14 Account-Based Marketing Tools That Drive Immediate Results

14 Account-Based Marketing Tools That Drive Immediate Results

Account-Based Marketing: 14 Tools That Drive Immediate Results

Let's try a quick thought experiment. Imagine a carnival game where you're trying to land balls in colored containers. Most of the 50 bottles are red, and if you land in one of those you'll win a tiny stuffed toy. However, if you manage to get a ball into one of the three green bottles near the center you'll win the grand prize, a giant stuffed bear, and that's what your kid really wants. 

 What do you do? Do you throw your balls at every target, hoping to hit at least one of any color, or do you focus your pitches directly at the green containers? If you just want to win something, you take the first strategy. But if you want to go for the big money and land the prestigious grand prize, you focus everything you have on green. 

 Traditional practices like inbound marketing follow the first strategy. They blitz an entire region, group, or demographic with generic marketing messages in the hopes that someone — anyone — will respond favorably. In this case, you don't care which toy you get as long as you get something. But this isn't particularly efficient. For one, you're spending a lot of time and money focusing on people that will never become a customer. Second, you have no quality control. Respondents might be big accounts, but they're more likely to represent smaller, less significant businesses. 

 Account-based marketing tactics take the opposite approach. It focuses on targeted communications geared towards landing specific accounts. In our example, it's akin to aiming for the green bottles. Account-based marketing is a powerful choice for marketers because it allows them to target high-value accounts. By focusing on these key accounts, businesses can allocate marketing resources more efficiently and achieve better results. You'll spend less to make more. 

 But what are the best tools for your sales and marketing teams to implement an effective account-based marketing strategy? And how can you be sure that your efforts are actually driving results? In this article, we'll explore 14 account-based marketing tools that can help you achieve your goals.

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Account-based marketing, or ABM, is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on specific target customers and prospects. Rather than casting a wide net and trying to reach as many people as possible, account-based marketing efforts allow businesses to focus their resources on a small number of key accounts. This allows them to create custom marketing strategies that are specifically tailored to the needs, interests, and behaviors of each individual account. 

 A successful ABM program creates hyper-targeted outreach that feels as if it was designed for specific prospects — because it is! You're creating a personalized buying experience that follows high-value accounts throughout your entire sales funnel, targeting them with tailored messages that speak to their individual wants and needs. 

 There are many different tools available for implementing effective personalized campaigns, including marketing automation platforms, sales intelligence databases, and CRM systems. Some companies also choose to use specialized ABM software, which is designed specifically for managing and executing account-based marketing campaigns.

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How Do You Implement Account-Based Marketing Programs?

There are four essential components to any successful account-based marketing strategy: 

 Targeting: The first step is to identify the specific accounts that you want to target. This can be done using a variety of criteria, such as company size, industry, location, or even specific pain points that your product or service can address. Your sales reps and marketing professionals should collaborate to ensure both disciplines agree on the selection process. 

 Segmentation and Account Planning: Once you've identified your target accounts, the next step is to segment them into different groups. This allows you to create custom marketing messages and strategies that are relevant to each individual account. Your sales teams should work in tandem with marketing on this step as well. 

 Personalization: The third step is to invent personalized messaging and personalized content for each target account. This can be done using a variety of methods, such as dynamic content optimization and lead scoring. Have your marketing and sales teams conduct research for each account to determine what each target audience is looking for. You'll lean heavily on your marketing team here to sculpt messages that speak directly to key decision-makers working for high-value target accounts. 

 Measurement: Finally, it's important to track and measure the results of your account-based marketing campaigns in order to continually refine and optimize your efforts over time. This is critical to your sales process. Rate your incremental success with individual accounts and as a holistic program. If your marketing extends to multiple channels, ensure that your account-based marketing program tracks performance across each one.

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Account-Based Marketing Examples That Really Work

Now that we've discussed the key elements of an ABM strategy, let's take a look at some of the most popular tools on the market today. Some are complete platforms designed from the ground up to facilitate account-based marketing strategies while others focus on key parts of the process. Here are just some of the many options available.

1. Simply Noted: Automated Handwritten Notes

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that couldn't be more true with any account-based marketing framework. That's what makes handwritten notes such a critical part of the equation. Handwritten introductions, welcome cards, and thank you notes are all great ways to make a first, second, and third impression. They're friendly, engaging, authentic, and best of all, they're opened 99% of the time

 With Simply Noted you can automate even complex handwritten direct mail campaigns just as you would standard digital marketing efforts. Connect your CRM and marketing automation software to our servers, and you can use segmentation and workflows to target key account marketing requirements to ensure your messages are seen by the right people, and that they make an impression. Consider some of the ways these top 13 personalization marketers get results.

2. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a comprehensive solution that's built specifically for account-based marketing and sales intelligence. It provides users with access to detailed information about specific companies and key decision-makers within those companies. 

 The software includes a number of features that are designed to help users target their account-based marketing efforts, including a database of more than 20 million verified contacts, customizable lists of target accounts, and the ability to segment accounts by industry, location, size, and more. DiscoverOrg is the most full-featured ABM platform on the market today.

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3. Triblio

Triblio is a flexible ABM platform that helps users deliver personalized marketing messages to targeted accounts. The software's prospecting tools help you identify new leads and target key decision-makers within those businesses, as well as personalizing web content for each individual account. 

 Triblio also features dynamic email campaigns, custom CTA offers, and web personalization. The platform's extensive features make it one of the most powerful account-based marketing tools available.

4. 6sense

6sense is an AI-powered marketing platform that helps users target their account-based marketing efforts. The software uses data and machine learning to identify the best time to reach specific accounts with targeted content. 

 6sense also provides users with real-time insights into the performance of their account-based marketing campaigns. The platform's features make it one of the most effective tools for account-based marketing available.

5. Terminus

Terminus is an account-based marketing platform that helps users target their account-based marketing efforts. The software's features include account-based advertising, account-based retargeting, and account-based email. 

 Terminus also provides users with real-time insights into the performance of their account-based marketing campaigns. The platform's features make it one of the most effective tools for account-based marketing available.

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6. Leadfeeder

To find the key accounts you're looking for, you need to start with a list of initial leads. Leadfeeder can help. The tool tells you which companies visit your website and what their contact information is. With this information, you can follow up with people who visited your website but never contacted you. You can also see what other companies in the area are doing. To try it out, just install the Leadfeeder Tracker (it takes less than 5 minutes) and start seeing real-time website visitors.

7. AdDaptive Intelligence

Looking for an advanced account-based marketing solution that can help you build high-quality lists and deliver personalized content to your target accounts? Look no further than AdDaptive Intelligence

 With its powerful data verification technology, up-to-date contact information, and sophisticated segmentation tools, AdDaptive is the perfect platform for account-based marketing. And its Segment Builder tool makes it easy to create highly targeted segments of your target market, so you can deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

8. Vainu

When you need a powerful account-based marketing platform that can help you connect with key decision-makers and deliver targeted messages straight to their inboxes, you need Vainu

 With its extensive database of contact information, real-time sales intelligence, and powerful lead generation tools, Vainu is the perfect ABM solution for marketers looking to connect with their target accounts and drive long-term results. And its intuitive platform makes it easy to build targeted lists, create engaging content, and track campaign performance in real-time.

9. HubSpot

For those that need a comprehensive account-based marketing solution that can help you reach your target accounts, build high-quality lists, and deliver targeted messages directly to their inboxes, HubSpot offers the solution. 

 With its extensive suite of ABM tools, including its dynamic ICP builder, automatic lead tiering system, and powerful personalization features, HubSpot is the perfect platform for marketers looking to drive results at scale. And its intuitive interface makes it easy to create targeted lists, build dynamic content, and track campaign performance in real-time.

A screenshot from the Demandbase website.

10. Demandbase

Demandbase is a great option for an account-based marketing platform that will help you scale your efforts and drive results. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and features engagement and conversion solutions to help you identify potential accounts, personalize your strategy, and experiment with new ways to close deals. Whether you are an established business or a growth-focused startup, Demandbase has the tools and resources to help you achieve your ABM goals.

11. Nudge

Looking for an account-based marketing tool that will help you stay organized and keep track of your leads? Nudge has the answer. This powerful platform offers everything from regular updates and reminders to help you identify contacts held in common, to advanced segmentation features that make it easy to target specific accounts and prioritize the right interactions. Whether you are a startup looking to scale your marketing efforts or an established business looking to grow your customer base, Nudge has everything you need to achieve your marketing goals.

12. RollWorks

Get a potent account-based marketing platform that offers cutting-edge features and advanced capabilities, with RollWorks. This software is designed to help businesses seamlessly identify target accounts, engage with key decision-makers across multiple channels, and drive results. Whether you are just getting started with ABM or looking to take your existing strategy to the next level, RollWorks has everything you need to kickstart your sales process.

A screenshot from the Bound website.

13. Bound

Built to provide marketers with the tools needed to personalize account-based strategy, Bound is an intuitive platform that offers users the ability to build audiences, create dynamic content, and measure the success of campaigns. With powerful features such as web behavior analysis and audience segmentation, Bound makes it easy to tailor your marketing efforts and drive results.

14. MadisonLogic

This software is designed to help businesses identify target accounts, develop personalized campaigns, and track campaign performance. Whether you are new to ABM or looking to take your existing strategy to the next level, MadisonLogic has everything you need to drive engagement and conversion. So if you're looking to accelerate campaigns, access useful insights, or offer a formatted content marketing package, MadisonLogic is the platform for you. 

 Any or all of these powerful tools will boost your account-based marketing results. Choose an all-in-one platform, or select just the functionality you need with ala carte tool selection. Now go land those target accounts!