be back to normal soon!” 
  •  “The say the best way to recover is to refuse to be sick. I know you won’t let it beat you!” 
  •  “You’ve always faced every challenge with courage and strength. I know you have what it takes to beat this.”

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Recovering From Emotional Pain

Words of encouragement are critical for those recovering from emotionally-taxing situations like divorces, deaths, and financial emergencies. Your words can help them take the next step in their healing process.

  • “Your life is undergoing major changes, and that can be scary. But know that everything will work out in the end.” 
  •  “It took a lot of painful decisions to get to where you are today, but I think you’ll see that your new path will be better than your old one.” 
  •  “Don’t discount your pain. It’s real. Feel it. And then, start to let it go. I know you’re strong enough.” 
  •  “Know that I’m with you through everything. I will be your rock when you need it.” 
  •  “Your new situation will take some adjustment, but you’ll be stronger for it.”
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