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How to Effectively Promote Mortgage Companies Using Handwritten Thank You Cards

How to Effectively Promote Mortgage Companies Using Handwritten Thank You Cards


They say that the way to a man’s (or women’s) heart is through their stomach, but this isn’t accurate. The true path into their heart is through — their heart. You have to knock down their defenses and establish a real connection. How quickly you can penetrate their resistance depends on your approach. 

 Prospects don’t like to be sold to. They want a conversation, one that allows them a glimpse into your organization’s motives and intentions. You can’t expect them to be receptive to your sales pitch until you’ve established a baseline of trust. They need to sense your honesty and humility before they’ll recognize your ability. 

 This is doubly true in the mortgage business, where your reputation is everything. If your customers trust that you’ll do what you say — and you do — they’ll be happy to pass your name onto their friends and family.  

 It may be surprising, but handwritten mortgage thank you cards are capable of accomplishing everything we’ve discussed and more. How can a humble thank you note bring you and your prospects closer together? Read on.

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Let’s try a mental exercise. Which of these two communication methods is more impactful — an in-person meeting or an email? The in-person meeting, of course. For one, you’re face-to-face. It doesn’t get much more personal than that. But also, in-person meetings require a more significant commitment of time and resources. 

 Now, consider the same comparison between a handwritten note and an email? Or between a handwritten note and a standard print mailer? 

 The answer might not be as apparent, but when you apply the logic from above, the secret of handwritten mortgage thank you cards becomes evident. Handwritten notes take much longer to compose than an email, and they require manually applying pen to paper. Like an in-person meeting, handwritten notes feel more personal because your handwriting is a part of you — something uniquely yours. Sharing it with someone else is similar to speaking with them personally. 

 Applying these lessons to thank you cards, it becomes clear why they’re so effective for promoting your mortgage business. They’re a refreshingly unexpected communication that expresses gratitude as warmly and as graciously as a handshake or a hug. For very little money, they get your prospects to lower their guard, warming your relationship significantly.

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A thank you card featuring a black house image with a red heart heart balloon.


It gets better. Simply Noted saves you the time it would take to handwrite all of your handwritten mortgage thank you cards. We’ve built a fleet of automated, ballpoint pen-wielding handwriting robots that can rapidly generate stunning handwritten cards in any quantity. Your customers won’t be able to tell you didn’t write them yourself, thanks to our AI-powered smart fonts. We vary letter shapes, sizes, and other subtle details to create automated handwriting identical to the real thing. 

 With Simply Noted, you’ll get the benefits of handwritten messages without the effort. You can even directly interface your CMS and marketing automation software with our servers using our numerous integrations. As easily as you might integrate email into your marketing automation, you can have lovely handwritten cards mailed whenever you need them, automatically.

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Let’s look at a few ways to build your business using handwritten thank you cards.

Express Your Gratitude When a Prospect Shows Interest

Mental exercise time again. Imagine how you’d feel in these two scenarios. In the first, you express interest in a company, so they send you a promotional email. Would you feel cared for? Maybe a little bit. But they’re leaping right for the sale instead of building a relationship first. 

 Now, what if they responded to your interest with a handwritten thank you card and then followed up with an email? Would that change how you feel about them? It almost certainly would.  

 When you send a handwritten card, your prospects will feel your commitment to customer service the moment they open it. Any doubts they might have had will be dispelled, creating a powerful opening for your sales department.

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A happy couple and baby posing in front of their new house.

Say “Thank You” After a Successful Loan

We don’t need to lecture you on the importance of gratitude. You almost certainly already thank your clients at the end of the loan process. It’s just good business. But we do need to talk about how you express that gratitude.  

 Phone calls and handshakes are great, but they’re also forgettable. Handwritten mortgage thank you cards, on the other hand, have staying power. If your clients are particularly affected by your card, they’ll keep it around as a keepsake. Months later, it might resurface, and their positive experience with you will spring back into their minds. 

 Thanking your clients for their business creates goodwill. When things went well, gratitude is icing on the cake. When there were issues, a heartfelt, handwritten “thank you” may be enough to salvage the relationship.

Use Mortgage Thank You Cards to Get More Referrals

Referrals are essential in the mortgage business. Thank you cards are an inexpensive way to reconnect with old clients and maintain long-term relationships. Consider sending out thank you notes on an annual basis.  

 Don’t include sales messaging. Instead, keep the focus on gratitude. However, always mention how much referrals are appreciated. Happy customers won’t take offense. Instead, they’ll consider your request a call to arms. They’ll be excited to bring people they know into your circle. They just need to be reminded.

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Portrait of a young professional.

Maintain Good Relationships With Related Professionals to Benefit Your Business

Professional cross-pollination is an excellent way to expand your business. Imagine that one of your customers asked you a legal question. You would likely refer them to a lawyer you trust. Likewise, if one of your clients needed a real estate agent, you’d offer them a referral. In return, whenever one of their clients needs a loan officer, they’ll pass on your name. These referrals cost you nothing, and the more positive professional relationships you maintain, the greater the number of referrals you’ll be given. 

 So let them know you appreciate them. Have Simply Noted send an authentic, handwritten mortgage thank you card each time you get a referral, whether you land the business or not. What’s important is that your professional contact thought of you. If you want them to again, you need to let them know how much you appreciate the effort. 

 Handwritten thank you cards should be a part of your marketing efforts. Their low cost can pay massive dividends, and with Simply Noted, it’s never been easier or more effective. Give us a try today!

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