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When You Should Send Out Cards

When You Should Send Out Cards


Handwritten cards are an underappreciated business tool. A heartfelt message penned by hand can strengthen relationships, boost morale, retain customers, and help your sales force. Just a few sentences, set in ink and mailed at just the right time, can do more for your business than any electronic communication could. 

 After all, your customers, vendors, and employees get hundreds of emails a day, each one the same as the last — each cold and impersonal. The same is true of text messages. While you could say “thank you” to an important client with a text, it wouldn’t have the same emotional weight as a handwritten card

 Simply Noted solves this problem. Our service lets you send out cards with natural handwriting as quickly as an email! Our automated handwriting machines can author cards in any volume using real ballpoint pens. We use sophisticated digital font technologies to create a handwriting experience that feels authentic. You get the convenience of a text message with the power of a handwritten note.

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Anytime is a good time to let someone important know that you’re thinking of them, but there are certain occasions when a handwritten note will be especially well-received. It’s a good habit to send out cards on each of these occasions. The relationships that are important to your business will be better for it.

A card envelope with "Thank You!" written in ink.

Thank You Cards

In business, there are always occasions to say thank you. Some of these include:

  • Thanking an employee for going above and beyond 
  •  Thanking a customer for a large purchase 
  •  Thanking a prospect for the opportunity to pitch them business 
  •  Thanking a vendor for going out of their way to accommodate a special request

With each of these, you don’t want to wait much longer than a week after the event to mail your note. Any longer and your message could feel like an afterthought. You want to send out cards while the memory is still fresh in your recipient’s mind. 

 Because your window of opportunity is relatively short, thank you cards are great candidates for automation. You and your staff might not have the time to write thank you cards on demand and deliver them within a week of the occasion. With Simply Noted’s intuitive interface, you can choose a tasteful design, pick a font, type in your message, and have your message winging its way through the mail in a matter of minutes. It’s the simplest way to send out cards when you need to. 

 Thank you cards are an opportunity to request a referral but tread lightly. You don’t want to ruin the sincerity of your message with a heavy-handed promotional plug at the end. A thank you note is most valuable as a relationship-building tool. Make sure that’s your focus, and promote yourself only if you can include it organically.

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A birthday card with flowers to its right.

Birthday Cards

Birthdays are ready-made for recognition. Don’t miss the opportunity to send out cards in honor of your employees’ and customers’ special days. To make sure your card doesn’t arrive late, try to send it out two weeks ahead of the birthday. Your recipient won’t mind if it comes early, but if it arrives late, you could undo the positive reaction you were hoping for. 

 But there’s an even better way. You might have dozens or even hundreds of employees and  VIP clients that warrant a card. Even with a calendar, it can be challenging to stay on top of them. Simply Noted can help. 

 When you order a card, you can choose the date you’d like it penned and mailed. It doesn’t matter if you choose a week, a month, or six months in the future. Your birthday card will start its journey on your selected day — no need for you to remember. You can send out cards when you think of it and have them arrive when you need them to.  

 Don’t forget the gift! You can add a gift card to your order to be sent with your birthday message.

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A fancy envelope with a wax seal.

New Customer Welcome Cards

Let your new customers know that you’re excited about your budding relationship with a handwritten welcome card. You can welcome new employees as well. Like thank you cards, you’ll want to send welcome cards within a week of your customer coming on board. Strike while they’re still thinking about you. 

 Welcome cards show your appreciation for the trust your new customer is placing in you. They’re also an opportunity to let your customers know what they can expect, share next steps, and provide your contact information.  

 Unlike thank you cards, it’s okay to include promotional messaging in welcome cards. You’re inviting the recipient into your business, after all. They’re expecting the content to center around their relationship with your company.

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A Christmas tree cookie, some tea, and a holiday card.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are the classic expression of business goodwill. Companies that don’t send out cards any other time of the year will usually wish their customers a happy holiday.  

 Smart businesses send holiday cards, and they should flow like water. Send them to all of your customers, past and present. Your current clients will be happy to hear from you, and those that you haven’t worked with in a while might be prompted to revitalize your relationship.  

 Exact timing is less critical with holiday wishes. Shoot to have them arrive around three weeks before the holiday season. Remember that some holidays, like Hanukkah, occur on different dates each year. Sending your cards out early will reduce the risk that they arrive after a holiday’s over. 

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 It’s important to remember that not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Because it’s unlikely that you’re aware of each of your customers’ religious affiliations, it’s best to stick with generic holiday wishes. You don’t want to taint the goodwill you’re attempting to spread by sending the wrong holiday wish. 

 You should avoid heavy-handed sales tactics. You can, however, include a special offer as a holiday gift to your customers. 

 With all of the mailing opportunities on this list, it’s essential to send out cards consistently. You don’t want to forget a birthday here and there or miss your chance to thank a client. Use Simply Noted to cut down the time it takes to send handwritten cards and ensure that they arrive on time, every time.

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