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6 Reasons Handwritten Notes are Better Than Email

Handwritten Notes are Better Than Email

Email is enormously useful, and its advent revolutionized business and personal communications. With its advent, letters could suddenly be sent and arrive at their destination in almost the same breath. With this innovation, the speed of modern life and the volume of communication increased dramatically, and the world has never been the same since. 

 However, email’s merits tend to overshadow its problems. It’s fast and easy, yes, but it also feels cheap. You can reach anyone almost instantly, but your message is likely to get lost amid hundreds of others. You might spend considerable time crafting the perfect message, but the medium’s detachment ensures that the emotional content of your message will be lost.  

What’s the solution to email’s failings? You should use it only when appropriate — when the content of your message isn’t critical and doesn’t need to connect emotionally with your reader. For those messages that need special consideration, you should switch to handwritten notes. 

 Let’s look at why handwritten notes are better than email. By the end, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been handwriting your messages for years. Thankfully, it’s never too late to start.

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Kids happily reading a letter.


It’s your mother’s birthday. Do you mail her a personalized, handwritten greeting card or do you send her an email? The email is faster, certainly, but it lacks distinction. Minimal effort or thought is required, which means it’s the least you can do. And no one wants to get “the least you can do” on their birthday. They want to feel special. They want to know that you cared enough to put some work into their birthday wish

 Handwritten notes are more appropriate for situations where you want your recipient to connect with your message. They say, “I care enough about you and this message to write it down, by hand, and spend a stamp to get it to you.” There’s a physicality to handwritten notes that amplifies their value. There’s a tactile sensation to opening an envelope and paging through a letter that helps ground your communication and make it real for the reader.

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At first blush, this section’s title might seem a misstatement. Surely, handwriting a letter takes longer than sending an email, and that extra effort is part of their appeal. Handwritten notes take effort to create, and so they feel more valuable. 

 However, handwritten notes are only harder to create if you’re doing the work yourself. If you outsource the task to Simply Noted, it becomes a piece of cake. In under two minutes, you can choose a card design, type in the text you want written inside, choose your font, and finalize your order.  

 Our handwriting machines — the most advanced in the industry — will convert your text into convincing, pen-written messages, handwrite your envelope, and then put the put the card in the mail.  

 Need only one? That’s easy. Need 10,000? That’s no problem, too. Our machines can generate highly personalized, handwritten notes in any volume and deliver them when they need to arrive. With Simply Noted, handwritten cards become a digital communication method — but with a superior final product.

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A stack of handwritten letters.


It’s one thing if you’re sending an email to an existing client. Your message is likely to arrive as intended. But if you do a lot of email marketing, there’s a good chance that a sizeable percentage of each campaign is winding up at the bottom of a spam filter. Those prospects won’t see your message. They likely won’t even know it arrived. And each of these is a missed opportunity and a waste of your precious resources. 

 Handwritten notes get delivered to their intended recipient every time. There is no automated system for culling out unwanted messages like email, so more of your audience will get the messages you’re sending. And because handwritten notes enjoy a 99% open rate, most everyone that you send them to will open them and read them. Email simply can’t compete.

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Who’s had this experience — you receive an important email, read it, and then quickly lose touch with it after it gets buried by newer messages. With nothing physical to help remind you about the content of the email, it disappears forever. 

 Handwritten cards, on the other hand, are their own reminder. Their recipient can sit them on a table or in front of their computer. If the sentiment was warm and friendly, they could pick up the card and re-read it occasionally to brighten their day. If there was an important call to action included in the message, the physical card, perched within view, helps to motivate a quick response.


Increasingly, the safety of our digital communications is in question. Email servers are routinely hacked, and you never really know who might be reading the emails you send. When security is critical, a handwritten note can’t be beaten.  

 Not only does the post office have a proven track record of caring for the mail placed in its charge, but there’s also no way for outside parties to intercept your message. You can rest assured that it will find its way to its intended recipient and that no one else will be privy to its contents.

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A beautiful keepsake letter.


Imagine someone sends you a particularly lovely email. You laugh, you cry, you learn something new about yourself. How do you commemorate this heartfelt bit of prose? Do you frame the email and gaze upon it fondly? 

No…because it’s an email. Even if you were to print it, it wouldn’t be terribly attractive. 

 Handwritten notes, cards, and letters on the other hand, are instant keepsakes. They come complete with an appealing cover image and your loved one's thoughts captured in ink by their own hand. You don’t even need to frame them. You can stand a handwritten card on a shelf and it will become an instant conversation piece. 

 So were we right? Are you questioning why you haven’t been sending more handwritten notes? Then give us a call so we can get you started.

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