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10 Postable Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients and Customers

10 Postable Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients and Customers

Are you planning on sending business holiday cards to your client and customers this year? Make an impression by including a gift. Of course, including something special inside your holiday card limits your options somewhat. You’re not going to successfully wedge a pair of VR goggles or a cell phone charger inside a standard envelope. To simplify the process, you’ll need postable holiday gift ideas. We’ve included ten of our favorites below.


Gift cards have a few things going for them. They’re easy to place inside a handwritten holiday card, they give your recipient the ability to choose what they want, and they require very little thought. Send an Amazon, or Visa gift card, and your clients will have the entire world of products at their gifted fingertips. 

 Simply Noted makes gift cards even more accessible. When you purchase automated, handwritten holiday cards from us, you have the option to include a gift card in the envelope. You choose your retail store and pay for the card right along with your order. Sending handwritten holiday cards with a gift in tow couldn’t be easier!

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Give the gift of live entertainment! If you know your clients’ interests you can find an event they’d like and buy them tickets. The old-school printed variety will fit nicely in your envelope. Sporting events, concerts, stage plays, comedy shows, and informational lectures are all good options.  

 If your budget doesn’t allow for these sorts of expensive tickets, consider sending movie passes instead. Often, you can send generic tickets they can use for whatever showings they like.


If your staff is particularly close with your clients, you might consider including a fun group photo. You could pose everyone in their holiday’s finest and then snap a memorable photo that your clients can affix to the bulletin board in the kitchen or out with all of the holiday cards received that year. You’ll get points for creativity if you do something outside of the ordinary, so have fun with it!

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Close up on a mug of hot chocolate, with marshmallows.


Most everyone appreciates a nice mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day, and they’re in luck! Small hot cocoa packets fit nicely inside standard holiday card envelopes.  

 But don’t settle for a generic packet of Swiss Miss. Research your options and purchase a gourmet option, something that your clients won’t soon forget. And whatever you do, don’t forget the mini marshmallows!


Does the owner of your company (that might be you) have a family recipe that means a lot to them? Consider having it designed and printed. The sentiment will touch your clients. Grandma Linda’s matzah ball soup or great uncle, Charlie’s famous curl-your-toes egg nog, will win you points for originality and camaraderie with your clients. Let them behind the curtain with a recipe that they can’t get anywhere else.

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Sending a discount on future purchases is another common client or customer gift. Contract with a graphic designer and have them design a festive, branded discount card you can include inside your envelope. Specify the discount amount, what it can be used for, and any other important terms. A discount might cost you a bit up front, but the ROI, in terms of new business, can easily pay for the gift.

Close up on a seed packet and a bunch of sees lying on dirt.


The holidays are a chance to reconnect with important contacts, put down roots, and grow your business relationships. Seeds are a lovely metaphor that captures the spirit of the season.  

 Any seeds will do, but you might choose a plant associated with the holidays, in order to keep things thematic. To ensure your clients and customers have luck growing what you send them, you might also ensure that the plants you choose will grow where your clients live.

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Like hot chocolate, tea bags or sachets fit well and allow your customers and clients to enjoy a lovely beverage. Since they’re small, choose a few varieties and build custom groupings. You might combine breakfast, afternoon, dessert, and bedtime tea bags into a day-of-tea collection or create a “teas of the world” grouping with delectable selections from across the planet. You’re only limited by your imagination.


If your clients are down-to-earth people that enjoy a little fun, lottery tickets can be a fun diversion, and they’re easily placed inside a holiday card. Who doesn’t like the chance to win a little money? Imagine if one of your clients hits it big with a lottery ticket you gifted them. Not only would they love you, but they’d also likely spend some of their winnings on your products or services!


Give your clients something to remember you by that also builds up their motivation and helps them tackle their day. Take a favorite motivational quote and have it added into a lovely nature scene or painted in watercolor. There are free sites that allow you to create lovely images that your clients would be proud to frame and display.  

 Be sure to bug your logo somewhere in the image subtly — not enough to distract from the image, but present enough to make an impression. When your client needs an emotional pick-me-up, they’ll read your quote and remember you.

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A woman smiling, about to open a holiday card.


As we mentioned earlier, we make it easy to include gift cards with your Simply Noted holiday cards. But we’re happy to include any small items along with your order. Just send us your desired inserts, and for a small extra fee, we’ll insert your postable holiday gifts in each of your clients’ or customers’ cards.  

 You can send hundreds of authentic-looking handwritten holiday cards, with gifts included, without ever lifting a pen. Simply Noted is the best way to get your business holiday cards done.

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