How Auto Dealerships Can Boost Sales Using Thank You Cards

How Auto Dealerships Can Boost Sales Using Thank You Cards


Car dealerships, particularly those of the used car variety, unfairly get a bad rap. Consumers routinely charge them as dishonest cheats out to make a much per car as possible. But this judges the entire industry by the actions of a small minority. Most car dealerships are just as trustworthy and honorable as any other business. They’re trying to sell cars while giving their customers a good purchase experience. 

 This disconnect between perception and reality points to a significant challenge for dealerships. They have to overcome unfair prejudices and misperceptions by looking for opportunities to build trust. They need to place the customer’s needs above every other concern and give buyers a reason to believe those priorities. 

 Auto dealership thank you cards offer car dealers several advantages they can use to improve consumer perceptions and sell more cars. This article will provide a few methods for leveraging this powerful medium. By the end, you’ll wonder why you never thought to send thank you cards before!

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Why Are Auto Dealership Thank You Cards So Effective?

People are raised from a very early age to respect the value of gratitude. Our parents instruct us to use “please” and “thank you” whenever we ask for and receive favors. The power and necessity of a proper thank you lies deep at the heart of who we are. 

 Think about how you feel when you make a grand gesture for someone and a “thank you” isn’t forthcoming. Does it bother you? 

 It’s not that you did the favor expecting thanks, nor do you think the recipient owes you gratitude. It’s simply that an expression of thanks is an acknowledgment of your contribution. It lets you know that the person noticed what you did and that it made a difference in their life. In short, people want to know that their existence matters. 

 Dealerships can use this powerful motivator to deepen customer relationships and increase trust by associating their business with their customers’ feelings of self-worth. It’s a potent bit of psychology. Help people feel good about themselves, and they’ll return the favor by reflecting positive emotions in your direction.

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A thank you card featuring a large red car.


Thank you cards are helpful in a variety of situations. You interface with prospects and customers at various points along your sales process. It’s a good idea to check in with a grateful response at each one.

Say “Thanks” to Your Prospects for Their Interest

There are a lot of ways new sales prospects might find your name — your website, a live event, a direct mail piece, or just word of mouth. Regardless of the channel, you should send out a short thank you note whenever you get a new lead. 

 This accomplishes a few things. First, saying thanks is an excellent way to introduce yourself, starting your new relationship with a positive interaction. Second, it ingratiates you with your prospect before you’ve spoken formerly. Auto dealership thank you cards make your prospects happy with their decision. They’ll feel rewarded for the chance they took in contacting you and will be more likely to trust you afterward. 

 What’s the payoff? They took a chance on you and felt good about it. When they come in to look at cars they’ll be more confident that the additional trust they’re affording you is warranted.

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Thank People For Visiting Your Showroom

Not every prospect will contact you before coming in to browse vehicles. It’s wise to thank people that came in and expressed interest but didn’t make a purchase. 

 The fact is, you don’t know why they left without a car. They might be comparison shopping between brands or dealerships. They might have felt overwhelmed. It’s also possible that they didn’t find anything they liked. Because you don’t know why they left, you can’t know what will bring them back. Auto dealership thank you cards are the perfect stand-in, providing a reason to return regardless of the issue.

A woman holding a sign that reads "thank you!"

Express Gratitude For Every Sale

Thanking your customers for their business is the most obvious thank you card use case. Companies of all stripes routinely say “thanks” when they land a new project or make a big sale. Or at least they should. A surprising number of businesses don’t follow up with this most basic of thank-yous. 

 Cars are a significant expense. Particularly with used cars, when someone buys, they’re placing a lot of trust in you. They’re committing to you, and letting that go without acknowledging it formally is a mistake. Not only do you miss out on the chance to end the transaction positively, but you also risk damaging the relationship through neglect.

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Send Auto Dealership Thank You Cards When You Get a Referral

Happy customers are more likely to buy from you again in the future. There’s also a good chance they’ll pass your name on to friends and family. As with every other facet of your customer relationships, referrals involve trust.  

 Reward that trust by thanking them and treating their friends right. They’ll be sure to pass your name around even wider. Betray their trust by not acknowledging the difference they made to your business, and their referrals could cease.

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If you’re already thanking your customers at some or all of the touchpoints above, nice job! Anything you do will make a difference. Try adding one or two additional thank you situations if you’re not already taking advantage of them all. 

 Are you sending out thank you emails or generic, printed thank you cards? These are good, but you can do better. Handwriting your thank-yous elevates them above the pedestrian. Handwritten auto dealership thank you cards are unique, personal, and forge an instant connection. 

 Here’s the exciting news. You can enjoy the benefits of handwritten thank you cards without having to handwrite them. Simply Noted uses handwriting machines outfitted with real ballpoint pens to create handwritten cards automatically. We’ve developed exclusive, AI-powered smart fonts that recreate even subtle handwriting details to create pen-written cards that feel entirely authentic. 

 With Simply Noted, you can send out thank-yous quickly and effortlessly. If you already use a CRM or marketing automation software, you can integrate handwritten cards into any of your workflows. You can mail handwritten cards as easily as an email! Give us a call or drop us a line to learn more.