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How to Save with Simply Noted Credits

How to Save with Simply Noted Credits

Did you know there are two ways to save money on your Simply Noted orders? We recognized that most discount systems favor large customers, those that order large numbers of cards. We’ve worked to make our pricing fair for both high and low-volume buyers. As a result, Simply Noted is the affordable, awe-inspiring, automated handwriting solution for everyone!

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Most people are familiar with volume discounts — the more you order, the more you save per unit. This is a great way for large businesses to bring down their costs because they have the means, and more importantly the need, for large volume orders. The business benefits as well. Offering large customers a discount incentivizes them to spend more, with the promise of even greater per unit savings. It seems a classic win-win situation. 

 Except that it isn’t. 

 It leaves out a large number of customers, namely those that make small orders. These companies and individuals might buy frequently, but never in large quantities. As a result, individual purchases rarely exceed a companies savings thresholds. They end up having to pay full price with no chance for future savings. 

 At Simply Noted, we see this as a missed opportunity. By making saving available to high-volume buyers only, we think most businesses are missing out on a win-win with their other customers, to everyone’s detriment. That’s why we do things a little differently.

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Let’s imagine for a moment a hypothetical small business — Kerns Consulting —  that sends out roughly 100 client thank you notes each month. Many small businesses send more than this, but some send less, making Kerns a useful average. 

 Our first tiered volume discount kicks in at 500 units per order, lowering our already low rate from $3.25 per complete send to $3.15 (prices include postage.) However, even if Kerns were to order a month’s worth of handwritten cards at once, they would still fall significantly short of the required 500 mail pieces. Saving money is out of the question for them, unless they boost their monthly usage by 500%, a move that’s unlikely given past performance. 

 Instead, they use Simply Noted credits to bring down their per-unit costs. 

 Credits exchange for our handwritten cards at a one-to-one rate. Put another way, you can exchange 500 Simply Noted credits for 500 of our premium quality, automated handwritten cards. What does that mean for Kerns Consulting? 

 They can purchase 500 credits for $1,500. That translates to $3.00 per credit. Since one credit buys one complete send, that means each card they purchase with a credit will only cost them $3.00, regardless of how many cards they buy at a time. Prepurchasing credits saves them MORE than the standard 500-card volume discount.  

 With Simply Noted credits, Kern can take advantage of volume pricing without bulk orders. The consultancy benefits from increased cost savings, and we benefit with a larger up front purchase than Kern would normally be able to make. It’s another win-win, which means no matter who you are, and no matter how many handwritten cards you need, you can get the best prices possible.

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Buying Simply Noted Credits couldn’t be easier. Simply navigate to our pricing page and select the package that suits you best. Our credit tiers break down like this: 

 100 Credits - Total cost: $315.00 - Per send price: $3.15 

 250 Credits - Total cost: $762.50 - Per send price: $3.05 

 500 Credits - Total cost: $1,500.00 - Per send price: $3.00 

 1000 Credits - Total cost: $2,950.00 - Per send price: $2.95 

 To purchase, click the “Add to cart” button found below the tier you’re interested in. Your chosen credit pack will appear in your cart, ready for purchase. 

 If you already have an account, be sure to sign in first. If you don’t have one, sign up. It’s a quick process, and account holders gain the use of an address book and order history. Your account also keeps track of how many credits you’ve spent and how many are remaining. It’s worth noting that if you don’t sign in before adding credits to your cart and proceeding into checkout, you’ll be prompted to log in.

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Our pricing page offers customers more than just useful pricing information and the ability to order credits. We’ve also built a pricing tool that computes your total purchase, accounting for our volume discounts. 

 The tool is simple to use. First, choose whether you want handwritten notes with envelopes or without. Prices will update based on your selection. Then grab the slider and start dragging it to the right. The number you’re purchasing will climb the further you drag. You’ll also notice your per-unit price drop as you cross the threshold for each tiered volume discount.  

 Drag the slider until you arrive at your desired amount. You’ll see your per-unit cost and your total purchase price. This is the price you’ll pay at your current volume. 

 Alternatively, you can pay with Simply Noted credits. The far-right side of the tool displays the credit cost for your current volume. Since credits exchange at a one-to-one rate, your credit cost will always match the total number of cards ordered. 

 This gives you flexibility. If you’re placing a large-volume order, you may find that your per-unit cost is lower if you don’t use your credits. In that case, save them and pay with cash instead. Only use your credits for lower-volume purchases that either don’t qualify for a discount, or for those where the discount is less than your credit cost.

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Our credits enable businesses of any size to get the best prices possible on the finest automated, handwritten notes and cards. We’ve built a massive handwriting machine network, each outfitted with an actual ballpoint pen, each powered by AI-driven smart fonts. The results are astounding. 

 Every card is unique. Our smart fonts introduce subtle variations in sizing, kerning, and letter shape to replicate the variability of real handwriting. Your recipients won’t know a human didn’t fill out their card, which means you’ll find all the benefits of handwritten mailers with none of the hassles. And, with Simply Noted credits, you’ll have the power to set your pricing as needed.

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