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8 Ways to Personalize Corporate Holiday Cards

8 Ways to Personalize Corporate Holiday Cards


Let’s face it. Corporate holiday cards are often just so…corporate! They feel as if any personality or life has been drained out of them, wishing the same generic holiday message to every recipient. If we’re describing your mailings each year, take heart! There’s a lot you can do to personalize corporate holiday cards that don’t have to break the bank. All it takes is some creativity and the right technological partner.


Personalization gets to the reasons we send holiday cards in the first place, namely we want our customers, clients, and employees to feel special, and we want them to think about us in the future

 Bland cards that feel as if they were sent without any regard for the individual recipient do little to make your recipients feel as if you had them in mind when you sent their card. They’ll feel like a faceless number, which neither ingratiates them to you nor gives them a reason to value your message over your competition.

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A woman creating a holiday decoration at her desk.


Below you’ll find 8 effective ways to introduce customizations to your holiday cards that will render them more meaningful to your recipients.

Make Sure Your Cards are Handwritten

There’s nothing more off-putting than receiving a holiday card that’s clearly been created on a printer. It means that no human hand ever touched the card and that each card is identical to the one before it. 

 To personalize your cards, you must make it clear that you had a hand in their creation, and to do that you should handwrite your messages and hand-address your envelopes. Don’t have the time? Don’t worry. As you’ll see later, Simply Noted can create wonderful handwritten notes, using your handwriting if you like, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

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Refer to Each Recipient by Name

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often corporate holiday cards are sent out without the recipients’ names inside. This wrongheaded cost-savings move backfires because your recipients won’t feel any attachment to your card. If you do nothing else, at least handwrite each recipient’s name inside, along with a short, personalized message.

Include Individualized Content

Which of these two messages would resonate with you more? 

 “Wishing you a warm holiday season with the ones you love close.” 


 “I hope you have a wonderful holiday over there in sunny Las Vegas. You and your team deserve all the best in the coming year!” 

 The second is superior because it treats the recipient as an individual. Personalized content makes it clear that you had each person in mind as you completed their card.

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A red card with snowflakes that reads "Happy Holidays".

Choose a Relevant Design

Consider the sorts of card designs that your customers and clients might be receptive to, and choose something relevant to their interests. If your list is long, you might not be able to find a design that makes sense for all of them. In that case, choose a design that’s meaningful to you — one that fits with your business, your philosophy, or your brand personality. Your card’s design is the first thing your recipients will see, so make sure it’s memorable and makes a statement.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Personality

This is a holiday card! Speak from the heart and infuse your company’s personality into your design and message so that your recipients know precisely who sent the card. Generic messages are a dime a dozen. They offer nothing to distinguish your holiday wishes from every other card your customers receive. You can personalize your cards by adding a bit of what makes you and your organization unique.

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Include a Gift Card They’d Enjoy

Turn your holiday card into a memorable gift by adding an individualized gift card. The amount isn’t important. Even a $5 gift card is enough for a cup of coffee, and that small gesture will light up your recipients’ eyes. 

 With Simply Noted, you can include gift cards automatically in every handwritten holiday card we send. You can add the gift cards to your order, and we’ll include one with each card we mail. It’s the easiest way to add a meaningful gift to your corporate holiday cards.

Add a Touch of Humor

You can stand out from the crowd by adding a bit of comedy to your holiday card message. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and in a year like 2021, where most things were more challenging than in previous years, a little levity can go a long way toward lightening the spirit and ushering in the holidays properly.

Go Fully Custom

For the ultimate personalization, you can create your own, unique card design. Even with the thousands of designs available through various retailers, none of them come directly from your brain. By creating a custom design, you’re creating a card that’s never existed before, thus guaranteeing that your recipients have never seen it before. Stand out from your competition by coming up with a personalized, one-of-a-kind design that will make a real impression on your recipients.

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A scene from a company holiday party.


People often assume that if you go for personalized cards, they have to be created individually and that only generic printed cards can be automated. This isn’t the case. Simply Noted allows for quite a bit of personalization with our automated, handwritten cards. 

 How can that be? For one, our cards are created by advanced handwriting robots that use real ballpoint pens and AI-powered smart fonts to create wholly authentic-feeling handwritten cards. And you can use custom fields to substitute data relevant to each person, such as their name, location, and any other piece of information. Your recipients will assume you handwrote their cards with them in mind. 

 Plus you can use one of our ready-made cards or upload your own design for the ultimate in corporate holiday card personalization. Our envelopes are handwritten, too, so there will never be a moment where your recipients will assume they’ve received a standard, boring corporate holiday card. Each one is a special event, contained in an envelope!

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