Handwritten Holiday Cards for Businesses and Brands

Handwritten Holiday Cards for Businesses and Brands


The holiday season is nearly upon us, which means we’ll all soon be engaged in that perennial activity — mailing holiday cards. For individuals, this annual tradition is often a labor of love. For businesses and brands, it’s just one more task to complete before the end of the year. 

 And an important one. Handwritten holiday cards for businesses and brands are a critical component of any holistic customer outreach effort. Unfortunately, they’re labor-intensive, requiring dozens or hundreds of hours of your or your employees’ time. That amount can be difficult for a busy business to find. 

 You need Simply Noted. We support your client relationships by providing some of the finest automated handwriting in the industry. You no longer need to take employees away from their regular duties to handwrite your business holiday cards. Instead, you can put our fleet of handwriting robots to work for you.

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 These aren’t your usual handwriting machines. We’ve developed intelligent fonts, powered by AI that recreate subtle handwriting details to create a wholly convincing illusion. And we outfit our robots with real ballpoint pens. Your clients won’t be able to tell your holiday cards weren’t written by a person. You’ll reap the benefits of genuine, handwritten sentiments without all the work.

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A lovely blue card with a flower and the words "Happy Holidays".


In 2021, we’re improving our offerings again. In response to demand, we’ve dramatically increased our holiday card selection. We have a raft of new designs created specifically with the needs of our business users in mind. They’re attractive and understated, made to appeal to the broadest audience possible.  

 We’ve included a few examples in this article. To see our entire selection, get your hands on our new Holiday Catalog. Submit your email with the form below, and we will send you our catalog with 200+ designs to choose from! 

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 Simply Noted will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes you to send out your business holiday cards. But leave yourself some time to peruse our full selection. With this many great designs, you may find it challenging to choose one!

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The cover of the Simply Noted holiday catalog.


Whether your preferred sentiment begins with “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Chanukah,” you can pick from an assortment of styles. You’ll find an appropriate, effective design no matter who your clients are.

A Christmas card with blue snowflakes and ornaments strung together.

Try a Playful Snow Motif

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, we have the perfect design. Our artists fused ornaments and snowflakes into a creative take on classic holiday garlands. Though brisk, this design will warm the cockles of your customers’ hearts with a playful take on a classic Christmas motif.

A playful snowman card. It's snowing and the card reads "Let it Snow."

Or Opt For a Friendly Snowman

Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW! If you love the snowy season and want a more inclusive greeting, give our whimsical snowman a try. Our frosty character’s bright, beaming smile immediately disarms even the grinchiest of grinches, promising warm holiday memories.

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A classic corporate card with Happy Holidays written across a stately metallic banner with snowy trees in the distance.

Try on a Corporate Classic

Metallic banners splashed across a compelling, subdued backdrop are classics of corporate holiday card design. Not to be outdone, we’ve elevated this form with a few of our newest cards. This design evokes the wonder and majesty of a snowy night deep in the wilds of our imagination. 

Flowers adorn this card's border. HAPPY is repeated in the back ground. "Happy Holidays" is written in the center.

Be Bold and Adventurous

Maybe your brand screams for a bold, evocative design. If personality and approachability are central to your brand voice, try this on for size. Its daring use of graphic text and symbols complements businesses that count personality and passion among their key traits. 

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"Happy Christmas" written inside a wreath is printed on this card.

Add a Touch of Elegance

If elegance and sophistication are more “on brand” for your business, look no further than this refined design. Our classic wreath paired with a polished text treatment adds poise and confidence to your holiday wishes. Professionals of all stripes will find this selection suits their brands. 

 These are just a sampling. Get your copy of our catalog to see even more tasteful designs. 

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A lovely red happy holidays card set against a nice backdrop.


Handwritten holiday cards for businesses and brands provide a valuable touchpoint with your clients and customers. They demonstrate your commitment to keeping communication lines open and prove to your customers that you care.  

 Holiday cards, like thank you cards, help you build customer relationships based on respect. They open the door to long-term customers. Your customers will feel appreciated and will translate that appreciation into continued patronage. 

 Why handwritten? Because handwritten cards are more personal than generic, printed mailers. Handwritten cards have a higher perceived value because they take time to create. Each one is unique, written specifically for the recipient. A holiday message rendered by hand is significantly more impactful than one printed on a laser printer. 

 If you use Simply Noted, you’ll get the warm appeal of handwritten cards with the ease of standard printing — except your cards won’t be printed. They’ll be rendered with real ballpoint pens and styled to convince your recipients you penned the message yourself.

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A card set against a staged backdrop. It says "Let it Snow" with a snowman-tiled background.


Businesses sometimes limit their recipients because they don’t have the time to handwrite cards to everyone that should receive one. It’s reasonable considering the circumstances, but it also limits your mailing’s effectiveness. 

For maximum benefit, you should send a handwritten holiday card to every current customer and any others with which you’d like to cultivate a relationship, as well as any partners and vendors you’d like to honor. 

 Simply Noted makes it possible to mail any number of handwritten business holiday cards, each personalized to its recipient and delivered automatically at the appointed time. You can send cards to your entire list in the time it takes to send an email. Have all of your contacts in a CRM? Great! You can link it directly to our servers and have your addresses uploaded automatically.  

 To get started, click the link below to get a copy of our 2021 Holiday Catalog. With over 200 designs, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your business. 

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