22 Business New Year's Resolutions for a Prosperous 2021

22 Business New Year's Resolutions for a Prosperous 2021

In our last post we shared  22 New Year’s resolutions anyone could benefit from in their personal lives. Today we’re moving from pleasure to business. Improvements in our professional lives can be especially impactful, particularly if you’re a business owner or manager because they affect a wider sphere of people.  

  In this article, you’ll find 22 actionable resolutions geared toward tackling challenges we all face professionally as well as steps we can take to sell more, becomes more efficient, and scale our businesses to new heights in 2021. Let’s make it happen!


Take on one, two, or ten of the resolutions below. Each one could add significant value to your business, your career, and your professional satisfaction.

1. Catch Up With Your Customers

The pandemic has made it difficult to meet with customers the way we normally would. Next year, when things return to normal, make a commitment to  contact all of your customers. Find out what’s going on with them. More importantly, ask what you can do for them. 

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2. Work on Your Communication Skills

Clarity is king in business. Whether you’re the CEO or a frontline worker, communicating clearly with your coworkers, staff members, and clients will help all of you do your jobs better. It’s a New Year’s resolution worthy of consideration.

3. Refine Your Audience

If you tend to market to everyone in hopes of picking up a few new customers, consider that not everyone wants what you’re offering. Instead, take some time to  determine your ideal customers, and target your marketing to them. You’ll sell more and spend less.

Refine your audience

4. Develop Your Brand

Your brand is more than your logo. It’s the culmination of all of our customer’s experiences with your business. Put some effort into refining your brand identity to better mesh with your target audience’s expectations. 

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5. Stop Micromanaging

Your hired qualified people, right? Then let them show it! Not only is micromanaging stressful for you, but it also stifles your employees and prevents them from making the impact they could. GIve people the latitude to shine and more often than not, they’ll surprise you.

6. Consider Your Work/Life Balance

Burn out is becoming more common as the lines between our personal and professional lives blur. For your New Year’s resolution,  try for a better balance between the two. Work hard when you need to, but also practice setting aside time for yourself.

Consider your work/life balance

7. Build a Website

A surprising number of small businesses don’t have websites. You might think it’s not important, but even local businesses need an online presence. Local search drives visitors to your location. If you still don’t have a web presence. Let 2021 be the year you build one.

8. Improve Your Page Ranking

If you have a website, refining its SEO would be a profitable New Year’s resolution. Search engine optimization is a complicated process, but any business owner can  learn the basics. When you see your web traffic increase, you’ll know the time was well spent.

9. Increase Your Skillset

If you want to earn more money you need to deliver extra value. Learning a new, relevant skill — particularly one that you or your company can sell, is a New Year’s resolution you can take to the bank.

10. Say “Thank You”

Success is never earned alone. Show gratitude to those that have helped you achieve success. Start sending business thank you notes whenever a customer, employee, vendor, or partner does you a solid. It’s a great way to cement business relationships. 

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Send business thank you notes

11. Give Back to the Community

Continue your show of gratitude by  making some philanthropic donations. Support local charities. Sponsor a food drive. Collect clothes for the needy. You’ll feel good and your customers will benefit. It’s also a tax write-off.

12. Become a Mentor

Think about the people who helped guide your professional development. Now, pay it forward. Establish a mentoring relationship and pass on your knowledge to the next generation.

13. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

You’re a workhorse, we get it. But there are only so many hours in the day. An excellent New Year’s resolution for you is to practice delegating responsibilities to others. You’ll get more done because you won’t have to do it all.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

14. Start a Company Blog

Blogs are a great way to add content to your website, which boosts your site’s SEO, gives you material to share on social media, and helps to establish you as an expert in your field.  Start a blog  in 2021!

15. Kickstart Your Marketing

If you aren’t doing everything you can in the digital sphere to market your business, a New Year’s resolution is the perfect excuse to get started. 

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16. Open Your Door, and Really Listen

Your employees can teach you a lot about your business if you listen to them. And they’re sure to feel more respected and valued if you take the time to hear their feedback, questions, and criticisms. So open your door and open your mind in 2021.

17. Brainstorm

Your next big idea could be right around the corner, but only if you set aside time to mull over the difficult questions that face your business. A simple New Year’s resolution that can yield big results is a dedication to sitting and thinking.


18. Join a Professional Organization

2021 could be the year you expand your network and start hobnobbing with influential people in your field.  Join a general networking group   or something specific to your industry. 

19. Fix What Isn’t Working

Are there inefficient processes hampering your work? How about antiquated office equipment that breaks more often than it runs? Resolve to fix issues that are holding you and your organization back from your potential. 

20. Get Organized

If you consistently win “messiest desk” at the company Christmas party every year, it may be time to get yourself organized. It takes commitment to keep things clean, but when you can find everything you need, you’ll thank yourself. Maybe go back to number 10 and send yourself some business thank you notes. 

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Get organized

21. Go After the Promotion You Deserve

Don’t let yourself lapse into complacency. If you want more from your job, reach out and get it. Use your New Year’s resolution to land the position you want.

22. Be Bold

Life is for living. Resolve to speak up in meetings and share your ideas.  Take a more active role  in guiding the direction of your company. You have something to contribute. Don’t keep it to yourself. Make 2021 the year you shine.    

At  Simply Noted, we think everything has something important to say. Find your voice and build the life you’ve always wanted. Take the first step and then keep going!