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Create Impressive Handwritten Just-Sold Postcards to Boost Your Real Estate Business

Create impressive handwritten just-sold postcards to boost your real restate business.

Create Impressive Handwritten Just-Sold Postcards to Boost Your Real Estate Business

Handwritten postcards for when properties are sold can help to differentiate your real estate business from the competition while also providing an opportunity to create a lasting connection with customers. In this article, you’ll pick up strategies to assemble impressive just-sold postcards, find apt photos and words that will make a statement, and integrate these into other marketing tactics for them to have maximum effect. Unlocking the power of customized advertising through postcards is vital for any successful property venture.

Key Takeaways

  • Just-sold postcards allow real estate agents to showcase their successes, enhance brand recognition, and generate referrals. 
  •  Handwritten postcards can increase open rates, express gratitude for past clients, and foster trust among potential customers. 
  •  Strategies such as leveraging services like Simply Noted, sharing on social media, and tracking response rates will ensure the success of your just-sold postcard campaign.


The advantages of handwritten postcards for real estate agents are many. Utilizing advanced robots and true pens, the appearance of these cards comes across as genuinely personalized. The handwriting styles can be chosen from a variety or even replicated to align with your brand image. 

Such a card aids significantly in collecting referrals and forging solid links among potential buyers. It also provides essential details that could benefit the leads’ decision-making process. All this is conducted using their own stationery accompanied by an authentically stamped envelope – thus adding validity to every step of the mailing task.

The Impact of Handwritten Just-Sold Postcards

The power of a hand-written letter to fortify the bond with your brand is far-reaching. A handwritten card’s open rate can be up to 99%, while printed materials typically hit around 20%. These notes are treasured and immensely beneficial for promoting your business, as they serve not only to thank clients but also to demonstrate the latest sales achievements, effectively building customer trust in you. 

 Postcards sent out by mail are another great tool that offers gratitude, establishes links between parties involved, and amplifies the credibility associated with success.

A smiling couple blurry in the background, holding up a house key in the foreground.

Targeting the Right Audience

Maximizing the impact of your sold postcards requires reaching the correct target audience. If buyers or sellers interested in real estate can be successfully targeted, it is more likely that leads and sales will follow suit. Location plays a key role here as being acknowledged as an area specialist increases credibility to potential customers. 

 Creating desirable postcards involves understanding what resonates with prospective consumers based on their needs and motivations. This helps deliver attractive content, effectively capturing attention through its appeal.


Creating unique and attractive just-sold postcards can make a lasting impression on potential clients. Branding your information on the cards increases visibility, making it easier for prospects to reach out. 

 When designing these postcards as a handwritten note, not only should you consider their appearance. Choose effective images, craft an impactful message, and select suitable stationery all play important roles in ensuring success with your just-sold mailers.

Choosing the Right Images

High-quality images of the property are a must on any handwritten card for making an impressive first impression and attracting potential customers. This allows them to visualize their life in that space by providing comprehensive details. Thus, when sending out postcards, they feature succinct data that emphasizes any outstanding or attractive aspects this particular asset has for consumers. 

Place one eye-catching image with captivating artwork at its front and other intriguing pictures to make these cards stand out from others! By selecting accurate visuals, you can effectively highlight all those unique qualities your real estate owns, thereby increasing your chances of drawing more buyers toward it.

Crafting a Compelling Message

The content of the just-sold postcards should be convincing and inspiring enough to take action. Showcasing recent accomplishments can build trust in your real estate business. Include attractive calls-to-action, slogans, customer reviews, and colorful visuals for even better effects – this will encourage people to contact you requesting a home valuation or additional property options. 

 A clear message pointing towards what is expected from them increases the efficiency of these kinds of cards drastically!

An assortment of stationary.

Selecting the Perfect Stationery

When choosing the right stationery for your recently sold postcards, consider their overall look and feel. Optimal card stocks include 100 lb Cover Gloss, 14 pt ‘Extra Thick’ Cardstock, 16 pt ‘Ultra Thick’ Cardstock, and Premium Linen Cardstock or 130lb/350gsm cover stock. The finish that would fit best with your branding and message is essential, such as matte texture, thick, glossy paper quality, or UV coating on top of it all. If needed, you can always upload designs or get help from our customer success team!


For the triumphant arrival of your newly sold postcards, it is essential to ensure proper addressing and pick a trustworthy mailing service. Keeping with the personalized feel throughout every delivery stage requires hand-addressing envelopes that also feature an authentic stamp. 

 Usually, sending them out within 24 hours enables timely receipt in one to three days afterward. Hence, selecting dependable mail carriers helps guarantee quick distribution and secure quality conditions for those recently bought postcards.

Addressing and Stamping

If you are selling postcards, they must reach their recipients. For domestic mail in the U.S., a stamp worth $0.51 will deliver them successfully to those who purchased them from you! You can find stamps at local post offices, USPS online, or other places such as grocery stores, coin and hobby shops or bookstores with office supplies sections. 

A regular postage stamp should suffice for your postcard’s journey, so make sure each one has been correctly labeled and holds its attachment of required value before sending it off; this way, nothing stands between you and complete satisfaction on both sides!

Photo of a USPS building.

Choosing a Mailing Service

To ensure your just-sold postcards get to their destination on time and in good condition, you must choose an online mailing service with trustworthiness. Such services make the process more convenient and reasonably priced with a professional quality standard. 

 When thinking about traditional mail methods for delivery of these postcards, USPS, FedEx, and UPS are all viable options worth considering if you want maximum efficiency from your campaign effort. These postal companies should provide reliability when sending out items labeled “just sold” to reach where they need to go quickly and perfectly intact, giving ideal results for your marketing strategies!


To maximize your marketing efforts, we’ll discuss creating a comprehensive and successful campaign that increases reach and brand recognition by incorporating sold postcards into other strategies. Utilizing automated handwritten notes from Simply Noted will allow you to keep up with personal touches while streamlining and building closer customer relationships. Using social media platforms and featuring sold postcards on your website can help advance online visibility.

Enhancing Online Presence

Reaching a larger audience is easy when you share your just-sold postcards online and across social media platforms. Try these strategies: customize the postcard to suit specific areas, offer special promotions, showcase customer testimonials for credibility, and use vibrant visuals that stand out from other content. These steps will effectively engage with potential clients while boosting overall awareness around what has been recently sold. 

 For a more significant impact on those viewing the cards online, make sure to incorporate interactive elements such as targeted advertisements or messages meant only for specific demographics, utilize simple phrases emphasizing connections, plus give prominence by linking them back onto your real estate website itself - all combined creating an advantage over others in today’s market environment!

Leveraging Automated Handwritten Notes With Simply Noted

Simply Noted is a platform that allows users to craft handwritten notes with the help of automated robots and integrate them into CRM systems like Salesforce or HubSpot. Our team handles all necessary operations to facilitate this process, proving particularly advantageous for real estate agent’s marketing efforts. Sold postcards and personalized handwritten messages can be used together to establish strong connections between customers and clients. Our handwriting robots use real pens to craft convincing results.

A couple holding up a wooden "Home Sweet Home" sign.


Analyzing the performance of your sold postcards is necessary for making informed decisions and refining your methods. To assess a campaign's success, tracking response rates and engagement metrics can be beneficial in pinpointing areas that need improvement. 

 In this article, we will discuss strategies for keeping track of these indicators when it comes to just-sold postcards and tips on analyzing the results so you can make intelligent changes moving forward.

Monitoring Response Rates

Close monitoring of the results of a sold postcard campaign is critical to its success. Having unique tracking codes, phone numbers, or QR codes on these postcards allows you to trace their responses accurately and immediately get alerts via email when such campaigns generate leads. Keeping track of response rates helps identify what areas need improvement for future marketing efforts to be even more effective.

Analyzing Results and Adjusting Strategies

Evaluating the outcomes of your recently sold postcard campaign is essential to make well-informed decisions and modify future marketing techniques. To calculate profitability, take away total investment from revenue collected, then divide by initial outlay for a return on investment (ROI) percentage figure. 

 Monitoring the number of reactions will indicate how effective it was so that any improvements can be made and subsequent campaigns. By continually assessing results alongside revisions, you’ll secure ongoing success with sold postcard initiatives into the future.

A happy couple embracing in their new home as their real estate smiles in the background.


To sum it up, sold postcards are an effective way for real estate agents to promote their business and develop strong customer relationships. Crafting attractive cards tailored towards the right people and combining them alongside other marketing efforts will help you get ahead of your competitors. Keep tabs on how well-received they have been so that you can adjust your strategies accordingly if needed to ensure ongoing success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you write on just-sold postcards?

Postcards that have just been sold should feature the specific address of the property, an exclusive offer for potential buyers, a promotion showing you as an authority in your region, and customer endorsements to stimulate emotion. Ensure to include a reasonable selling price and an unambiguous call-to-action so interested customers can act immediately.

Do just-sold postcards work?

Postcards that advertise a property as being sold can get your brand out there and remind prospects when it’s time for them to buy or sell. These postcards effectively increase the company's recognition while keeping keywords like ‘the company.’

Can a buyer's agent send just-sold postcards?

Using sold postcards as a tool, buyer's agents can generate seller leads. The process requires some expertise to be effective.

Why are handwritten cards better?

Handwritten cards demonstrate that you have put some thought and care into the message, creating a special bond between yourself and the recipient. They can be kept for many years in contrast to digital messages, which disappear quickly after being read.

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