How to Structure a New Client Welcome Letter

How to Structure a New Client Welcome Letter


Imagine you invited some friends over for a dinner party. You planned the menu, bought food, designed invitations, reminded your guests periodically, and then prepared the house for their arrival — a lot of work for one evening. However, at the most critical juncture, when your guests are filing in the door excited for a fun evening, you don’t acknowledge them, talk to them, or welcome them into your home — you ignore them.  

 How do you think that will make your friends feel? Probably pretty lousy. Some may stay, but they’ll likely view your relationship differently. Others will simply leave. Either way, all the work you put into planning the event will be for nothing if you don’t close the deal when it counts. 

 The same thing applies to new clients. Each represents a significant expenditure of time and money. Once they’ve signed on, doesn’t it behoove you to recognize their commitment and welcome them warmly into the family? 

 Smart companies automate new client welcome letters so that this critical last step isn’t forgotten. With Simply Noted, you can use our powerful software integrations to trigger automated, handwritten thank you cards personalized to each new client whenever you add one into your CMS. 

 This article will focus on the best way to structure a new client welcome letter. This simple formula makes it easy to send compelling welcome messages that are infinitely customizable. Use our examples as jumping-off points for your welcome letters.

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Guy waving hello excitedly at the camera.


This first section is relatively obvious. You should start every card or letter with a warm greeting. Since you’re writing a business welcome card, you should avoid overly casual greetings. A “What’s up, Matt?!” or “How’s it going, Nancy?” won’t fly in a business setting. Stick with standard business openings like:

  • Dear Matt 
  •  Dear Mr. Jenkins 
  •  Greetings, Leslie! 
  •  Hello, Ms. Smith 
  •  Hi, John!

“Hi” as opposed to “Hello” is about as casual as you should go. Using too casual a greeting can be offputting and cause your clients to question your company’s professionalism.


New client welcome cards should be short and to the point. Don’t waste a lot of time with meaningless chatter. After you’ve greeted your reader, you should get right to your welcome message. Let them know how appreciative you are for their business, and reassure them of the value you’ll deliver. 

 You might say something like: 

 “All of us here at ABC Supply want to welcome you to our business family. We know that you had other choices, and we appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us. Everyone here is committed to helping you get the most out of our relationship.” 

 No more than two or three sentences is all you need. You want your welcome message to be concise and persuasive. Most importantly, you want your recipient to read it.

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A business person introducing themselves to a group.


Your new client already knows something about you. You know this because they wouldn’t have given you their business otherwise — but you don’t know what they know. A new client welcome letter is your opportunity to refine their understanding and provide critical context. 

 Break this section into two parts. In the first, you’ll introduce your company and remind your client why they chose you. Second, provide a personal introduction that gives them a better idea of the role you’ll play. This is particularly important if you’re the client contact. If you aren’t, use this second part to introduce their account manager. 

 Here’s an example of this two-part introduction: 

 “Rest assured you’ve chosen to work with the best. Our team is ready with the skills and knowledge you need to move ahead of your competition. Our client-centric approach means that we’re available when you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re thrilled to see where your journey takes you. 

 As your main point of contact, I’m excited to get the chance to work with you directly. I’ve been with ABC Supply for seven years and in the supply industry for over 15. My goal is to use my accumulated skills to ensure your continued satisfaction. You can call me for any reason, at any time.”

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Close your card by reiterating your gratitude. You want to leave your reader with a sentiment of gratitude and service. Your goal is to boost your new client’s confidence in your team’s abilities and in your dedication to customer service. 

 Don’t be afraid to make specific promises and set client expectations. If you shoot high and then deliver, you’ll likely enjoy a client for life. A good example might be something like this: 

 “On behalf of the whole team, I want to thank you again and give you my personal assurance that we’ll handle your business with the utmost professionalism. We owe our continued success to clients like you and want to welcome you warmly into the fold.”

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You can conclude your new client welcome letter as you would any other written communication. A simple “Sincerely”, “Yours truly”, or “With gratitude” is more than adequate. As with your open, you want to avoid an overly casual close. Any professional closing phrase will do. 

 Be sure to print and sign your name. Include the primary client contact’s information, whether that’s you or someone else. You want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to reach someone when they have an issue.

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You can enjoy the warm familiarity that handwritten cards create without having to hand-pen them yourself. We’ve built a fleet of handwriting machines that create authentic-feeling cards using real ballpoint pens. You can personalize each card, and trigger them with your CRM or other marketing automation software. 

 Welcoming your new clients shouldn’t be left to chance. Make the process error-proof by automating it with Simply Noted. We’ll ensure that each new client you sign gets a friendly, handwritten new client welcome letter, with no extra input from you. It’s the simplest, most cost-effective way to guarantee each new client gets the welcome they deserve.