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Why Handwritten Notes Make People Feel Good

One of the best ways to show your gratitude is to write a handwritten thank-you note. Writing a thank you email or making a call to say thank you are both good ways to express your gratitude, but handwritten notes really make the person receiving the note feel special.

At Simply Noted, we understand that the quality of your thank you stems in part from how it’s delivered. Here are a few reasons why you should send handwritten thank-you notes whenever you can.




Handwritten thank-you notes are a wonderful way to show your goodwill within a relationship. Whether the relationship is personal or handwritten business thank you notes, you want the person to know that you care about them. Writing a thank you note by hand is a great way to demonstrate exactly how much you care. 

Writing a personalized thank you note by hand shows the person you're thanking that you have good intentions for continuing the relationship by showing them that they are valuable enough to merit a personalized thank you. It shows that continuing this relationship is important to you because you were willing to invest both time and effort involved to create a personalized, handwritten thank-you note.

Handwritten note

A Sense of Nostalgia

This technological age that we live in can often feel very cold and impersonal. Everything is typed out and viewed on a screen. There's no sense of true connection in our day to day communications.

This lack of personal connection can lead some people to long for "the good old days." In fact, in 2019, the handwritten letter made a comeback. This trend is a perfect demonstration of the value of gold old fashioned communication.

Sending a handwritten thank you card will trigger a sense of nostalgia in the recipient. The fact that they can hold and touch a physical token of your appreciation will make an impression that won't be easily forgotten.

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A Personal Touch

Another reason our technology-based culture can seem cold and impersonal is that everything is automated, especially thank-yous. Every time someone makes an order online, they receive an automated thank you note. Every time they reach out for an answer to a question, they receive an automated email thanking them for their question. 

All this automation takes some of the importance out of the words "thank you." It can seem like a generic response rather than a heartfelt sentiment.

When you send a handwritten thank you note, it's completely personal. You can add your own message that is specific to the person you're thanking. You can add personal details that show the persona you're thanking that you know and value them. Your words are conveyed in your own handwriting, so the person receiving the note can see a personal side of you.

This personal touch is a wonderful way to demonstrate that the person you're thinking is important and valuable to you.



A Demonstration of Effort

We live in a busy world. Each of us has an incredible amount to accomplish each day, often more than we can ever get done in a single day. So, the things that we choose to spend our time doing are really important. This is especially true if the thing we've chosen to do takes up more of our time than an alternative action.

That's one reason why sending a handwritten thank you note makes such a huge impression on the person you're thanking. They know that the handwritten thank you note took you time and effort to complete. They also know that you made the choice to take the time and effort of writing a handwritten note instead of taking the easier route and typing out a thank you email. 

This lets the person you're thanking know that they're important enough to you that you were willing to take the extra time and effort necessary to write a handwritten note. They know they are worth the effort in your eyes because you made the effort. 

Gratitude Makes People Happy

Each and every one of us knows how great it feels to be appreciated. We all want to know that our contributions are important and that people are appreciative of our efforts. A handwritten thank you note is a physical demonstration to the person you're thanking that they are appreciated, valuable, and worthy.

This recognition makes the person receiving the thank you note feel good. This encourages them to seek more connection within the relationship because they know that the relationship makes them feel good. 

Letting someone know that you appreciate them is a great way to make them happy, and sending a handwritten thank you note is one of the best ways to demonstrate your heartfelt appreciation.

How to Send Handwritten Notes Easily

A vintage-style handwritten letter is addressed in cursive, surrounded by flowers.

Though the benefits of writing handwritten notes, especially handwritten thank you notes, are apparent, you might be overwhelmed by the time and effort it will take to send out large volumes of thank you notes. But don't worry! Writing handwritten notes doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Simply Noted can help you send thank you notes that look handwritten without the hassle of writing every single note by hand. Their handwriting fonts are based on actual handwriting samples. In fact, we can even use your own handwriting for all of your notes! 

All you have to do is write the text for your note, add your personalizations for each person on your thank you list, choose your card stock, and send the information to Simply Noted. We'll take care of producing all your notes in a beautiful, handwritten font. 

Ready to Send Some Beautiful Notes?

Simply Noted is ready to help you with all your thank you note needs. Get in touch with us today to get your project started.

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