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Yes we do! Orders up-to 5,000 can be placed online with our normal pricing. For larger orders or custom orders please reach out to us at
We are proud to offer the most flexibility in the industry by giving our clients the ability to write on a variety paper sizes 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 6x9 or 8.5x11 card stock or A1, A2, A6, A7, A8, A9, & A10 envelope sizes. By default we use 5x7 (10x7 fold over) stationary & A7 envelopes. To place a custom order please reach out to us at 
Great question! Orders that do not require custom printed card stock and use our in-stock stationery can be started as fast as the same day. Orders that require custom-designed & printed stationery can take up to 1-3 business days. Depending on the order size we can ship the same day as completion. From there USPS typically delivers within 3-7 business days. For large orders and specific turnaround times please contact us at
NO! The person receiving this letter will think that it came from your desk. Simply Noted does not cobrand or use your cards to market our business.
Simply submit us your contacts address and the message you would like and we do the rest. We can send you a template to assist you or give us a call and we would be happy to help you!
Glad you asked! Simply Noted has highly sophisticated software and autonomous robotic writing technology that produce custom, individualized real pen written notes on your behalf. They hold a really high-quality pen (in any color) and manually write each letter one at a time.
If you are sending more than 1,000 handwritten notes per month we can hold onto personal stationery BUT we do recommend to let us print your stationery for you. Through years of testing and sending millions of handwritten notes we have determined the best paper types that produce the best and most authentic handwritten notes.
Yes! We offer business solutions for companies or individuals who need large quantities. Please refer to the pricing above for information and requirements. If you need less than 500 done please contact us for pricing.
Yes! Just like our envelope service we offer business solutions for companies or individuals who need large quantities. Please refer to the pricing above for information and requirements. If you need less than 500 done please contact us for pricing.
Absolutely! For a small monthly fee we will stuff 1 item at no additional cost. We only ask that you provide what you would like to have stuffed OR ask us about our concierge service and let us help you for a small additional fee.
Yes! We have the ability to take your handwriting and convert it into its own font. To ensure that the writing is as similar as possible to yours we take 7-10 business days to convert your font. Our designers are very meticulous and thorough. There is a one-time additional fee of $1,500.
Yes! We have the ability to convert your signature as well. It takes 3-5 business days to convert your signature. Our designers are very meticulous and thorough. There is a one-time additional fee of $250.
We offer a 15 day no questions asked return policy on pre-purchased credits. If your prepaid service included design, print, consulting, the customer would then be billed for the services received at fair market value including but not limited to design, print, consulting etc. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your order we will make it right! 
Simply reach out to us at
We can clean your mailing list to improve delivery rates. Starts at $99
We use real Forever Stamps which take 3-5 business days to be delivered anywhere in the continental US. There is no tracking since we use Forever Stamps.
Since we use real Forever Stamps there is no tracking. If we used a trackable mailing method your recipient would know you used a service to send your handwritten note AND the shipping cost would 20x or more expensive. You can see your order status in your account page.
The best way for efficient communication of your order status is placing your order online. You will receive automated emails letting you know the status of your order. You can also check your order status in your account page when you are logged in FULLFILLED = SHIPPED!
Yes! At check out just ask (in the "Note" box) for us to ship it to you and give us your address. Standard drop shipping starts at $29 a goes up pending the size of your order. Our team will email you the invoice for the drop shipping, once that is paid we will mail your order to you!
We use real physical gift cards just as if you would. We manually buy and include the gift card in the handwritten note. The Gift Card is prepaid and will work just as if you bought the gift card. For limitations of that gift card please visit that vendors website (Amex, Visa, Starbucks, etc.).
Although we think the best reason to send a handwritten note is to simply thank them or show them you are thinking about them, there are multiple ways to track open rates. We recommend setting up a call tracking number, a trackable QR code or drive traffic towards a landing page specifically for your mailing project.
If your handwritten note is not delivered to your recipient it is usually because the address was wrong OR incomplete. Since we use real forever stamps the USPS will send it to the return address provided on your order usually within 2 weeks.
If there is an error on your order that you placed, the order will need to be cancelled which can be done on your account page. We are not responsible for spelling, grammar or address errors on the orders you place.
When a letter bounces back, it is most likely due to a bad or incomplete mailing address. Simply Noted is not responsible for bounced mail for this reason. Please make sure that you have the most accurate addresses for your mailing list. We can also run your mailing list through the NCOA for a $100 fee to verify the mailing address for you. If the mailing address is correct, please visit your local post office for justification. We are not liable for mail that the post office mishandles. If there was a mistake on our end we will redo and send them at no charge.
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