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How Handwritten Direct Mail Advertising Can Blow the Roof Off Your Roofing Business

How Handwritten Direct Mail Advertising Can Blow the Roof Off Your Roofing Business


If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly heard of direct mail advertising. There’s a good chance you’ve sent printed mailers before. You might even still use snail mail as a part of your marketing strategy today.  

 But have you heard of handwritten direct mail advertising? It’s a form of direct mail that’s far more effective than standard printed mailers. Roofing contractors and other home improvement professionals can use handwritten direct mail to increase response rates dramatically and effectively drive business growth. If you haven’t heard of this powerful form of marketing, we recommend you keep reading.

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Handwritten direct mail employs mailers written by hand or, more frequently, created by an automated system that replicates authentic handwriting (we’ll talk more about a service like Simply Noted later.) They’re different from standard printed mailers because they’re formatted to resemble a handwritten card that you might receive from a friend or family member. In most cases, the envelope is hand-addressed as well, with an actual stamp applied to the envelope. 

 Why go to so much trouble when a standard printed mailer is available? Well, consider the last time you got a hand-addressed envelope in your mailbox. We’d be willing to bet you moved it to the top of the stack and opened it first thing. Why do you offer preferential treatment to the hand-addressed envelope?  

 Because hand-written cards feel personal. You might assume it was sent by a friend or family member. Whoever it’s from, you likely feel it was sent with you specifically in mind because of the time it takes to pen a message by hand. The work that goes into a handwritten note makes it stand out from the background noise of standard “junk” mail.

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Consider what people’s propensity to open handwritten cards means for your advertising efforts. If you send out a standard mailer — say a postcard advertising a special offer for roofing work — you can expect about half of your recipients to look at it. That’s not a bad return, but still, half of your mailers are getting thrown right into the trash. 

 Contrast that result against handwritten direct mail advertising, and things get much rosier. Handwritten mailers enjoy a whopping 99% open rate! Remember your reaction to handwritten cards earlier? You open them because they feel special, like something created just for you. That reaction is what drives 99 out of 100 recipients to open your mailer. Instead of half your prospects seeing your message, it’s possible that nearly all of them will with automated, handwritten cards! 

 Handwritten direct mail takes everything that’s great about direct mail and amplifies it. You get much higher open rates with handwritten direct mail advertising over regular mailers, better reader engagement, and an emotional connection to your prospects that standard printed mailers can’t match.  

 And with a company like Simply Noted, you can automate handwritten direct mail as easily as you can an email campaign. Our handwriting machines put real ballpoint pens to paper to create the feel of authentic handwriting. And our smart fonts replicate the subtle details that are usually missing from automated handwritten text. 

 So how can roofers and other contractors use handwritten direct mail advertising to their advantage? Let’s go over a few examples.

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Handwritten direct mail is a more intimate form of direct mail. It carries an emotional resonance that’s absent from standard printed mailers. As a result, it’s most effective when used in personalized contexts. Try a few of the following applications and watch your lead generation and new business soar.

Send Personalized Introductions to Neighbors When You Complete a Project

When you’re working in a community, you almost certainly post yard signs to showcase your craftsmanship to passersby. But do you reach out to neighbors after the project? You can use localized mailing lists to find addresses for people in the surrounding neighborhoods and then send them a warm, handwritten introduction. 

 This sort of handwritten direct mail advertising takes advantage of geography. Neighbors that might be considering having work done will get your card in the mail looking hand-penned by the owner of the company. Mention the address and they can easily drive to the location of your most recent project. Your recipients will get a personalized introduction to your company and a chance to see a fresh example of your craftsmanship up close and personal.

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Send Your Customers Handwritten Thank You Cards Asking For Referrals

Referral marketing delivers quality, warm market leads pre-disposed to working with you because of their friend’s recommendation. Any investment you make toward getting referrals from your customers will offer a handsome return. And the best time to approach customers for referrals is when they’re in the post-project honeymoon phase — when you just put on a new roof, and they’re ecstatic with the results. 

 Using Simply Noted’s software integrations, you can create a workflow that triggers us to mail your customers a heartfelt, handwritten thank you card whenever you close a job. Be sure to include an expression of gratitude and praise for the customer, and then close by asking for referrals. Let them know that the quality of your work speaks for itself, and if they’re happy, their friends and family will be equally pleased.

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Make Cold Introductions Warmer With Handwritten Cards

You can use handwritten direct mail advertising in the same ways you utilize standard mailers. If you purchase mailing lists and send out special offers to nearby communities, consider making the switch to handwritten cards. The reason should be evident by now. Handwritten mailers feel like they were written just for their recipients. There’s an emotional immediacy that standard mailers can’t replicate. 

 A standard print mailer feels generic and uninspired. Recipients know that everyone on your mailing list got exactly the same thing. They don’t motivate action because they aren’t personalized.  

 On the other hand, handwritten cards appear to come directly from the business owner to the prospect. Unlike generic print mailers, the handwritten variety feels like a personal note — like a genuine introduction! They take cold mailings and warm them up instantly. That means better response rates and more sales. 

 If you’re a roofing contractor or any other type of tradesman, you owe it to yourself and your business to consider handwritten direct mail advertising. Give us a call at Simply Noted. We can walk you through how it works, how you can personalize your mailings, and how you can automate the whole process!

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