Handwritten Business Letters: How They Can Help Your Business


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Are you looking for a way to make yourself known as a professional? Do you want to find something that can set your business apart from the competition? Are you interested in finding a way to connect to people more? 

If you said yes to any of those questions, business letters could be the answer you're looking for.

handwritten business letters help you increase sales

E-mails, phone calls, and text messages have become the dominant way for people to communicate, but you shouldn't underplay the power of handwritten letters. That’s why Simply Noted offers to write out your printed letters to put a personal touch back in business
















Take some time to learn about the importance of handwritten letters in the business world
















The History of Handwritten Letters 

People have been handwriting notes for thousands of years, and even though it's an old form of communication, it has had powerful effects. 
















The earliest example of permanent (aka: written) communication are clay tablets from the Assyrian and Babylonian empires.
















The tablets were used to communicate and clarify and variety of complicated ideas. These can range from the right ways to track the stars in the sky to brewing a very tasty batch of beer.
















Tablets were effective at storing information, but they weren't exactly easy to move around. The writing game really changed with the Egyptians discovered papyrus and the Chinese invented paper.
















Being able to write on something lightweight and simple to transport made it much easier for people to communicate across long distances. The invention of portable communication changed human history. 
















Think about how many important handwritten letters have changed history, and how they've affected business. Imagine if the inventor of Coke couldn't have written down their secret recipe, or if business magnets like Rockafeller and Ford couldn't write to their managers and employees?
















Think about how many important handwritten letters have changed history, and how they've affected business.

handwritten business letters help small businesses grow their sales

The Modern State of Business Communication

Today it's rare to see a handwritten note, and that's especially true in the business world. Sending a quick email may be convenient, but there's something to be said about the impersonal nature of digital communication. 
















If you feel like your inbox is always full, you aren't alone. It's estimated that the average office worker can receive 121 emails every day.  
















It can be easy to forget to reply to a text or to open an email when you get so many forms of digital communication throughout the day. Things can easily get lost in the shuffle, and important things can go unnoticed. 
















Sometimes even the tools people use to improve the efficiency of their inboxes may not be enough. You can mark certain senders as a priority, but if someone else on their team sends an email you can still lose it. 
















Every text and email also looks the same. There may be different images and words in each, but incoming message looks like every other message you're receiving. 
















Overall, modern communication has taken away a lot of "personality" from the way we talk to each other. When the multitude of emails and texts you send all look the same, how can you hope to stand out?
















Why Handwritten Business Letters Make a Difference 

You may think that the way you communicate things won't make a difference, but you'd be surprised to learn what a handwritten letter can do for your business. 
















E-mail, text, or a phone call may be easy, but the next time you need to say something important you should consider writing a letter.
















Are you curious about why some businesses are still handwriting notes in 2020? After you read the benefits of handwritten letters, you'll be looking for custom stationery to write your next business memo.
















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Build Relationships

There's something about a handwritten note that stands out to people. It's so rare to receive them, so it's easy to make a big impression when you send out some of your own. 
















When you handwrite a note, it's going to stand out in people's minds. Your message is going to instantly be more memorable simply because you chose to write it out instead of sending an e-mail.
















People will start to make connections between you, your business, and handwritten notes. This can help you build better relationships. Your messages will seem more personal, and your words will resonate with people.
















Improve Memories 

What do you think would stand out more to you, a letter on your desk or another e-mail in your inbox? 
















In the past, it wasn't uncommon for desks to be cluttered with files and papers. You may have a few important print items on your desk, but your desktop and email inbox are probably more cluttered than your actual desk. 
















We already mentioned that your letter is going to stick out more to people. It can also be easier to remember important information when it's written down and can serve as a physical reminder for people.
















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Show Attention to Detail 

Writing a letter takes more effort than simply typing something on a phone or a computer. Adding that thoughtful touch to communications you need to send can set you up to be seen as someone that pays attention to the small things in life. 
















It can be difficult to be detail-oriented when you're sending out mass emails and texts to people you work with. Even a thought-out e-mail will look like every other message in someone's inbox. 
















Taking the time to write a letter shows that you care about the words you say and the way you communicate with people. A neatly written letter is one of the most detail-oriented ways you can communicate with another person.
















Handwritten business notes can help industries like real estate, finance, mortgage, insurance
















The Top Industries That Should Use Handwritten Business Letters

Now that you see how helpful a handwritten letter can be, you may be curious about which professionals would benefit the most from sending a letter or two.
















Nearly any professional can benefit from a handwritten note, but if you work in any of the following industries, you should know that neatly written handwritten note can set them apart from your competition.
















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Real Estate 

Imagine getting a nice handwritten letter from your real estate agent after you buy your first home. Think about how reassuring it would be to get an encouraging handwritten note from a realtor before your first home showing. 
















The real estate business is one that isn't often thought of as personal, but there's nothing more emotional than buying or selling a home. Giving clients handwritten notes can put them at ease and feel more connected to agents. 

















If you want to stand out in the marketing world, take a step back from the digital space and consider writing out a nice note.
















People are constantly getting sent email blasts and social media posts. Imagine how customers would react if they received a handwritten appreciation note. You'd immediately stand out!

















Increase sales for mortgage business
















People in the mortgage world deal with so many clients and their clients are constantly getting contacted by competitors that want their business. 
















Instead of doing another email blast to your client list, consider sending out handwritten notes. Add a personal touch to your communication to help people connect with you.

















Insurance agents play a unique role in people's lives. You may have to tell someone that their policy doesn't cover the fire that just destroyed their kitchen, or let a mother know that you convinced the carrier to cover their child's expensive medication. 
















Adding a personal touch to good and/or bad messages you have to send can do a lot for your customers. It humanizes your company and shows them that you care about them as individuals. 

















Leaving little notes for guests can help them feel at home in their hotel room, and give them important information about certain procedures. 
















Don't print out a generic message from your hotel. Handwrite a note and have your staff members sign it so that guests can feel welcome as soon as they read it.

















Improve your small business with letters
















Do you want to meet with someone to discuss business? Are you looking for a way to remind people that it's time to review their portfolio?
















A handwritten note in the finance world can go far. Your note will instantly stand out to people and can help you finally put some important meetings on the books.

















Don't send another impersonal typed letter asking members for donations. The next time you're doing a fundraising drive, consider using handwritten letters. 
















People will immediately feel like the message you're sending is more personal. That personal connection could help you get some needed donations.
















Business Letters with Simply Noted

You don't have to have immaculate handwriting to send handwritten notes. We're here to help you produce beautifully handwritten letters, all you have to do is think about what you want to say.
















Our white-glove service can pair your notes with gifts, and our professional team of designers can make sure everything you send looks fantastic. 
















Simply Noted can even take the guesswork out of the right time to write a note. Our software can directly connect to your e-mail, calendar, or CRM to automate your follow-ups.
















Start Sending Letters Today

 The power of handwritten business letters can't be denied. Whether you want to find a way to stand out from the competition or build a better relationship with clients, a handwritten note can do wonders for your business.
















Now that you know about the benefits of handwritten letters, it's time to start getting them made for your business. 
















Take time to look at some examples of Simply Noted’s work so you can see what we can do for your business. Once you've done that, browse our wide selection of cards and paper and choose one that best reflects your brand.

Handwritten Letters Make Business More Personal