The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Company Christmas Card

The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect company Christmas card.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Company Christmas Card

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to consider sending out personalized Christmas cards to convey goodwill and reinforce business relationships. This guide will help you understand how to find just the right company Christmas card that reflects an appropriate theme while also exploring the role of customer service in the ordering process during this happy period. Make sure each year’s Christmas card is truly memorable for all involved by spreading seasonal cheer!

Key Takeaways

  • Sending company Christmas cards strengthens business relationships, enhances employee morale and appreciation, and spreads holiday cheer. 
  •  Personalizing cards with logos, photos, custom messages, and greetings provides a unique touch that reflects the company’s character. 
  •  Selecting appropriate formats/sizes while aligning with corporate branding conveys desired values to an inclusive audience.


Company Christmas cards offer numerous advantages. Business and holiday cards have long been a traditional practice of the season. To recognize this, we can examine how each element of such correspondence contributes to its benefits — like strengthening business relationships, creating an upbeat environment in the workplace, and expressing gratitude for employees. Personalized business Christmas cards effectively maintain existing connections while elevating spirits by conveying seasonal joy during holidays. Business Christmas card sayings have a way of bringing out the best in everyone. Themed Christmas cards suitable for the occasion are widely available.

Strengthening Business Relationships

Sending meaningful holiday cards is fundamental for developing relationships with clients and employees. Company Christmas cards enable you to create a bond with existing associates as well as new ones. Incorporating an office picture on corporate Xmas cardings adds a customized feel to the greeting. They are making it more personalized for your contacts. To communicate your company’s unique character and build genuine links, using team pictures or photo holders' seasonal salutations works effectively in helping reach this goal. Personalized business Christmas card messages are a great way to break the ice!

Two employees smiling at the camera.

Employee Morale and Appreciation

Company Christmas cards are an ideal opportunity to recognize and thank employees for their hard work throughout the year. Personalized corporate holiday cards allow employers to express gratitude towards all employees within your company, fostering a positive atmosphere of appreciation during this special time of year. These kind gestures promote feelings of recognition among workers, which is essential in elevating employee morale for the festive season ahead.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Christmas cards from your business can promote a festive atmosphere and display appreciation to those you work with and your clients. Studies have shown that sending greeting cards encourages positive emotions and strengthens bonds between companies, colleagues, and vendors. Designing creative corporate Christmas cards provides an extra burst of holiday cheer for this particular time of year. They also feature personal touches, which add even more emotion than the usual generic card!


Creating custom business Christmas cards to reflect your company’s spirit is a great way to share this joyous season with customers and colleagues. Using logos, pictures, personalized messages, unique themes, and designs for the many custom business holiday cards you create will give them that extra special touch. 

 In the following section, we’ll explore all the options available for personalizing those very important business Christmas Cards, giving each one just that something special!

Adding Logos and Photos

Your business Christmas cards can be a great way to customize and showcase your unique identity by incorporating your company logo and photos of the team or office space. You could choose from several business Christmas card designs and templates available or create one from scratch with a blank template, whatever works best for achieving the perfect mix of personalization and branding that will leave an impression on recipients.

Custom Messages and Greetings

Crafting messages and greetings with the perfect tone, terminology, and sentiment is crucial in personalizing your business Christmas cards. Here are a few helpful tips for creating an ideal message.

  • Utilize professional yet friendly language. 
  •  Include personalized touches like addressing someone’s name or referencing shared experiences. 
  •  Show appreciation for recipients’ support or partnership over the year. 
  •  Send out wishes of joy, peace & success in upcoming years!

Suppose you need some help finding inspiration when crafting those all-important festive words. In that case, plenty of resources are available offering precomposed cards featuring sayings for business Christmas card ideas and traditional written messages. Don’t forget that adding memorable individual details will make sure each recipient feels special this season!

Unique Designs and Themes

Creating company Christmas cards with various designs and themes lets you show off your business’s unique style. Please select one that matches your brand's tone, values, and message so it stands out from others. The latest trends for this include gold foil touches, embossed features, vintage ephemera pieces, and midcentury illustrations. 

 As well as more traditional winter scenes like snow-covered landscapes or adorned pine trees – paired with some animal motifs too! By ensuring every card sends its special personalized greeting that aligns seamlessly with its branding guidelines, companies can ensure everyone receives something truly memorable during the holiday season.

Person holding up a Christmas card with an illustrated Christmas tree on the cover.


Choosing the ideal design for your business’s Christmas card is critical to ensuring it matches your brand and communicates your corporate values and interests to diverse people. When thinking about components like company logos, colors, or overall look, you can craft something that perfectly symbolizes your enterprise and resonates with those receiving it. 

 This article will investigate what goes into selecting an apt design for such cards, considering numerous variables.

Aligning with Company Branding

When deciding the design for your company Christmas card, ensuring that it accurately reflects and promotes your branding is essential. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Your logo should be visible on the card, use colors from its palette, include elements of its visual identity (e.g., patterns or icons), opt for fonts used by them regularly as well as a personalized message which conveys their values and communicates effectively with recipients. 

 Keeping all these points in view when creating the corporate holiday greeting card will create brand recognition among customers while reinforcing loyalty simultaneously, which is an ideal solution!

Conveying Your Corporate Values

Creating an impactful company Christmas card is achievable through thoughtfully designed holiday cards that convey your corporate values. When selecting a design for the card, choose one that reflects what matters most to your business, such as professionalism, appreciation, and sustainability – this will make it more personalized while resonating deeply with receivers. You can craft unique messages that reflect on these core beliefs to give another layer of meaning to the seasonal greeting!

Appealing to a Diverse Audience

Creating the perfect company Christmas card involves considering many recipients and designing something universally appealing. Using themed cards suitable to different cultures and avoiding religious symbols will ensure all audiences can connect with your sentiment, thus fostering goodwill. Offering inclusive designs catered towards diversity conveys respect for each recipient when sending out these cards.


When selecting the format and size for your business’s Christmas card, it is essential to ensure its visual appeal and effectiveness. Greeting cards of different styles, from classic designs to postcards or digital options, are all available with advantages that can be considered. 

 In this section, information on each option will help you determine which style fits best in meeting company requirements and individual preferences regarding holiday greetings, such as those sent out via a Christmas card.

A person handwriting a holiday card.

Traditional Greeting Cards

Traditional greeting cards can be a timeless way to send season’s greetings, providing the opportunity for personalization and an emotional connection with customers. When choosing your company's Christmas cards, some pros and cons should be considered. These classic forms of communication may come at increased costs or environmental impacts compared to digital alternatives, while their creative value is limited. Thus, assessing both sides is essential before selecting traditional greeting cards as the right choice for your business!

Flat Christmas Postcards

For a budget-friendly and eco-friendly option for your company’s holiday cards, sending flat Christmas postcards is ideal. Not only are these usually more affordable than folded ones, but they also require less packaging in shipping. They are helping to minimize environmental impact. 

 To effectively use seasonally themed postcards as greetings from your business, choose an eye-catching design and tailor it with a personalized message written on high-quality paper - all while keeping potential recipients’ likes and preferences in mind!

Digital Holiday Card Maker

With the help of digital holiday card makers, businesses can easily produce custom-made photo Christmas cards. Digital cards are more economical than printed ones. They may also be shared or forwarded quickly among recipients without much difficulty, making them an attractive choice.


When creating your company’s Christmas cards, there are many paper types, finishes, and envelope colors to choose from to deliver the perfect festive greeting. These include papers with different textures and additional elements such as linings or special envelopes reflecting your corporate identity.

Paper Types and Finishes

Creating an effective and memorable Christmas card for your company is essential. vendors offer various paper types, such as satin finish, uncoated matte, high gloss finish, textured felt, or ice pearl metallic to ensure a stunning design that appeals to the senses. By selecting the right combination of type and coating, you can craft a professional-looking holiday greeting that will make a lasting impression on all who receive it.

Envelope Colors and Linings

When selecting an envelope for your company's Christmas cards, considering the range of colors and linings can make them more attractive. Brightly colored envelopes stand out from the crowd and are likely to be opened. Different color choices evoke varied emotions, which add extra significance when sending holiday greetings. So explore various shades of hue to find one ideal for branding and sentimentality.

Addressing and Mailing Services

Companies offering mailing services for your company’s Christmas cards provide a practical way to ensure your festive greetings are sent in time. Services may include printing both return and recipient addresses on the envelopes, along with assembly and distribution of big orders. Taking advantage of these solutions helps you save valuable time while still spreading cheer among business partners this holiday season. It frees up resources so you can focus more energy on building stronger relationships all year long!

A person holding out a card that reads "Noel".

Automating Your Business Holiday Cards With Simply Noted

Automating your company's holiday cards with Simply Noted can streamline the process and ensure no one is left out of your holiday greetings. Simply Noted is a service that sends real, handwritten cards on a large scale. Their automation lets you personalize and send hundreds or even thousands of holiday cards with just a few clicks, saving you valuable time and resources during the busy holiday season. 

 Simply Noted uses advanced handwriting robots that hold real pens to write your messages, giving each card a personal and authentic touch that can't be replicated with printed fonts. You can customize your messages, add your company logo, and even include handwritten signatures. With Simply Noted, you can maintain the tradition of sending heartfelt holiday cards while enjoying the convenience of modern technology.


Finding economical choices for your business Christmas cards is key to making sure you can distribute personalized festive wishes without spending too much money. This article will examine practical methods like bulk orders, cost-efficient options, and seasonal specials/savings.

Bulk Christmas Card Orders

Sending out bulk Christmas cards is an advantageous way for businesses to ensure they can deliver holiday greetings to a sizable number of people without compromising on time or money. Bulk orders lower the cost per card while simplifying the process, so no one gets left out when receiving seasonal wishes from their employer, customers, and suppliers alike.

Affordable Alternatives

One of the best ways to save money on company Christmas cards while creating personalized greetings is by exploring affordable alternatives. Digital card designs and self-printing services are great cost-efficient options that offer plenty of personalization and customization. 

 These options allow you to send an impressive yet budget-friendly holiday message without breaking your bank account!

Seasonal Deals and Discounts

Many companies, such as CardsDirect and Gallery Collection, offer substantial discounts on Christmas cards during the holiday season. These deals can allow your business to purchase quality and personalized seasonal greeting cards at a much lower cost in bulk orders or other services. Whether for traditional holiday greetings or company-branded same-holiday business cards, utilizing special promotions ensures that your business’s memory remains unforgettable without breaking the bank this winter season!

A person filling out a holiday card.


When sending out holiday greetings, it’s a great idea to consider nondenominational corporate cards that reflect the various cultures and religious backgrounds. This type of card sends a message for inclusion and connection among everyone. The following points examine this concept: inclusive messages, personalized Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa designs. How to properly celebrate during the holiday season. 

 Holiday cards can effectively create unity within your diverse audience base if they embrace cultural diversity in their messaging and aesthetics. An array of options exist, such as customizing one with memorable seasonal phrases suitable for all recipients regardless of their background or beliefs. That said, these specially created cards also work flawlessly when celebrating occasions like Chanukah, Kwanzaa &Thanksgiving. Finding ways to commemorate significant festivals is another avenue in which corporations approach international celebration togetherness wholeheartedly, even from afar.

Inclusive Greetings

When preparing your nondenominational corporate holiday cards, crafting inclusive greetings is necessary to ensure the message resonates with a broad audience. You can express appreciation and well wishes using phrases such as “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays”, without excluding recipients. 

 Respect different cultures and religious customs when selecting words for these special occasions. After all, it’s important that everyone feels included!

Custom Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Kwanza Cards

Your business can commit to diversity and inclusivity by sending custom holiday cards during Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Kwanza. These personalized greetings demonstrate a genuine appreciation for the different holidays while providing a tailored message that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Customizing corporate seasonal cards is sure to be an effective way of sharing joyful wishes this time of year!

Girl putting up a star on a Christmas tree.

Celebrating the Holiday Season

Businesses can use cards and greetings to extend cheer as the holiday season approaches. This could be traditional ‘Merry Christmas’ messages or festive cards for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever best expresses joy while showing respect to all cultural backgrounds present among clients and partners. By connecting through warm wishes during this time of year, they will help spread a feeling of contentment and goodwill throughout their business network.


Customer service is an integral component in completing orders for corporate Christmas cards. This encompasses offering individualized assistance to customers, ensuring that more significant company transactions are convenient and straightforward, helping with customization selections and design alternatives, and addressing any problems or issues immediately and adequately. By prioritizing outstanding customer support, companies can create the perfect environment for their clients when ordering company Christmas card products. 

 The following paragraphs dive into how customer service plays a role in creating successful purchases concerning Christmas cards, exploring all of the services accessible to guarantee the easy completion of such tasks, from providing personalized aid and guidance throughout the order process to facilitating customization options and layout decisions. Client satisfaction must always be prioritized during each Christmas card purchase transaction! Ultimately, this ensures smoothness within large-scale or singular orders while guaranteeing complete fulfillment from every purchaser involved!

Personalized Support

Customer service teams can provide personalized help and advice when ordering your company’s Christmas or holiday cards. This allows them to ensure the card design, message, and customization options best reflect your brand identity. They are available to answer any inquiries regarding this process, which helps create a positive customer experience. Personalized support guarantees that everyone’s needs will be met during their holiday card order journey with you!

Large Corporate Orders

When it comes to large corporate orders of Christmas cards, companies usually provide various services like previews, free samples, and assembly/mailing processes to ensure their clients have an effortless experience. This gives customers more time to create the perfect holiday atmosphere and solidify business ties.

A Santa playing guitar on some steps outside.


At the end of each year, company Christmas cards provide an opportunity to bring joy and strengthen bonds between customers, employees, and partners. When customizing your holiday greetings, take advantage of budget-friendly options available while reflecting a spirit of inclusivity. Selecting the right design and format speaks volumes about your appreciation for diverse traditions. Using customer service resources helps ensure smoothness from ordering to delivery so you can make this season memorable with quality corporate and custom Christmas cards!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you write on a company Christmas card?

May the joy of Christmas and happiness for the new year be with you this holiday season. We thank all who have contributed to making this past year successful in working together. The holidays are an opportunity for us to appreciate each other’s presence and reflect upon the successes achieved throughout this period. 

 As we celebrate, let us send our warmest wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here!

How do you say Merry Christmas professionally?

I’m sending my best wishes to you and your family during the festive holiday season, wishing for joy, love, peace, and prosperity in the upcoming year. May this Christmas be happy! 

 Let’s welcome a wonderful New Year together by celebrating with cheer; I hope it will bring much happiness throughout 2020!

Should I put a business card in a Christmas card?

Sending a business card or other professional material in your holiday cards should be avoided, as it can appear distant. Instead of selling merchandise during this particular time of the year, aiming to strengthen relationships is paramount.

What are the benefits of sending company Christmas cards?

Creating and sending holiday cards is an excellent way to bring seasonal joy, develop better business connections, and make employees more motivated. Conveying wishes of cheer with these cards helps enhance Christmas spirit in all aspects.

What are some cost-effective alternatives to traditional holiday cards?

Instead of typical holiday cards, digital and self-printed options can be more economically sound while granting users much personalization.