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The 9 Most Impactful Handwritten Notes Entrepreneurs Have Ever Received

The 9 Most Impactful Handwritten Notes Entrepreneurs Have Ever Received

What's the most impactful handwritten note you've ever received? Who wrote it, and what's the story?  To appreciate the impact of receiving a handwritten note, we asked entrepreneurs this question for their best stories. 

From receiving a handwritten note from a fellow entrepreneur to the CEO of Disney, there are several impactful examples that prove how handwritten notes can make an everlasting impression.   

 Here are the nine most impactful handwritten notes entrepreneurs have received:

  • Encouragement from a Fellow Entrepreneur 
  •  From the Head Football Coach of San Fransisco 49ers 
  •  From a CEO With 75,000 Employees 
  •  A Letter for My First Birthday 
  •  A Handwritten Sketch Requesting Services 
  •  From A Long Distance Friend  
  •  Praise From My Father 
  •  A Letter From My Family 
  •  Recognition from Disney's CEO

Encouragement from a Fellow Entrepreneur

About seven years ago I signed up for an online course – it was by Mixergy.com and about how to overcome the mental barriers to entrepreneurship. The founder, Andrew Warner, sent out a handwritten note with a kind thank you message, and assurance that we were going to work through the major challenges together. It was thoughtful, timely and a great customer experience too. 

 Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

From the Head Football Coach of San Fransisco 49ers

In 2012, I was a member of the San Francisco 49ers under Coach Jim Harbaugh. Jim was a very intense, passionate, and magnetic individual. He was also very engrossed in his work and on the go all of the time. After I left the team, I was shocked when I received a handwritten note expressing his gratitude for all that I had done as well as how much he enjoyed our time together. I still have that handwritten note to this day. It's amazing how something so small, yet so thoughtful can impact someone's life. 

 Rick Elmore, Simply Noted

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From a CEO With 75,000 Employees

When I wrote a book I sent a complimentary copy to everyone who was featured, including a CEO of a prominent hospitality company with 75,000 employees. A  few weeks later, I received a handwritten thank you card from the CEO on this beautiful, gold embossed stationery. I was blown away that someone as busy and as powerful as this CEO would take the time to write a thank you note to someone like me. I've kept the thank you card in my desk for a decade, and write thank you notes as often as possible as a result. 

 Brett Farmiloe, Terkel

A Letter for My First Birthday

I have a letter from my Great, Great Grandfather that was originally written for my Grandfather's 1st Birthday and given to me on my first birthday. 

 The letter explains to my then-infant Grandfather how his dad is fighting the Germans in France, and how much he is loved and missed. It talks about hope for a speedy end to the war and shines brightly with love and optimism. 

 78 years later, that letter is safe and sound with me. Living history and a reminder of how much we all have to be grateful for. 

 Wesley Jacobs, Apollo Medical Travel

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Handwritten Sketch Requesting Services

Mine was not a handwritten note but a sketch that impacted my entrepreneurial journey. As a graphic designer, it seemed normal that a start-up business would ask for my help - nothing out of the ordinary - but the way in which they reached out got my attention! It was a hand-drawn sketch of someone putting their foot in a sneaker, and the words "PLEASE, Help us find our fit!" 

 I remember thinking - how can I build a graphic design tool that helps start-ups create modern logos with unique fonts and customizable details? Now that vision has been brought to life with Mojomox Logo Creator. 

 Saskia Ketz, Mojomox

From A Long Distance Friend 

The most impactful handwritten note I've received is one that my best friend wrote to me when she was going through a tough time. 

 She said that no matter what happened, she would always be there for me. And that meant more to me than any words could ever say. It was so touching to know that even though we were miles apart, she was still thinking about me and supporting me through everything. 

 The story behind it is what makes it so special to me. It reminds me of the importance of handwritten notes and how a simple gesture can mean so much in moments of need. 

 Claire Westbrook, LSAT Prep Hero

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Praise From My Father 

By far, the most moving handwritten note I’ve ever received was from my Dad. After I graduated from grad school, my Dad left me a short, handwritten note on a plain white piece of paper. He told me how proud he was of me, and how he never imagined one of his boys could accomplish something so amazing academically. My father is not an emotional or even open person, and the depth of this message was incredible. It was not long, or flowery, or filled with adjectives. It was simple and straight to the point: he was proud of my hard work and I had earned his respect (which is not easy to do). I still have that note to this day and occasionally look at it when I’m having a rough day. 

 John Ross, Test Prep Insight

A Letter From My Family

A letter from my family after I ventured to start my own company. Having a personal letter, a handwritten letter from my family telling me how proud they were of me for starting my company based on my passions was and still is today the most impactful note. It was scary to start my own business and to know my family was proud of me and backing me the entire way was a great push in the right direction. 

 Michael Jankie, Natural Patch

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Recognition from Disney's CEO

I worked as the head of internal communications at The Walt Disney Company when our CEO transitioned from Michael Eisner to Bob Iger. Michael was ousted by the Board, and it had been a tough time. In his last weeks with the company, my team created a special internal magazine highlighting Michael's contributions and accomplishments over his more than 20 years with Disney. Michael sent me a heartfelt handwritten note thanking me and my team for the publication and for honoring him. He shared how much it meant to him. I was incredibly touched by the note and proud to share it with our team. I still have Michael's note after all these years, and I often tell leaders this story when talking about the impact a handwritten note can have to someone on their team. 

 Sonya Shelton, Executive Leadership Consulting 

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