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9 Unique Ways to Say "Thank You" to Customers

9 Unique Ways to Say "Thank You" to Customers

Unique Ways to Say "Thank You" to Customers

What are the best, most unique ways in which to say ‘thank you’ to your customers?  

 To help businesses connect with their customers and show their appreciation, we asked community managers and business leaders this question for their best tips. From snapping a selfie to showing who made their product, there are several unique tips that may help you thank your loyal customers  and generate professional thank you messages

 Here are 9 unique ways to say thank you to your customers:

  • Snap a Selfie 
  •  Leverage Social Media 
  •  Sketch Your Gratitude 
  •  Provide a Discount Or Reward 
  •  Provide Free Gifts Or Samples 
  •  Delay Your Thanks 
  •  Hand-written Instead of Pre-printed 
  •  Personalize the Package 
  •  Show Who Made The Product
A woman taking a selfie.

Snap a Selfie

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then snapping a selfie is bound to be one of the most attention-grabbing "thank you" approaches. You do not have to take pictures with every individual item, but rather can curate a collection of your most popular and high ticket products, and stage photoshoots with those objects. These pictures will give the customer the impression that you personally prepared the product for shipment. This approach makes clients feel personally cared for, especially if the CEO appears in the picture. If your business model is more service-based than product based, then you can still include a snapshot as a way to personalize the thank you and humanize the brand. 

 Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Leverage Social Media

Showing gratefulness on your social media can help strengthen your brand, show authenticity, and make your customers happy. A customer appreciation post or story is a unique way to say "thank you" but don't forget to tag them or they'll be likely to miss your post! 

 Amit Raj, The Links Guy

Sketch Your Gratitude

Thank you notes are effective because they’re a bit 'old school' but they are trending therefore it's time to get creative! Start with the name of the person, mention what they purchased and tell them you're there if they need any help. How about a sketch form, graphics are a superb way to reach out to your customers. 

 Stewart McGrenary, Freedom Mobiles

A woman taking advantage of a discount online.

Provide a Discount Or Reward

After a customer has made a purchase, you can offer them a reward or a discount on their next purchase. This is a good way to show your gratitude rather than merely saying "Thank you". This also keeps customers invested in your business and intrigued by opportunities to save money.  This can also be used to win back lost customers.

 Jared Hines, Acre Gold

Provide Free Gifts Or Samples

Everyone loves free gifts, don't we? So tossing a few free small samples with their order could be a great way to thank your customers. It will delight them and bring a smile to their face. You never know, they might like the sample product and end up buying it. So make sure to send something valuable to them. 

 Sanket Shah, InVideo

Delay Your Thanks

Often, we are quick to say our thanks, and I think within could be an opportunity lost. An immediate thank you is expected, but I suggest a delayed follow-up and thank you a month out to verify that clients are still happy with your service/purchase. We can use the automation tools to set this note and I expect this practice could build customer loyalty. Even better, at the time of the sale, personalize this note for 30 days out. Caution, if there are any service issues, this follow-up will need to be canceled or altered. 

 It is all about building raving fans. 

 Diane Fennig, The Gallagher Group - Executive Search & Leadership Advisors

A woman writing a handwritten note.

Handwritten Instead of Pre-printed

Instead of using pre-printed, templated cards, a handwritten short note makes for a more personal touch. Of course, this will mostly be applicable for low-volume, high-value sales. For high-volume sales, you can also use tools that convert your handwriting into fonts such as Calligraphr, Windows Font Maker, and many others. You can then pre-print thank you notes using these unique fonts. Seeing a person's handwriting is almost like seeing their personality and character on paper. 

 Francine Kaye Acelar, Formicidae, LLC

Personalizing the Package

The one way I write "thank you" is on my packaging. So on every package that I send out, there is a picture of me with the message "Thank you for your business." The packages get a lot of attention and they make my customers feel special to get a personalized "thank you" from me. Now when I put out a new book or shirt, the customers ask if they will get the special bags. 

 Aikyna Finch, Finch and Associates, LLC

Brands that adopt a personalized marketing strategy tend to connect with customers more frequently and deeply.

Show Who Made The Product 

Share with your customers a piece of who was behind the product or service. Introducing them to those on your team, and those behind the piece of who you are that the customer has allows them to feel part of a personal process, and may create a client for life. 

 Tony Chan, CloudForecast


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