10 Ways Custom Business Thank You Cards Can Make You Money

10 Ways Custom Business Thank You Cards Can Make You Money


You might be surprised to learn that custom business thank you cards are much more than a way to express gratitude. They can also be a powerful tool for lead generation, referral marketing, relationship cultivation, and general business growth. In this article, you’ll learn 10 of the most potent ways to convert thank you cards into revenue generators. 

 But before we begin, it’s vital to distinguish printed cards from handwritten cards. Printed cards are what you get from a professional print service or your office laser printer. They’re flat reproductions of text. They can be effective, but they don’t hold a candle to handwritten thank you notes.  

 With automated handwriting services like Simply Noted, you can send warm, authentic, pen-written custom business thank you cards that perfectly recreate the experience of real handwriting. The personal touch that handwriting lends your mailings will create an instant connection with your recipients. When reading the following 10 reasons, consider how much more impactful they’d be paired with a genuine handwriting experience.

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Referrals are one of the most effective, and cost-effective ways to market your business. According to Forbes, a full 78% of B2B marketers get excellent leads through their referral programs. And the best time to ask for referrals is when your customers are most favorably disposed toward you.  

 To best take advantage of your happy customers, send out automated, personalized, handwritten thank you cards at the conclusion of every project or after each large sale. Assuming their pleased with your work, they’ll likely happily pass on a few names.


Custom business thanks you cards work well on the other side of the lead equation as well. Simply Noted offers robust business software integrations that allow handwritten cards to be included in your normal business automation.  

 To greet new leads memorably, consider using your marketing automation software and/or your CRM to trigger the mailing of a handwritten thank you note every time a lead requests information through your website, chat programs, social media accounts, and everywhere else where you generate leads. Your prospects will be so impressed by the personalized message, they’ll be sure to give your brand a second look.

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Custom business thank you cards are just as effective at the end of your funnels as well. You might consider sending out automated, handwritten cards containing special offers to fence-sitting customers. Thanking them for their consideration while extending a time-sensitive offer may be all it takes to win them over. And the personal touch found in handwritten cards will demonstrate your commitment to customer service, showing them that you’re willing to go above and beyond their expectations.


Your customers will remain yours so long as they continue to see value in the relationship. Basing your ongoing associations on quality work and premium product offerings is the first step. Beyond that, you’ll want to strengthen the bond through personal interactions. Custom business thank you cards help spread goodwill, letting your customers know how important they are to your business.  

 When customers feel appreciated they’re more likely to view your business favorably, all things being equal. So do good work, offer quality products, and then thank your customers authentically to grow their accounts.

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Imagine you’re trying to win a new account and you’re up against two other firms. All three of you make insightful, engaging presentations, but you’re the only one to send a custom business thank you card after your meeting. Assuming your prospect’s decision is a difficult one, which of the three firms is likely to win the business? You. The firm that sent a timely, handwritten thank you card with a personalized message specific to your presentation.  

 It’s often the little touches that make the difference.


We’ve talked about using custom business thank you cards to strengthen customer relationships. Why would you do the same for vendors? Shouldn’t they be thanking you?  

 They should be expressing their gratitude, and they probably do, but the value goes both ways. When they feel that you’re appreciative of the services they provide, they’re more likely to go out of their way for you in the future. That might mean better terms, faster service, or special discounts.  

 The truth is that every business relationship is important, whether they’re paying your or you’re paying them. Showing your appreciation can amplify the value you’re able to derive.

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It’s fairly common for businesses to send thank you emails. In many cases, the emails are never seen or opened. And an unread “thank you” is an ineffective thank you. 

 Sending automated, handwritten thank you cards created using real ballpoint pens makes a far stronger impression. Not only will your thank you note get opened (handwritten cards enjoy a 99% open rate,) it will connect with your audience in a way that impersonal email can’t match.


Custom business thank you cards are an excellent way to strengthen internal relationships as well. Your employees want to know their work makes a difference. To maintain strong company morale, you need to make certain your staff’s contributions feel noticed and appreciated. 

 Thank you cards are a great way to accomplish that goal. Any time your employees put in significant extra time, make a major contribution, or win a big new account, contact Simply Noted and have us send out a handwritten thank you card. We can replicate your handwriting using smart fonts that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Your employees will feel valued and appreciated, and your business will benefit far more than the cost of a card.

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Take a moment and think about how many customers you’ve worked with that have since slipped into obscurity. Don’t ignore them! Dormant customers represent a warm market that’s already familiar with the value you provide. Send them a custom business thank you card for your previous relationship. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, you’ll be brought back to the top of their mind. They may decide to rekindle your relationship and bring you new business. Not bad for the cost of a thank you card.


Business is about relationships. Your customers, vendors, employees, and partners are all critical to your continued success. Keeping those relationships healthy is very important. Thankfully it doesn’t need to take a lot of effort. An occasional thank you, rendered “by hand,” with a heartfelt message of gratitude can go a long way toward creating unbreakable bonds.  

 Customers that like you will stick with you even if they get a better offer. Employees that are dedicated to your cause won’t cause churn. Vendors that feel appreciated will favor you first over their other customers. So let people know they’re valued with custom business thank you cards from Simply Noted.