10 Incredible Advertising Ideas for Mortgage Lead Generation

how do I advertise my mortgage business

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10 Incredible Advertising Ideas for Mortgage Lead Generation

The mortgage business is extremely competitive. Loan officers that cling to the old ways of doing things may find themselves missing out on clients that have moved beyond old technologies.

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I advertise my mortgage business effectively?” know that there are a multitude of new advertising methods to connect with potential new clients.

Whether you are a new or long-existing business, these mortgage marketing ideas can spruce up your sales.  This article will share ten of them with you.

Use Content to Set Yourself Up as an Authority

mortgage marketing

Content marketing is an extremely effective way of bringing new mortgage leads in the door. This mortgage marketing technique uses a blog and social media accounts to publish articles, videos, infographics, and other types of content that contain useful, relevant, and keyword-rich information for customer consumption.

The more content you add to your website and social feeds, the more frequently people will find it when searching for mortgage-related search terms on Google and other search engines.

You’ll become a go-to resource for mortgage-related information. This increases traffic to your website which you can convert into leads. 

Leverage Local Search to Win New Business

mortgage advertising

Consumers that search for nearby businesses end up visiting one of them within a day 76% of the time. And 28% of these visits result in purchases.

If you haven’t set up your mortgage business to take advantage of local search, you’re missing out on a significant amount of potential business.

The first step is to claim your Google My Business listing. Then fill it out completely. The more information you give Google to work with, the more likely your business is to show up when someone searches for local loan officers.

If you want to know how do I advertise my mortgage business on Google, this guide from SEM Rush is a good place to start.

Ask Your Previous Clients to Give You a Review

mortgage lead generation improves with reviews on popular sites

Positive reviews are critical for online mortgage lead generation success. Not only should you regularly ask your customers to review you on Google, see if they’re willing to expand to other review sites like Yelp.

Studies show that nearly 70% of people make business and purchasing decisions based on reviews.  The more reviews you have, the better. Not only do they help people make up their minds, but each review also creates new content that Google and other search engines can correlate with your website, increasing your search rankings.

There is a proven study that indicates better ratings improve your Google rankings.  Using your previous clients is a powerful mortgage marketing idea.

Send Handwritten Cards That Include Your Contact Information

Handwritten mailers are far more successful than their generic brethren. Whether you’re sending out mortgage marketing pieces or customer thank you cards, Simply Noted makes it easy to send out personalized cards without all the effort. 

mortgage advertising samples for your customer appreciation

Generic mailers don’t work.

People recognize “junk mail” readily and toss it in the trash unopened. Handwritten letters with a handwritten address, on the other hand, feel important. They feel personal. Open rates rise dramatically when this strategy is used.

But don’t write your cards by hand. That takes far too long.

Instead, use Simply Noted’s automated handwriting service. Our handwriting machines use real ballpoint pens, so the address on the envelope looks authentic.  Not printed.

You can customize your handwritten message inside. We can drop in a business card or another promotional insert and mail your cards for you.

Paired with a quality mailing list, this is a direct mail strategy that works. 

Search Real Estate Hashtags

mortgage marketing ideas for real estate agents

If you’re looking to market your services directly to real estate agents, you can use hashtags on Twitter and Facebook to find a huge number of prospects.

For whatever reason, real estate agents love hashtags.  Using them frequently and consistently when posting on social media.

To find new leads, search for #CITYrealestate or #realestateCITY, where “CITY” is the name of the city you’re searching in. You’ll find a huge quantity of posts from local real estate agents, and you can scrape off their contact information.

Maximize Your Social Media Presence

how do i advertise my mortgage business on social media

Social media is a powerful lead driver.

Sign up for business accounts with the major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. Then post quality material on a regular basis. New posts should go up at least two to three times a week.

You can post customer testimonials, answers to common questions, listings for real estate agents you’re partnering with, as well as photos of your customers with winning smiles as they close on their new homes. Use your social accounts to get people excited about buying a new home.  Then pitch yourself as their loan officer. 

Advertise on Zillow to Find Qualified Leads

mortgage marketing on zillow

Zillow is one of the most popular real estate websites. Advertising on the site is priced per contact, so you only pay when you find a lead.

Zillow provides warm leads — people already in the market for a property and looking for a lender. As you refine your strategy you may find Zillow to be extremely useful.

Use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience Service to Find New Customers

mortgage advertising on facebook

Facebook advertising has always been highly targeted, allowing you to narrowly define your audience criteria. Their new Lookalike Audience service takes this to the next level.

Instead of trying to figure out who your target market is, you can let the social media titan’s algorithms figure it out for you.

All you do is feed the service a list of your previous customers — the larger the better. Facebook searches their databases for your contacts and then compares all of their profiles looking for patterns.

Based on this data they create a customized target profile that matches facets of your previous customers. Then they show your ads to new people that match that profile. Magic! 

Use a CRM Tool to Stay in Touch With Previous Customers

mortgage lead generation and nurturing with CRMs

Customer relationship management tools like Salesforce or Freshsales allow you to automate customer interactions. Nurturing previous relationships helps generate referrals, which places CRMs at the top of the list of lead generation tools.

They’re also extremely useful for generating repeat business.

CRM tools also allow you to add plug-in's and integrations to automate your marketing efforts.  Check out Simply Noted's integration page for more information.

Add a Chatbot to Your Website

mortgage marketing ideas for website, use a chat bot

Chatbots are automated systems for communicating with website visitors. In fact, there's one on this page.  Test out our chatbot on the bottom left corner.

They answer common questions, help direct visitors to the information they’re looking for, and can collect contact information on your behalf.

They make lead generation painless on your visitors because it’s couched as a conversation. The chatbot gets them interested in your mortgage services and then offers to take down their name and email address.

Use Simply Noted For All of Your Marketing Mailers

simply noted helps mortgage business advertise

Handwritten mailers are far more successful than their generic brethren. Whether you’re sending out mortgage marketing pieces or customer thank you cards, Simply Noted makes it easy to send out personalized cards without all the effort. Simply Noted powerfully answers the question, “How do I advertise my mortgage business?”

Simply upload your message, addresses, and mailing instructions and we’ll create authentic-looking, handwritten cards that will dramatically increase your open rates.

Give us a call for more information. We can discuss how Simply Noted can benefit your business today!

Never forget sending a Birthday card again with Simply Noteds Birthday Automation tool. Set it and forget it and wait for your friends, family and colleagues to thank you!

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