Send New Year Greeting Cards Online With Simply Noted

Send New Year Greeting Cards Online With Simply Noted


Is it as hard for you as it is for us to believe that 2021 is over already? It feels as if we just got finished celebrating the holidays last year, and here we are again, less than two weeks from the start of the new year. It has been a strange, painful, and wild ride, but we’re almost through the other end. If you’re hopeful for what 2022 will bring, then let people know with heartfelt, handwritten new year greeting cards.  

 But don’t do the work yourself. You likely have plenty of other things you need to accomplish, both for the holidays and the new year. Instead, offload the responsibility to Simply Noted and let our fleet of advanced handwriting machines do the heavy lifting for you. It’s fast, easy, convenient — the best way to send handwritten new year greeting cards, online or anywhere.

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Sending your new year cards online makes sense for several reasons, and sending them through Simply Noted is even more sensible. Online new year cards are a good idea because:

  • They’re fast and easy. You don’t have to spend hours or days handwriting dozens or hundreds of new year cards. All you have to do is choose a design, upload your message and addresses, and lovely, handwritten, hand-addressed cards will be on their way to your recipients. 
  •  You don’t have to worry about addressing envelopes, buying stamps, or making a trip to the post office. We take care of everything. 
  •  We’ve developed industry-leading, AI-powered smart fonts that introduce subtle variations in the size, shape, and spacing of the text our handwriting machines write into your cards, creating a fully believable handwritten illusion.  
  •  Our handwriting machines use real ballpoint pens, giving your cards all the hallmarks — paper indentation and ink flow — of genuine handwriting. 
  •  Cards can be customized with each recipient’s name and other individualized information to create personalized cards without the hassle.

If you’re like most people, there’s a very good chance you bought some, if not all, of your holiday presents online this year. Why not take care of your new year greeting cards the same way? Simply Noted makes it simple and powerful.

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A sparkler burning with a 2022 balloon in the background.


The short answer to whether you should send both holiday and new year cards is that it’s your choice. No one is forcing you to send either, and the two can certainly be combined. However, if you didn’t have a chance to get holiday cards together, new year greeting cards give you a second chance to wish your loved ones, customers, or clients a warm season’s greetings. 

 If you did send holiday cards but didn’t mention the new year, there’s no reason not to send new year cards, too. After all, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years are all separate holidays and can be celebrated as such. You might not share the same wishes with each type of card, so there’s a solid motivation to send both or even all three. It depends on your holiday commitments and the sort of people you have on your list. 

 Businesses can benefit from sending both holiday and new year greeting cards because both provide valuable touchpoints with their customers and clients, providing an opportunity to build top-of-mind brand awareness. And since Simply Noted makes it so easy to order and send handwritten cards online, there’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of both holiday and new year cards.

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We’ve been talking about how simple it is to send new year greeting cards online with Simply Noted. Let’s take a look at what you need to do.

The Simply Noted card design order screen.

Choose Your Card Design

To begin, go to and click “Send a Card” at the top of the screen. The site will present you with hundreds of card choices. You can narrow your choices to holiday cards by choosing “Holiday” from the drop-down menu that says “All cards” by default. 

 If you’re sending one card, choose “Single Card” or choose “Bulk Purchase” to send to more than one recipient in the same order. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll be taken to the card customization area.

The Simply Noted card customization area, where you input your text and choose a font.

Enter Card Details

You’ll select your preferred smart handwriting font in the card customization area and enter your message text. You’ll notice that the card preview to the left will update as you type your message, displaying a simplified sample of what your card will look like. You can change your text or choose a different font at any time, and the preview will update to reflect your changes. Bear in mind that this preview doesn’t display the letter shape and size variations that are introduced during production.

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The Simply Noted address screen.

Add Addresses

If you’re sending a single card, hit “Select Addresses” and either add a new address or choose one from your address book. You can store as many addresses as you like, and any new addresses you enter will be saved automatically for future use. 

 With bulk purchases, you’ll be prompted to upload an Excel spreadsheet with all of your addresses broken out in discrete categories. Don’t worry about having to format the sheet yourself. You’ll see a link for a convenient, pre-made Excel template. Download this and then add your addresses. 

 Alternatively, you can use our various integrations to link your CMS or other marketing automation software to allow instant, automated orders to any number of recipients with almost zero effort on your part.

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The area on the Simply Noted site where you purchase a gift card.

Include a Gift Card

You can purchase various gift cards to include in your handwritten cards if you like. Conveniently add them to your order, and we’ll include on with each card we mail for you. We make sending a gift as simple as sending a handwritten card. 

 If you’re planning on sending new year greeting cards online, choose Simply Noted. We’re the next best thing to handwriting your cards yourself — better really because you don’t have to handwrite your cards yourself! Try us today.