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How to Send Funny Birthday Cards Automatically (Even If Your Funny Bone is Broken)

How to Send Funny Birthday Cards Automatically (Even If Your Funny Bone is Broken)


Sentimental birthday cards have their place. They’re certainly the best option when buying for a spouse or significant other. But for everyone else, funny birthday cards are a great choice. They lift the reader’s spirit and put them in a good mood while conveying warm birthday wishes. When it’s not clear what the protocol is for a given relationship, a funny card is always a safe bet. 

 But coming up with a funny birthday message isn’t always easy. We aren’t all natural-born comedians. Some of us recognize funny when we see it, but can’t always come up with good material on the fly. This article should help. Not only will we share some funny birthday messages that you can use in your next birthday card, but we’ll show you how you can automate the process. With modern technology, you can send beautiful, handwritten, funny birthday cards without picking up a pen. 

 Interested? Let Simply Noted show you how it’s done.

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Try and remember what life was like before Facebook. In those days, if you wanted to remember a birthday, you had to put it on your calendar or commit it to memory. If you forgot to check your calendar that day, or if your memory failed you, you ran the risk of forgetting an important celebration. 

 Fast forward to today. Facebook and our smartphones remind us of every birthday, without fail. There would seem no excuse for forgetting someone’s special day. Except that you still have to drive to the store, buy a card, fill it out, get a stamp, and put it in the mail. And you have to do all of that in time for it to be delivered punctually. Mess up your timing and your card arrives late. Suddenly the funny birthday cards you’re sending aren’t quite as funny. 

 Automating your birthday cards is a better option. With a service like Simply Noted, you can set up regular birthday card mailings that will go out on time each year, without fail. And our automated handwriting machines will elevate your mailings with real pen-written text that’s indistinguishable from the real thing. We can even recreate your handwriting for true authenticity. You’ll never miss another birthday again while still delivering a heartfelt, handwritten birthday message.

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Attractive water color birthday card featuring the image of a birthday cake.


Automating handwritten birthday cards is easy with Simply Noted. Under “Send a Card” at the top, go to “Birthday Automation”, choose a card design, download our birthday template, add your friends and family’s addresses and birthday information, upload the completed form and write a birthday message. That’s it! Our systems will make sure that each recipient gets funny birthday cards (or whatever type of card you like) in their mailbox right on time. 

 To personalize your cards, use custom fields. For example, instead of writing, “Dear John” you would write “Dear [First Name].” Even easier, you can type “Dear “ and then click the First Name button directly below the message entry area. “[First Name]” will be added automatically. 

 Whenever we send out a card to one of the recipients on your list, our system will substitute the recipient’s first name for the [First Name] field. So John will get “Dear John” and Leslie will get “Dear Leslie.”  

 You’ll notice in the birthday template spaces called “Custom 1” “Custom 2” and “Custom 3.” You can put anything you’d like in those spaces and then call that text into your card in the same way we called [First Name]. So you could add a funny line that’s unique for each card and then have it inserted with each version to create custom cards that get sent out automatically.

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Young guy laughing to himself. Black and white image.


Comedy is subjective. What you find funny may be very different from what someone else enjoys. From that perspective, comedy is in the eye of the beholder. A birthday message that one person finds hilarious might fly right over someone else’s head. 

 That said, there are certain principles that are mostly universal, even if the particulars change. Of these, one reigns supreme: the playful joke about how old the person is. You might say something like: 

 “This is a birthday card. You might not recognize it because paper hadn’t been invented when you were born!” 


 “They say that people, like wine, get better with age. So happy birthday to one of the best people I know!” 

 or even 

 “People can be so cruel. If someone calls you old on your birthday, scream at them to get off your lawn and call them a whippersnapper.” 

 These jokes work because they help your recipient take themselves a little less seriously. People don’t like the idea of getting older, so putting a fun spin on what can be a stressful day helps relieve the pressure.

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Older guy laughing to himself. Sepia tone image.

Flip the Script and Make Fun of Yourself

Another way funny birthday cards can work is to turn the target on yourself. Making yourself the butt of the joke is a great way to get your recipient laughing. 

 “Don’t worry about the past because you can’t change it. Don’t dwell on the future because you can’t control it. And don’t think about the present because I didn’t buy you one.” 


 “You know you’re not the easiest person to shop for...so I didn’t. Enjoy this card instead!” 

 You can also make fun of your age: 

 “As old as you are, I’ll always be older. So be happy I remembered to send a card at all. After all, I’ll always be older, so be happy I remember to send a card at all!”

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Poke Fun at Birthdays Generally

There’s no need to turn your comedic gaze on any one person. You can keep it general and still get a laugh. You might say: 

 “I know that birthdays get harder and harder each year, but surely they’re better than the alternative...dropping dead!” 

 “Birthdays can be hard to live with, but you certainly can’t live without them!” 

 “Another birthday is here! May you get everything you want and not everything you deserve.” 

 The best thing to do is pick a birthday message that you think is funny. You can never know for certain how someone else will react, but if your funny birthday cards make you laugh at least, there’s a good chance your friends and family will laugh, too.

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