Why Handwritten Communication Is More Important Than Ever

In 2019, we are truly in a society that lives in a digital age. Communication over the past 3 decades has become more and more less personal yet a lot easier. The digital age is here to stay and a personal touch is needed now more than ever. Simply Noted was founded on this idea, handwritten notes are an amazing way to bridge the gap between the digital and personal experience.

We want to help you engage those who matter most by sending something that’s not only personalized, but also that the recipient could touch and feel. What we at Simply Noted are trying to essentially do is to marry digital convience and a personal/tangible  touch. We want to help you send personal handwritten communication conveniently and create a powerful moment that required the recipient to pause, hold something memorable in their hands, and think about the person who sent it. 

If you have any questions please do not hesistate to reach out to us at sales@simplynoted.com ALSO see our Frequently Asked Questions page at https://www.simplynoted.com/frequently-asked-questions