How to Outsource Your Handwritten Letters

How to Outsource Your Handwritten Letters


Let’s set the scene. It’s November. The air just recently picked up a chill, bringing with it excitement for the upcoming holidays. You’ve had a good year and decide to send all of your customers thank you holiday cards. You run some numbers and realize you have to handwrite, address, and stamp roughly 250 cards. Do you pull employees off their regular duties and spend a solid week writing cards, or do you throw in the towel and admit defeat? 

 If you’re smart, you’ll do neither, opting instead for a third option — outsource your handwritten letters. 

 If you’re like most people, you’re now imagining a staff of external workers hired to handwrite cards so that your staff members can stay focused on their responsibilities. While that might be a reasonable solution for a small number of cards, it doesn’t scale well. Imagine how many people, or how many hours it would take to have 1,000 or 10,000 cards written! 

 Today, outsourcing your handwritten letters means leveraging the power of technology to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to handwrite cards while reducing the number of people needed to write them all the way down to zero. 

 What’s the real secret to outsourcing your handwritten letters in the modern world? 


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Handwritten cards are no longer the exclusive domain of humans. With technology, you no longer need hands to handwrite cards

 Simply Noted has developed a fleet of handwriting machines that weave real ballpoint pens and machine articulation into a choreographed ballet of robotic movement that perfectly replicates human handwriting.  

 We use proprietary font technology, driven by artificial intelligence, to create handwritten cards that look authentic down to the subtlest details. 

 This approach saves you time and money. Getting back to our earlier scenario, you could have Simply Noted pen-write 250 holiday cards as early as the same day. Not only does that mean faster response times, but it also frees you and your people to concentrate on what you do best — making money for your business.

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If you’ve ever sent an e-card, you know how simple they are. You choose a design, enter your message, add email addresses, and in moments your card is on its way. Simply Noted makes handwritten cards just as easy. And instead of the cheap, glorified email, your recipients will get when you send an e-card, they’ll receive a touching, physical handwritten card. 

 You can purchase individual cards or make bulk orders right through our website. This is the most common ordering method for individuals. Businesses, particularly larger organizations, typically order using one of our many business software integrations. They can link their CRMs and marketing automation software to our servers to speed ordering, automate mailing address transfers, and create marketing automation that includes triggering handwritten cards.

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How an Automated Handwritten Letter Works

No matter how you order, the basics are the same. First, you’ll select a card design. We have hundreds to choose from. Instead of having the blank cards shipped to you so that you can fill them out — as is often the case with online card orders — you’ll send us your message content digitally. 

 We send your sentiment to our handwriting machines, which convert your typed message into convincing handwritten text. With minimal difficulty, you can have each card personalized to your recipients. Our software correlates the mailing addresses you supply us with each personalized card so that both your card and your envelope look hand-penned. 

 We’ve written a selection of tutorials to help with common tasks. You can find detailed ordering instructions whether you want to order a single handwritten card or make a bulk card purchase. The two links will give you all the information you need to successfully outsource your handwritten letters and cards.

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Smart businesses leverage external assets whenever they’re more efficient and more cost-effective than hiring staff or diverting existing employees from their regular responsibilities. Machine-generated handwritten cards qualify for several reasons.  

 For one, the speed gains you realize mean they’re less expensive than writing them yourself. Second, your cards will always arrive on time. Finally, you’ll know that each card will be perfect (yet perfectly imperfect — which sells the illusion!) 

 How does this work in the real world? Imagine if you diverted a portion of your account associates to handwrite holiday cards for a week. Their normal duties would necessarily suffer. Client calls might go unanswered. Deadlines could be missed. In the end, the missed opportunities and lost revenue would likely be more costly than simply outsourcing your cards. 

 Businesses take advantage of these efficiency gains to:

  • automate their holiday cards 
  •  schedule handwritten employee and customer birthday cards 
  •  include handwritten letters in their marketing automation 
  •  create highly personalized handwritten marketing campaigns 
  •  send thank you notes to clients when projects conclude

When businesses outsource their handwritten letters and cards, the cards become simple yet powerful marketing tools.

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Businesses frequently mail hundreds or even thousands of handwritten cards at a time. Outsourcing makes this significantly easier. But even smaller orders can benefit. Individuals can purchase one card at a time if they prefer, and while this seems unnecessary, there are good reasons to outsource. 

 The most compelling of these is the value of your time. Yes, you could send cards yourself. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t take that long to the store and buy a card, grab stamps on your way home, handwrite your message and envelope, and put the whole thing in the mail. But the more cards you send, the more time you lose, and your time is worth something. Since you CAN have your cards handwritten for you, why not outsource and spend your time doing something else? 

 There are other compelling reasons individuals might outsource handwritten letters, like:

  • scheduling a year’s worth of personalized birthday cards at one time (never forget another birthday) 
  •  sending quick, handwritten thank you notes with the speed and simplicity of an email 
  •  mailing elegant handwritten invitations effortlessly — no more tacky e-cards 
  •  getting personalized, handwritten holiday cards as easily as standard photo postcards

With Simply Noted, you can outsource your handwritten letters and cards with ease. Give it a try! We expect you’ll never want to handwrite another card yourself again.