Handwritten Thanksgiving Cards for Businesses and Brands

Handwritten Thanksgiving Cards for Businesses and Brands


Gratitude is a powerful force for good in the world. It brings the positive aspects of our lives into greater focus, drawing our attention to what we have instead of what we’re lacking. It enables us to recognize the contributions others make on our behalf and reward that behavior. If you’re interested in drawing people closer to you, enhancing your natural empathy, and reducing aggressive or depressive thoughts, you should tell people you appreciate them more often

 Warm feelings of gratitude, and the positivity they create, are why Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. It offers us a day to forget our burdens and focus on the things we should be grateful for. We gather our family and friends close and spend the day in contemplation — and a food coma. 

 Given what you could gain, why should you limit yourself to one day of thanksgiving? Extend the breadth of your gratitude by mailing Thanksgiving cards a few weeks before the big day. They extend the range of your graciousness far beyond the confines of your Thanksgiving Day table. They also provide an opportunity to ponder deeply the good that each of your loved ones and acquaintances brings to your life.  

 If you’re sending business Thanksgiving cards, the benefits should be obvious. Anything that gets you and your customers mulling over what you appreciate about each other will only strengthen and deepen your bond. And with Simply Noted, expressing that gratitude with a handwritten card is easier than ever! 

 Interested in seeing what’s new? Click here for our updated Holiday Catalog! 

 Our 2021 Holiday Catalog contains 200+ designs across a range of holidays, including dozens of new Thanksgiving Day cards. Using our simple online interface or one of our many business software integrations, you can send any number of handwritten, personalized business Thanksgiving cards in the time it takes to send an email. Click above for your catalog now!

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A woman holding a Thanksgiving card against a backdrop of acorns and leaves.


According to a recent survey of the scientific literature on gratitude by Forbes Magazine, this noble pursuit has several benefits. When you cultivate gratitude:

  • Your relationships will grow in strength and number. 
  •  Your health, both physical and psychological, will improve. 
  •  Empathy in your life will become more common. 
  •  Your self-esteem will climb. 
  •  You’ll enhance your mental fortitude.

And these are just the benefits you’ll enjoy personally. Your gratitude will nourish the hearts and minds of your recipients as well. To start sending gratitude by mail automatically, submit your email with the form below, and you’ll get a copy of our latest catalog. 

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 Handwritten Thanksgiving cards for businesses and brands help you extend the holiday season for your customers and clients. The more they hear from you, the more they’ll think of you. The more they think of you, the more sales you’ll make. The more sales you make, the more you’ll have to be grateful for!

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The cover of the Simply Noted Holiday Catalog.


Our 2021 Holiday Catalog is chock full of wonderful, whimsical, and heartwarming business Thanksgiving cards. Take a look at these examples and imagine what they could do for your company.

A cartoon turkey card that says "Happy Thanksgiving".

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Turkey

Nothing says Thanksgiving like its classic symbol, the humble yet delicious turkey. We created a fanciful, friendly turkey character, complete with a pilgrim hat, to help you spread Thanksgiving cheer. Sometimes a simple “Happy Thanksgiving” is all you need to remind everyone on your list to appreciate the time they have.

A pen and ink drawing of Thanksgiving food paired with "Happy Thanksgiving".

Celebrate a More Refined Holiday

This design takes all of the classic Thanksgiving table tropes and presents them in a polished pen and ink style. Your customers will appreciate the sentiment and the aesthetic. It’s a great choice for professionals looking to wish their clients a happy Thanksgiving.

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"Thankful For You" surrounded by a Thanksgiving-themed wreath.

Let Them Know You’re Glad to Know Them

We offer several new designs geared toward expressing appreciation as well as holiday wishes. This folksy layout takes advantage of watercolor’s warmth to create an honest sentiment of gratitude. Let them know that you’re thankful for them both inside the card and out.

A ring of leaves and berries surround a Thanksgiving message on this card.

Remind Your Recipients to Be Thankful

Sometimes, amid the challenges of life and the myriad preparations we have to make for our Thanksgiving celebrations, we forget what the holiday’s about. We enjoy the company and relish the meal but forget to shift our focus. This attractive design offers a simple yet compelling admonition to give thanks for everything you have to be thankful for.

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This card has "With Gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving" written over rolling hills.

Inspire With the Great Outdoors

If you’re ever struggled to find something to be thankful for, take a walk in nature. Enjoy the sun on your face and the breeze gently rippling your hair. Take in the majesty of a system that gave birth to you and continues to support life on this planet. This lovely card captures nature’s grandeur and translates it into a simple expression of gratitude. 

 You’ll find these cards plus many more. Click the link below to get your copy of our Holiday Catalog. 

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A happy Thanksgiving card surrounded by gourds.


You could have generic business Thanksgiving cards printed and mailed to your contact list, but why would you want to? Bulk cards offer time savings, but they’re cold and impersonal. Your recipients will assume you put the least amount of effort possible into your holiday greetings, and you’ll get a tepid response in return. 

 Buying generic cards is particularly silly because you’ll enjoy similar time savings using Simply Noted, and you’ll get personalized, handwritten cards in return for your investment.  

 We’ve built a fleet of custom handwriting machines that use real ballpoint pens to create cards that seem to be rendered by hand. Our smart font technology varies letter sizes, shapes, and other subtle details to recreate the look of real handwriting. Send in a sample, and we can even copy your handwriting for a simple, automated, peerless handwritten experience. 

 If you haven’t already, click the link below to get your copy of our new Holiday Catalog. You’re sure to find a card style that’s a good match for your business. 

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