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Simply Noted is a Better Alternative to Felt

Simply Noted is a Better Alternative to Felt


Felt is an app that lets you send handwritten cards directly from your mobile device. They’ve built a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to handwrite messages into digital cards using the power of your touchscreen and then have them printed and mailed directly to your recipients. You get the warmth and immediacy of a handwritten card, in your handwriting, without the hassle of physical cards. Sounds great, right? 

 For some people, it’s a great service. The cards are affordable, and the app works well. However, businesses and people that send greeting cards frequently may not be satisfied. There’s no option for bulk mailing, and automation opportunities don’t exist. Felt is a consumer app that’s intended for light card users. 

 Simply Noted is a better alternative to Felt because it’s built both for individuals and businesses. Whether you want to send a single card or tens of thousands, Simply Noted has the capacity to accommodate your needs. Pair that with advanced, automated handwriting options, and you get a more mature service for customers that need and expect more.

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A handwritten card, opened to the message inside.


The Felt app takes a novel approach to handwritten cards. You can add messages using your finger or stylus by writing on your screen. The app provides guides to help keep your text aligned and also gives you the option to doodle. If you can write it or draw it with your finger, you can put it on your card. 

 In practice, getting your handwritten text to look nice is more complicated than it sounds. Writing neatly with your finger is challenging, as anyone that’s ever signed for a package or a touchscreen credit card transaction can tell you. Writing with a stylus captures the natural motion of a pen much better, but few people own them. To get decent handwriting results using your finger you need to write slowly and methodically, which adds extra time to your card ordering process. 

 If you send one or two cards a month, this might not bother you. But it becomes unworkable at scale. Businesses already don’t have time to handwrite hundreds of cards, let alone do it slower, using their fingers, with inferior results. 

 Simply Noted offers a better alternative to Felt. We operate a massive fleet of handwriting machines, each outfitted with a real ballpoint pen. They create authentic-feeling handwritten cards the same you do, one letter at a time. You get the smeary ink, the indentation in the paper, the variable line thickness — all of the hallmarks of authentic handwriting — without ever having to put pen to paper or finger to screen. By comparison, Felt laser prints their cards. Even if you could get beautiful handwriting using your finger, the illusion would be ruined by the laser-printed text. 

 With Simply Noted, just type your message into our convenient order interface, choose your handwriting font, and get heartfelt, handwritten messages automatically. We can even recreate your handwriting for the ultimate personalization. Felt can’t match the quality of our handwriting or our ease of ordering.

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If you frequently find yourself mailing inserts along with your notes, like business cards or gift cards, you’ll prefer Simply Noted. Felt is built for one-off cards to friends and family. The lack of any bulk mailing options means it isn’t a good choice for businesses, which is partly why they don’t support inserts. 

 Simply Noted, on the other hand, makes it easy to include important extra material. You can include gift cards from a handful of vendors by simply adding them to your order. Business cards are a breeze, too. We’ll keep some on hand for inclusion whenever you send a card. In fact, for a small additional fee, we’re happy to include any extra material, assuming it’s flat, will fit in our envelopes, and you can provide it to us before your order is fulfilled. 

 Felt is built for consumers. Simply Noted is optimized for businesses while remaining user-friendly for individuals. Inserts are just another example of our commitment to our customers.

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A graphic showing all of Simply Noted's integrations.


Felt is made to be immensely easy to use for mobile device users, and it succeeds swimmingly. But this simplicity comes at a cost. As mentioned earlier, the service makes no allotment for bulk mailings. Let’s say your company wanted to send out thank you cards to customers that have been with you for five years or longer — 150 customers total. With Felt, you’d have to gather your list of customers and then finger-write your card 150 times, each time substituting a different customer’s name and information. It’s not a particularly efficient process. 

 Simply Noted makes this much easier. We provide integrations for most major CRM packages, which means you can place an order from right inside of Salesforce or HubSpot. Use your CRM to restrict a search to customers with at least five years of tenure and then trigger our servers with the collected addresses to send out 150 copies of your message. You can use custom fields to grab each customer’s name and automatically swap them into the card. In minutes you can accomplish what would take hours with Felt. 

 Our integrations extend to automation packages as well, like Zapier. You can build sophisticated marketing workflows that involve automated, handwritten greeting cards. Have us automatically send out welcome cards whenever a prospect converts to a customer. Automate employee birthday cards. Send thank you cards whenever an active customer celebrates their anniversary with you. The possibilities are endless.

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A satisfied customer sitting at her computer.


Individual cards with envelopes and postage run $4.00 with Felt. With Simply Noted, they start at $3.25. You can purchase a subscription with Felt that gives you three cards a month for $6.00. If you use them, you save money. But you pay the $6.00 whether you send cards or not. If you miss a month or two, the cards you do send become significantly more expensive. 

 Simply Noted has simple, per-unit pricing, and we give discounts for bulk purchases. You get business automation, real pen-written cards, easy bulk mailing options, beautiful card designs, and the best customer support in the industry. There’s simply no comparison. Simply noted is a better alternative to Felt because it’s built for business (and consumers love us, too.) If you need a single card and you want to send it from your mobile device quickly, give Felt a try. But if you want a full-featured, automated greeting card service that can handle any volume of cards, you need Simply Noted.

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