Automated Business Anniversary Cards — Done For You!

Automated Business Anniversary Cards — Done For You!

Customer retention and development are all about relationships. And just like any relationship, business connections are built stronger and deeper by constant attention.  

 Think about the connections you build in your personal life. Older friendships that don’t get much attention tend to fade into the background, sometimes dissolving completely. Others, those you put time and effort into, blossom into enduring relationships that define your social opportunities. 

 Developing customer relationships involves creating touchpoints that provide opportunities for you and your customers to interact — the equivalent of giving friends a call “just because.” You might schedule biannual calls with each client to see how their business is doing or send a regular email newsletter updating everyone on essential developments. Any excuse to bring your brand to mind is a valuable touchpoint

 One of these touchpoints is business anniversary cards. They’re a celebration of your customers, sent each year to commemorate the day they first begin buying from or working with you. 

 Each year, like clockwork, they remind your customers about your relationship, nudging them back into a conversation. If they’ve been putting off an order, your card’s reminder might be all they need to get it placed. If they’ve been using one of your competitors, your card could refresh their memory about why your service is preferred. In short, there’s no good reason not to send business anniversary cards and every reason to mail them regularly. 

 That’s not entirely true. There is one reason not to send business anniversary cards — they take too long to handwrite! If you own or work for a large company, you might have hundreds or thousands of anniversary cards to send each year. Each has to be painstakingly completed by hand, addressed, stamped, and mailed. Using employee hours for this purpose takes them away from their normal responsibilities. 

 Instead, use Simply Noted. We do all the work for you!

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A futuristic robot hand pointing up into a field of connected dots.


Our handwriting robots have one purpose, and they fulfill it with a singular devotion that’s impossible to match with people. These machines churn out card after card, 24-hours a day, creating perfect handwritten messages every time. 

 The fleet we’ve built at Simply Noted takes things a step further. Our handwriting fonts are engineered with a powerful AI that analyzes natural handwriting and introduces subtle variations in the spacing, letter shapes, and character sizes to match their computer-generated handwriting to real-world examples. Then we outfit our machines with real ballpoint pens to complete the illusion. 

 What this means for you is that you and your customers can enjoy the emotional authenticity of a real (to them) handwritten card without the need to handwrite it yourself.  

 This is a game-changer for most businesses. It gives them the ability to leverage the power of handwritten cards while avoiding the massive time sink that’s normally associated with mailings.

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We’ve layered multiple efficiencies into our process to make business anniversary cards — or any kind of card — as simple as possible. You already know about the quality of our automated handwriting. Here’s what else we offer.

A Simple Yet Powerful Web Interface

Whether you’re ordering one card or hundreds, our customer portal is easy to use. You’ll choose a card design and smart handwriting font, and then enter your message. Multiple addresses can be uploaded at once and referenced with our integrated custom fields to make personalization a snap.  

 You can even choose the date you’d like your cards mailed. Using this feature alone, you could order a year’s worth of handwritten business anniversary cards at once, and have each one sent a few days before the recipient’s anniversary. 

 Want to add a gift card? We make that simple, too! You can choose cards from multiple vendors and pay for them right inside your order. When your anniversary cards are mailed, we’ll slip a gift card inside each one.

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A card design with illustrated plants that reads "Happy Anniversary".

A Large Selection of Tasteful Card Designs

We offer designs to suit every taste. You won’t have to worry about buying cards separately and having them delivered before you fill them out. You get the full package with Simply Noted — the design, the card, the handwriting, and the postage — all in one intuitive, trustworthy service.

Multiple Software Integrations

If your company utilizes a CRM like Salesforce or marketing automation software, we can make ordering from Simply Noted even easier! With our various integrations, you can link our servers with your own internal marketing processes. 

 These pairings realize the true power of automated handwritten cards. You might build a workflow that automatically orders a handwritten business anniversary card five days before the recipient’s anniversary date. As long as you track these dates in your CRM, you can reference this data in your workflow, triggering cards as anniversaries occur. Your business could enjoy the benefits of mailing regular, handwritten anniversary cards without ever having to think about it. They’ll arrive on time, every time, year after year!

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An Accessible API for Custom Integrations

Businesses that use custom business software are often left out in the cold, lacking any way to access mass-market integrations. We offer an accessible API for these people. Using the API, customers can create custom integrations with any piece of software they like. 

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Your customers aren’t the only people that celebrate business anniversaries. Employees have their special date, too, commemorating their first day as a member of your staff. Give them a little morale bump by remembering and recognizing it. 

 Research shows that gratitude makes a positive impact on your employees — their feeling of self-worth, attitude, and job satisfaction. A happy staff is a motivated staff and a motivated workforce boost productivity. Employee anniversary cards are an inexpensive yet emotionally satisfying “thank you” that helps you celebrate and champion each of your employee’s achievements and increase their effectiveness. 

 If you send business anniversary cards with any regularity, you need Simply Noted. If you aren’t yet taking advantage of this potent medium for business growth, give us a call. We’ll let you know more about why you really should be.

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